Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I be old

Certain headers can get you so much of attention. This one is my gtalk status right now. And almost everyone on my gtalk list asked me why did I have such a status. Even those who seldom speak with me, or who have a perpetual DND status.

For me, age has never been an issue to worry about. I have never been secretive about my age either. It's silly to hide one's age, especially when you already have wrinkles on your face and you still claim to be hovering somewhere in between 25 to 28. And no, this is no exaggeration, I know people who claim to be in their late twenties even though they have crossed the thirty mark a few years back.

Well, I am sure they do have their reasons for pretending to be so young. And fears too. A friend is 32, unmarried. She loves one guy and is going around with another. The guy she is in love with wants to marry a good looking girl as he happens to be the brother of a well known bollywood actress. For him, having a hot chic as his wife is very much necessary thanks to his "social circle". They keep going in and out of the relationship. The other guy in her life is a backup, if things don't work out with this one, then he is always there.

No, don't judge her. Maybe you would have done the same thing if you were her. Age and loneliness can make you do weird things in life. Another friend is in her late thirties and single too. She happens to be a very good looking girl, very intelligent and independent. But well, she was betrayed by her guy and now it's too late and difficult for her to find a guy she would be happy with thanks to our Indian society and its mentality.

As they say, you should never underestimate a woman unless you are talking about her age or weight. It stands true in most cases. Even those who claim that they don't mind disclosing their real age/weight are usually dishonest. Usually, not always.

Ah, this is so typically me. I start talking about one point and digress to something totally different. I have been sulking about being old - not because of aging, or wrinkles (not that I have any), or greying of hair (that I have many), but just thinking about my age suddenly makes me feel oh-so-old. There is so much I have done, there is so much to do, from career to personal life, and such other things.

And there is still an ongoing process of understanding people around you. Because you care. About them and about yourself too. You get either hurt or get happiness in the process. You think something and it turns out something else.

There I digress again. In a totally unrelated news, people have been praising the upcoming movie Rockstar's music a lot. AR Rehman has composed music for a movie after quite some time. People are usually biased about him. They are telling me that his music takes some time to grow on you, but slowly and surely it will, which I highly doubt. It's pretty much ordinary, with not so good lyrics. Talk about hype and bias.


  1. She happens to be a very good looking girl, very intelligent and independent. ........
    This is something that always baffles me.
    Most of the marriages that are on the rocks / broken relationships / etc etc have a girl who is "intelligent and independant" I am always dumbfolded by this and ask myself "How can a smart, intelligent and independant girl fall for a lousy guy like that"
    The only problem is that I cannot ask this question to the girl who is already swimming in tears.

  2. Agree, for some age matters a lot and they'd go to any extent to hide the growing numbers... have valid reasons too!! And most of the times, it's a sad tale! :(
    Hmm... Rockstar looks and sounds promising... let's watch and hear!! :)

  3. The point is, among all the times that you digressed, finally when I reached the end, I realized I still don't know what your header means! :P

  4. That is indeed so you... but think about it, with all the tangents that your thought process takes you, and then us, your writing makes such an addicting read! Love it!! :)

  5. Crazy woman, you are saying it as you love me!

  6. Incidentally I am agreeing with Guria...for the header thing.


  7. I completely agree with your view point. It is the indian society that makes women lie about their age and that cannot be a litmus test of honesty.

    Commenting on Rockstar music - We need to wait and watch as i adhere to the many view of slow and steady pick up of A R Rehman.

  8. Never ask a woman her age and a man his salary, so they say. These days people happily ask and declare both. Just that from age they generously deduct and to salary graciously add. :D

  9. So long as two people care for one another,age can never be an issue.

  10. Being a namesake has more similar effects too!!! I too feel old now... and it's just the number that makes me feel that way! Though I am still on the better side of 30, looking forward to starting a new phase of life in a few months, yet, I'd rather always like to say - 25! :D

    And I didn't like the music of Rockstar either :)

  11. Women will always have a tough time in Indian society,no matter what!! N we call ourselves progressive, blah!!
    And I loved the music of Rockstar!! I'd recommend kun Faya Kun...It's such a soothing number!!! Or hawa hawa...gets my feet tapping everytime!!