Sunday, May 08, 2011

Various things

When your Sunday starts at 12 pm with a nice cup of ginger tea and migraine, you don't know whether to smile or feel sad! Nevertheless, it's going to be a Sunday with friends after a long time.

Blogsphere is buzzing aloud with many things these days. Controversies, fights and what not. Sometimes, when I see a few of my blog friends, I envy them as they are totally unaware about these things. Only writing their thoughts matter to them. Who does what, copies from where, frights with whom etc all don't matter to them.

On the other note, if you happen to live in Mumbai at this time of the season, you know how frustrating it feels to go out at any time of the day. It's boiling hot here. The moment you step out, you are drenched in sweat. It feels sticky and pathetic. I have to go out at 2. You can imagine how much I must be looking forward to it even though I am meeting my friends after a long time!

And I spot many playing various sports on open grounds. Football, cricket and such likes. Wearing Ronaldo, Beckham, Messi t-shirts, some are Tendulkars and others are Yuvi and Sehwag, running around in the heat, as if the sun doesn't affect them at all. Thanks to the vacation that they get, this is the only time they can play the whole day.

Not only guys, such t-shirts are available for girls too - slim cut, ganji style - cool and funky looking ones. I have one too - of David Beckham, bought when he was with Manchester United. I wanted to buy one when I went to see Mumbai Indian's match too, but we were already late for the match, so couldn't buy it.

Time to rush. I hope to be more regular here. I miss blogging and reading too! 


  1. Hmm have fun! Yeah its nice to remain oblivious to all those blogger controversies and fight. I just saw an update on facebook about it and I thought its better off to not know about it. Ignorance is bliss :)

  2. Aww I hate summer in Chennai too. Its hot , muggy and depressing. But hey, Atleast you have a bunch of friends to chill out with :-) Enjoy!!

  3. It looks like samachar in 24 minute...:P

    But good updates, yeah I also envy those who write their heart out irrespective of what others do. Good people.

  4. haven't bought any tee alike that yet... would so when i have one of those shopping attacks..hehehe

  5. Sunday starting at 12 noon is damn cool...
    The latest controversy in our Blogworld got a bit too murky!!
    And its very dry but intensely hot here!! 42 degrees in the afternoon today!!

  6. I too hope and wish to be more regular .Have missed you :)

  7. I've lost track of what has been happening in the what fights, gossips are we talking about here..spill spill ;) :P

    As for the weather there, its pretty much the same this end too. Getting increasingly hot here. When I think of those labourers who slog it out in the scorching sun, my heart cringes all the more :(

    Mumbai known for being trendy and fashionable as always!

  8. BTW, good to read you again :)

  9. ohh it seems the temperature is soaring each year ... when will monsoons hit.
    i really want one of those ganji style t-shirts :D would look so cool :D

  10. Hey Neha, nicw reading this post. I miss reading and writing blogposts too. Have decided to pick up blogging soon. Hope you had a nice time with your friends. Take care:)

  11. I do miss the your frequency of blogging, but, is it too much of FB and or Twitter which is responsible?
    I have returned after almost thtree months and have reasons to complain about the tempretaures.