Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Age'ing Factor

When we were kids, the only wish we had was to grow up as soon as possible so that we get rid of studies, homework, exams, surprise tests and restrictions. How much we prayed to have a life with freedom, job that can buy us all the toys and games that we we need. Girls pretended to be 16 at the age of 14 just to enjoy the label of sweet 16. And at 16, she couldn't wait to become adult!

After entering in the twenties, a lady grows old by one year every ten years. And by mistake you ask her about her age, then god also cannot save you! 

Women are more mature than men - they claim; and it is said that maturity comes with age. Ah, we are indeed confused species. We do not know what exactly we want from life - maturity or forever young image!

There are so many products available in the market for a lady to look young forever. And they all sell like crazy all the time! There are wrinkle lifting creams, acne removal creams, forehead lines and under eye lines removal creams and what not! An upper middle class lady even undergoes surgery to look young.

That way, a man is so sensible and lucky! He does not have to worry at all about the wrinkles on his face or under eye bags. You won't find any products which are meant for men to lift their wrinkles. So what if they use fairness creams? At least no wrinkle lifting creams for them so far!

In fact, it is said that the older a man becomes, the smarter he looks (in quite a few cases) especially with his salt-n-pepper hair. And a lady with grays? A complete no no. I wish I were a man!

But with time I have learnt one thing (though I am not that old) - growing old is inevitable while growing up is optional. Why to hide your age and come across as a fool if you get to enjoy the title of a wise lady!

So, what's your age?

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  1. Some old ladies age so gracefully, Waheeda Rehman, Leela Naidu, Rajmata Scindia..... even Hema Malini looks better now (to me). I dont wanna be a man, I want to be like these ladies

  2. ahmm ahmm what do you mean whats your age.. aapne batai kya :)

    well yeah its a craze here to get surgery done .. But i beleive anything with surgery i short lived moreover as time goes by it makes you more horrible...

    everyone has to grow old .. I wish and hope i dont fall into getting a surgery for myself who knows in few years time i change my mind ha hah aha h:)

    but yeah reading your article well I am getting Handsome then :) and truly said why come acroos as fool when you can be a WISE LADY...

    I hate the mehendi stuff on hair it makes weird color of hair.. :)

    I hope i get that Salt-n-pepper hair sooon :)

  3. Hi! Neha,

    I think we'veto leave the film personalities, still if when we take male - female elderly population , its always the male ...rightly said :)

  4. Ladies shud age gracefully...i just go mad when I see sooooooo many beauty products in the market...i mean come on just forget bout ur wrinkles...just let age add that natural beauty to ur face...

  5. Men do age gracefully... maybe becayse they actually mature when they age :P
    nice post :)

  6. You quite obviously are assuming that the man will have hair on his the first place for it to be salt and pepper or whatever hue !

    Usually he becomes boiled, grilled, soaked and domesticated by then ! Ofcourse, the wrinkles dont matter. Ofcourse the fairness cream doesnt matter ( it never mattered )

    Its not that 'he does not have to worry ..' ! Frankly he doesnt care and it doesnt matter ! With all the grilling boiling domestication ! :)

    While Growing up is optional, no growth is permanent ! Nor is any quick fix !

    Ask any man. Or woman for that matter !


  7. I don't mind aging gracefully but if only these sales girls at the mall would let me do that.Life is not easy for women over 40 at a mall ,you know (how would you know).

    The moment you step in you are offered all possible age defying remedies produced in this universe....there is a galaxy out there of these products.I look at them with this expression on my face-"I know i am aging and i don't need you to tell me that...go away you pest"

    I used ponds age miracle,oil of olay but it had no affect on my husband ,like they promised that it would have.duh! He never cooked any meal for me.

    Jokes aside ..getting gray hairs from worrying about your wrinkles,arranging your hairs rather than combing,low energy levels does concern you but i think it is should not grow old in mind.Aur kar bhi kya sakte hai..chupchap accept karne ke sevay.

    Nice post Neha....loved it !

  8. Whats with that salt and pepper? Why not sparkling silver? :-P

    As kids, we do want to grow up, to shed off that boring uniform and wear colorful dresses everyday, to buy chocolates as and when needed and not wait for dad or mom to buy it for us, to drape a saree as elegant as your mom...

    You are of the age you believe you are. There are pretty old folks who are as dynamic and open minded as younger generation. There are equally young folks who are zombie types as if they have seen everything in their life.

    I dont really understand why one should not ask women her age? Or when when why should she fret and fume? I have always flaunted my age. But interestingly, people dont believe my age, they always think I am much younger.

    I was not served wine in a restaurant in Las Vegas, because the waiter thought I was not 21. I had to show my passport for proof. A doctor recently blindly assumed I would be of 22 and wrote it on the prescription sheet and I had to correct him. I feel good!! :-D

    Oh yes, my age? I am on the upper side of 20s. :-P

  9. I'd like to age gracefully. I don't know whether the anti-ageing creams work. But taking good care of yourself, eating healthy and nutritious food does. :)

  10. Neha..all women want to look superb as we age..but unfortunately nature is not kind to women after a certain age and I don't think it is wrong to take help in terms of surgery or beauty products if you can afford it.

    We all do, in some way or is just that the degree varies. We all go for facials...use face masks and peels.

    At the moment thankfully I do not have to think of these things but the day is not too far :P

  11. For me to arrive at my age, a lot of addition and multiplication is needed.
    I would hate to see men using different cosmetics etc to cover age including hair dying.
    Aging is a beautiful process and I would confirm that men do mature with age.

  12. Know what growing old is my worst nightmare. Mentally I'm 25 but biologically I'm ....well, leave that out. I think you are as old as you feel.!!lovely post.

  13. That's so true. However, I don't mind when people ask my age.

  14. neha
    nice post.why to hide age yes i agree with you.

    just remember one old advertisement
    jab mai choota baccha tha

  15. I dont know why people need to hide their age? When ever people ask me i happily reply 21. But then again, i m just 21 may be when i m 31 or something, i might think different. But at this very moment i think i would choose to get old gracefully with nothing done to my body.

  16. You forgot to mention spectacles. Men look so distinguished. It does not look half as good on women.

    I am getting old (er) and I do not feel bad at all. I feel old only when I am unwell, otherwise, who really cares about the number you put down as age as you fill a form?

  17. ** a lady grows old by one year every ten years ** When I see Aishwarya Rai, i feel this line is so true...

    Growing old is optional but growing up is mandatory... :)

  18. @ Ritu, it's all about our perspectives..I don't deny that a few ladies age gracefully; but most not :)

    @ Bik, I am 27.5 to be precise :) surgeries are costly too..Mahendi in hair is still ok re..better than the artificial black!

    @ RD, thank are right..a male takes aging more sportingly :)

    @ GV, exactly my point girl :)

    @ Rajlakshmi, agreed :)

    @ Kavi, at least quite a few men have hair on their head..domestication - hmmm, well, but i don't think it's true in all the cases :D

    @ Kavita, right, how do I know :P but I have seen my mom and MIL being given those creams..thanks Kavita..your comments always bring a smile on my face :)

    @ Insignia, natural is fine :) I know, there are dynamic people around too..asking a woman her age is no offense at all..I know your real age btw :P

    @ Shilpa, we all wanna age gracefully; but it's better to accept what we are :)

    @ Holy Lama, :)

    @ LP, I believe we have this mindset that we don't look good when we grow old..accept it and all is fine..:)

    @ BK Chowla, agreed cent percent sir :)

    @ Anonymous, it's odd to address you this least leave a name when you comment next :)

    @ Nethra, I don't mind that either :)

    @ sm, thank you for bringing back an old memory :)

    @ Harini, agreed..maybe your attitude will be the same at 41 too :)

    @ Radha, oh yeah..specs..I don't care about age or growing old :)

    @ Suresh, welcome here..thank you for your comments :)

  19. Growing up is optional indeed!!! long given up on that! ;)
    If any market analyst reads this post, a wrinkle-free cream will soon be out for men!! - hindi mein ad hoga toh "line maarne ke liye, chehre se line hatao" hoga! hehe

  20. Everything in the Universe has a Shelf-Life. Infact the Universe itself has Shelf-Life (as per Big-Bang theory).

    Just wondering, do THOUGHTS also have Shelf-Life ?