Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I wish I was dumb

Well, you have got to be dumb if you want to connect to most of the people around you. When I say that I wish I was dumb, I certainly think that I am smarter than most of the people around me. Or, let me put it this way - most people around me think that I am dumb. Well, this happens to be a general perception about girls as people think that girls don't have brains, they can only crib and nag, shop, make guys spend money on them. Well, it's true to an extent, but you cannot judge everyone on the basis of this perception right?

Before you decide to leave this post thinking I am turning all feminist, or start cussing the male species around and all set to leave a heated comment, wait. I am not going to do either of these. I am a feminist, but I love men. I respect them and can't think of a life without them. And I will keep loving them even if they are the ones who think I am dumb.

Coming back to the topic, which happened pretty early this time around - only two paragraphs of non-sense rants and I am back to the header. How many times have you faced a situation when people think that they can take you for a ride and lie to you about various things thinking you will never find out the truth? I am not trying to be sexist here, I am sure even men would be facing such situations, but right now I am talking about such situations faced by a few friends and even me.

One day, a friend and I were discussing about our relationships. Now, when two girls meet, a lot of bitching is bound to happen. And it's fun too sometimes, just to clear your mind and move on. And we started discussing about how guys lie to you, and how they think we believe them. There is no distrust here, but if one is going to lie about things the other person already knows about, that kinda explains it all.

Funny thing was, none of us came out of the relationship on these grounds. None of us tried to confront that person just to show that we trust them completely. It is wrong too I guess, as deep inside your heart, you know that the person keeps lying to you. But, is confrontation the only way out? The person would have lied as he didn't trust us enough. Maybe buying his excuses was our way of showing that we trust you. But at the end of it all, it was our smartness that made us find out the truth some or the other way, even without being nosy about it.

Thus the header - if I was dumb, I would have avoided so many heart breaks at various stages of life. All because I used a bit of my brain, kept my eyes open, I had to go through a sad phase. This was years and years ago, when I was a teenager. Almost a decade gone and I still retain my smartness much to my fury.

These days, I am seldom taken on a ride by someone, and whenever I am, I catch it, always. And I still see it happening with friends. They know it too, still keep quiet. And keep giving one more chance, without realising that it is somewhere affecting the relationship, the trust factor which is a base of any damn relationship. Had we all been as dumb as people assumed us to be, our life would have been happier. Well, maybe.

And I hate to end a post on serious note. Not that I am funny or amusing always, but I rarely get into boring rants mode. And damn, since the time I have been told that I digress from the main topic all the time, I have become a bit conscious about writing my post. So all you wonderful people, I shall stop listening to you if you ever talk about the header connection with the post ever in the future. Ah, just kidding.


  1. Well, I consider myself intelligent enough to let others get away with thinking that I am stupid. But yeah, it is a burden sometimes to see, to know, to understand more than what meets the eye especially when the others think they can't possibly be that obvious!

  2. Happens with me almost every day. It hurts to know that the other person is lying to you, but at times like these, there is not much we want to say or do; and that's more because of our relationship or proximity with that person. We tend to forgive them or overlook things, just to maintain the peace and trust (??).

  3. Continuing in a relationship knowing all things just to maintain it = taking a tablet that shall prevent only immediate repercussions but bound to take a toll in the long term...

  4. It hurts but with time we learn to accept our friends as they are :)Always say a prayer in your heart for such friends as they really need it.

  5. Impression that one gets from your blog and tweets,you are far from being dumb

  6. Have seen that happen lot of times. People tend to think we are dumb sometimes, just because we are girls.

  7. Its sad and it hurts too when you see through the lies in a relationship. Sometimes, confrontation is the answer and sometimes, turning a blind eye to it...

  8. Its the consideration and humanity more than anything; we know the lies; yet we keep quiet. Not that we are dumb; we are mature. Take it easy :)

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