Monday, June 28, 2010

A Future (Not) So Bright

The following post is in the form of a Limerick. Limerick is a humorous, often risque, verse of five lines with the rhyme scheme aabba.

One day I told my father: “I want to achieve instant success.
I am tired of getting sidelined; power is all I want to possess."
He asked me one question,
Whether I want to be a politician
Maybe yes, but tell me more about the Indian political process.

Father said:

People like LPY, did Fodder Scam and made a big name.
During this time, the mother of 9 kids played political game.
Now Railway ministry salutes him,
All his scams seem so dim.
No NK or MSY can snatch his hard earned precious fame.

We have names like VRD with his actor son and director friend,
for upcoming movie publicity, he walked on the terrorized land.
Though his act took away his chair,
But the damage did quickly repair
With The high command giving him power and a strong ministry stand. 

A criminal with lifetime imprisonment can still rule the state,
All Evidences against him fail miserably on the judgment date.
Though his crime roots are deep,
But Judiciary is his personal keep,
Acquittal is the only outcome; at any cost and at any rate.

These are but a few names in the endless list;
Their Mantra is simple – cut a throat or bend a wrist.
Progeny of a powerful generation
are in the very best position.
who follow old footsteps and become another chauvinist.

Now I am thinking,

Indian Politics is the best option, for my father is a minister.
He committed a murder, a few rapes and became sinister.
That’s the required qualification,
To enter into politics profession,
I will not have to pass any exam or clear any semester. 

I already have a few molestation cases booked under my name
Murder will be accomplished, if opposition plays a dirty game
I am now going my father’s way
Oppositions, better start to pray
I am going to rule the state and get away with all the shame.

The Reality

This is the scenario of our country’s politics even today.
Murderers and criminals rule the states; find their safety way.
Success is all they strive to achieve
Unethical is nothing – they believe.
All they want is power-position-money, come what may.

Become a criminal and politics will welcome you with an open arm
Bigger offenses and more publicity will help you spread your charm
Your errors will be corrected
Your black money will be protected
In the name of ancestral property & farmer’s land without any harm.


  1. Lol...laloo ki toh rabdi rosogulla sab banaadiya!! :P Loved his pic with the bhainsa too!! hehe..
    Haan politics is more of a family drama nowadays...a typical "Kyun maa bhi politician thi" soap-era! :D

    Loved the limerick...masttttt!! The truth in it, though disgusting has been well dhulaofyd! :D

  2. lol
    excellent and pics make it great
    like the

  3. gud limerick..we neve forget lalu when we talk read..all the best :))

  4. Hilarious but sadly so true of Indian politics. Loved this post:)

  5. Lalu ke bina satires are incomplete... good one Neha.. all the best...

  6. Voting 100% yet to be done.
    A dream or Awareness is lacking.
    Voting should be mandatory.

  7. You hobnob with crooks, bend at the waist,
    No time to repent, but you must acquire in haste,
    Nothing less than crores,
    They sure open doors,
    Power corrupts and blinds, and you enjoy the taste....

    To the highest bidder yourself you sell,
    Everyone else can slowly slide into hell,
    4 sons, 5 cars and a plane,
    Nothing to lose , So much to gain
    And today , Aal is well, aal is well, aal is well.....

  8. See.....I told ya..I told ya...:-P

    Well, I have said it all. Nothing more to say. Excellent, this is what a satire is!!

    Kudos to you!!

  9. For becoming a politician its a must that you must be a criminal, if not you wont be given any honors. A great post neha :).

  10. Well done, Nehaaaa!! Right from the time you said 'limerick' I knew there was a lot of potential :-) This reads very well...racy and satirical :-)

  11. Brilliant and creative Neha!! Tooooo good!! :)
    Loved all the limericks!!
    All the best for the contest.
    Cheers :)

  12. Lol! Awesome....liked the limerick on politics and a very apt eligibility criteria for politicians of India ...legacy and criminal background ...

  13. HAsna aasaan hai, politician bankar dikhana mushkil hai. Tum kya jano Lalu ke dukh

  14. really innovative and creative post :)
    Loved the Limerick....way to go..
    Good Luck dear :)

  15. Loved the idea of Political Satire done in Limericks.
    Very humorous and you have picked out the essence from each of the characters.
    There are so many jokers that it must have been tough for you to pick a few!! :D
    Glad you made a decision on your career choice..Hehehe!! ;)

  16. Hey,

    That was a very thoughtful and creative post. Didn't know about limericks until now. They were good.


  17. lalooo ji maharaj... HUM KEH RAHE HAIN.. agar Tumne aisa hi likhte rahe to award to aap hi ko millega na...

    Aisan kaisan kar diya hai ...

    Nice one neha.. its very good .. All the best

  18. Wow, Hilarious and true...but to be a politician is not easy, Its the worlds most competitive career option, its for the in a way we should respect them....loved this post. :)

  19. OMG hilarious limerick Neha!The rhyme and the comparisons made me laugh a lot :D
    Politics is actually an easier career option for many but difficult for some.(read:the idealists).

  20. Sigh so true. Khandaani karobar hai politics. Loved this blog post. All the best

  21. Woah..what a brilliant post, Neha!

    Though the current political scenario is bleak, there is still hope in the future... I would love to become a politician later in my life, but would never want to be associated with the adjectives you've used in this post! :P

    All the best for the contest, Neha! :)

  22. solid hain yaar...standing ovation 4 u...

    and in mithun da ishtyle: kya baat, kya baat, kya baat :)

  23. @ Sree, thank you and a special thank you for everything..for your support, opinions and above all being there when I needed a support :)

    @ sm, thank you very much :)

    @ Pushpee, thank you..Laloo is a must for any politics related post :)

    @ Saroj, yeah it's true..thanks :)

    @ Tavish, agreed..even you have dragged him in your post..he rocks :D thanks :)

    @ Hobo, I completely second you :)

    @ Ugich Konitari,you could not have put it in a better way..

    @ Insignia, thank you, thank you :)))

    @ Harini, :) thanks girl :))

    @ Pal, thanks re..owe you big time for everything :)

    @ Shilpa, thanks a lot..glad you liked it :)

    @ D-man, thanks champ :))

    @ Holy Lama, dukh? hmmm, interesting :)

    @ LP, thanks gorl..good luck to u too :)

    @ Rumya, agreed completely..there are so many characters all around us..but I picked up the worst of the lot :)

    @ Nethra, thank you for your comments here as well as on chats :)

    @ Bik, thank you :)

    @ ZB, I loved your profile pic :)) and true, this is all very true..thanks buddy :)

    @ Sammy, so true so true..glad you liked it :)

    @ Ritu, yeah, sab khandani hai..thanks :)

    @ Parth, thank you for the comment and sharing the post..hope you become a minister minus these adjectives :)

    @ G3, thank you, thank you.. :))

  24. We roar aloud :D :D

  25. Its nice and wonderful Neha :) :) Quite a dig at our politicians.. :)

  26. Rajneeti in words :) Nice...

  27. Lol!! :) That was a very nice Limerick girl. If i am not wrong, this is your first limerick right? You have done a great job writing one :)

  28. Satire at its best, Neha. Something you are extremely good at. :))
    Those limericks and haikus and other things seem so easy when read, but I know the kind of work that goes into writing them. Kudos, yaar. Just too good. :)
    All the best! :)

  29. Brilliant, neha!! You've touched upon all the core issues of our politics in those lines . I've nothing mire to add.

    I'm awed by your creativity. Really liked this concept of Limerick writing :)

    Good luck for the contest,re :)

  30. well written...its the true picture of indian politics...

  31. This topic-this subject- I like.
    But I am speechless.I would not hesitate in saying this is amongst your best posts.
    I am very proud to have a blogger friend like your self.

  32. neha ji..sweet of u 2 say that yar...were u born with goodnness or aquired goodnesss..heheh

  33. very well written neha!!!
    really INDIAN politics is going HAYWIRE!!!
    It has become or it is a DIRTY GAME rather than the profession that defines a countries CAPABILITIES & CREDENTIAL....
    awesome arrangement of thoughts...

  34. Absolutely Fantastic Neha, the true picture sad yet described with such Elan!!!

    Go Tigers!!!

  35. Well what can I say that hasn't been said above. Brilliant. Limericks are simply your territory. But doing a satire on politics was a masterstroke. Totally loved it. :)

    But oye... Where is the Magazine cover and the link to the PDF? :O

  36. @ Kanagu, quite a dig is indeed appropriate :P thanks :)

    @ A, thank u :)

    @ Avada, not the first one..I have attempted this 2-3 times earlier :)

    @ K, thank you very does take a bit of effort to write limericks, but not as much as you put in in your stories :)) you put your soul into it :)

    @ Deeps, thanks a lot buddy :) I am still an amateur limerick writer :) thanks re..good luck to u too :))

    @ NR, very true..thank you :)

    @ BK Chowla, you have left me speechless sir..I am glad you liked this post..but I am not as good as you when it comes to political satire :)

    @ Ramesh, I was born generous :P

    @ Sarvesh, welcome here..thank you for your comments..are you Sarvesh Sanghi by any chance? :) Indian politics is a shame and dirty game indeed these days thanks to few!

    @ Arpita, thanks a lot buddy :)

  37. This is one winner of a post, Neha!!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!

  38. i liked it........

    liked the way you weaved into a poem.....strong words.....

    but i still hope better ppl will join politics.....yaa fir may it's the damn politics which changes good ppl into goons .......

  39. @ King Sir, thank you thank you :) glad you liked it :) and I even know that you have checked my edited post :P

    @ Maddie, thank you very much :)

    @ Pal, thank you is all I can say..winning or not winning does not matter buddy :)

    @ Hitesh, thank you very much..glad you liked the limerick :)

  40. Awesome post Limerick Queen! :) The funny pics go great with it..

  41. I know your blog for about 3 or 4 months now and all this while, I thought the name of your blog was Neha-lism.. which is close to Nihilism (a existentialist school of philosophy) and I thought you played a pun on it... this is the first time, I saw your url correctly :)

    Nice poem, by the way... I usually don't like poems, so consider this as a big complement.

  42. This one is brilliant Neha !Its great to see you getting better and better every day.You are very inspiring .

  43. nopes!!
    this is sarvesh palekar!!
    we dont know each other i just read about your blog on parth dave's facebook a/c and thought of commenting!!!