Monday, October 10, 2011

The header story

OCDs are usually weird. I have already written a post about my OCDs here (you can choose not to click, you know). The list mentioned there didn't include quite a few points which I can think of right now. I don't know whether you can call them that, but I am too particular about these things.

Now, I have not been blogging regularly, reasons best known to me. I click on new post, start writing something, erase it and start it all over again. I don't know how many times I have done so. When I am unable to write anything, I simply go to edit post, delete the saved draft and log out. I cannot keep a single post saved in drafts. It makes me feel restless. Any incomplete work makes me feel so. Either I have to complete the post, or discard it completely. Or I mail a copy to myself if the post is amazing, which happens rarely.

Music - I am genre agnostic when it comes to music. I can listen to any damn song if it sounds good to my ears. I love to play the song I really like on repeat all day, for days. People around me go crazy as they get irritated after listening to the same song. I don't blame those poor souls, for I can be very irritating at times. Or maybe all the time. Who cares!

Coming back to the reason behind this post - the header story. I mentioned in my previous post that I keep digressing from the main topic of the post and talk about everything else. Well, same thing happened this time around too. That's how I am, deal with it. I cannot stick to a plan and write. I write whatever comes to my mind - while drafting an agreement, or while talking to a friend, while listening to music, while watching tv. when I have so many distractions, how can you expect me to stick to a topic.

Thus I shall digress, each time I write. Not purposely, but it happens. Always. When I decided to write a post about headers, I thought I would write something funny about headers, but as usual, got digressed :P

So all you wonderful people who are still clueless about the connection between the post and the header, you may continue to be so. You are anyway going to read me as your love for me is blind (lucky me). For the rest of you, stop looking for the link between the post and the header; there ain't any!


  1. LOL at the last para! :D
    Talking about drafts... I have a different issue... my drafts remain as drafts and they never turn into a post, even if I revisit them after a while with a fresh mind or perspective... I eventually delete them when the cleanliness bug bites me (OCD)! So, it's a start to finish for me! :|

  2. Same with me regarding drafts in blogs. Generally as well, I need everything updated. I dont like to see unread emails in my inbox, i dont like to leave anything unattended. So on.....

    Its fine I think :)

  3. My drafts are still languishing. I guess, I need to delete them. And, till the last line, I was looking for a connection between the topic and the post :).

  4. Everything comes from nothing. they say. Dont they !!

    Fantastic. I admire your conversion from draft mode with such ease !


  5. There was a time when I used to draft and redraft.But,situations keep changing so fast and I realized it wasn't worth storing drafts as most of them never were given the final shape,

  6. Loved this post Neha :) total fun :)

    its just flowing :)

  7. Haaaaa . That is so Neha :) Loved it :)

  8. I had almost forgotten the art of replying to all the comments. here I go.

    @ Shilpa, :) I cannot have any incomplete post in drafts. Many times, I decide to write about a topic and don't write, but never leave it incomplete. I delete my work if I am not happy :P

    @ Insignia, yeah. I have mentioned the mail thingi in my post on OCD.

    @ Rachna, Like I said, you won't find any :P

    @ Kavi, you are talking about writing with ease? You excel there sir :)

    @ Chowla sir, I don't like drafts at all :)

    @ Kanagu, thanks a lot :)

    @ Kavita, hugs. Love you :)

  9. Don't leave anything incomplete, do you? Good habit, I say!

  10. U still manged to write some good:)

  11. Good one, esp the last para.
    We seem to share the same trait. I can't leave a task incomplete, if I enjoy doing it.

  12. Love the last para.... and yes, I have many posts saved as drafts :)

  13. You write very well Neha.

    I envy all those who can just write a post straightaway and if the result is so good as this, you are a damn good writer! I write in Word and then paste it on the blog. So I have no drafts in my blog. My drafts are in my documents. And no, they are all complete, but not ready to be published. Being a nag is hard. I even nag myself! I need to get it right before publishing.

    Whew! This comment has become too long. Sorry :)