Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Classic Mistake

Classics - when you hear this word, don't you remember all those things which may have become old but they still remain fresh in your memory? Yes, we call them classics. The word "Classic" is a kind of honour you give to a particular thing, person or even a song for that matter. You spot a separate section for classic stuff in stores as well; and you can always find me there :P

I love old hindi songs. My friends even call me an oldie by heart as I sing such songs at any time and any place and not only when I am drunk. When we have a karaoke party, or singing songs when we have the mood, or play them while travelling - I prefer old sad songs and they hate them at least when we are going on long drives and spirits are high! :Sigh: 

Call me oldie, or a typical desi by taste - I somehow cannot bring myself to listen to "popular" songs because others like them. A few months back, somebody happened to ask me whether I like Justin Bieber (Hope I have spelt it right) or not. And I was clueless about who he was. He was the trending topic on twitter at that time, but I was not so curious to know who he was. She was pretty shocked when I told her that I didn't know who he was, maybe someone unimportant who is not worth knowing. I am sure she must have screamed on the other side of the computer as her reply to me was pretty much rude and hurt. She said that he was the ultimate teenage sensation and the hottest looking singer she'd ever seen! "Hello, I am not a 'crazy for Bieber' teenager my darling". After that reply, I have not seen her on my timeline. She blocked me I guess.

Now, I do listen to John Denver, Billy Joel, Cliff Richard, MLTR, Air Supply etc. too; but Gulzar songs are always my first preference when it comes to listening to music. Same is the case in case of movies. And serials too - I love CID classics! But when it comes to reading books, I prefer thrillers over classics. I have read Jane Austen, Gabriel García Márquez, Ayn Rand (all time favourite) and a few more authors, but the meaning of classic novels and classic authors is changing. Don't believe me? Then take a look at the picture below:

The thee mistakes of my life by Chetan Bhagat makes its way to the "classic" section of Crossword. Hmmm, interesting right? I guess, books like Gone With the Wind, or Pride and Prejudice have walked out of this section themselves as i did not find them anywhere even near the classic section. Not that I needed them, but still, somehow I am used to see those typical books on the shelf with "classic" label.

Reason behind this post - This happens with me a lot of times since the time I have started blogging. Whenever I spot something interesting, I want to share it on my blog. My mind starts thinking about the topic to write on so that I can add the interesting bit in that post and share. No, not for maximum hits, but I like to go back to my old post and read what I wrote then and what was going on in my mind. It kind of helps me to realize many things about me. If I write something when my mood is bad, I realize the kind of flow my post reflects. The subtle humour reminds me that on a particular day, I was happy. I don't know whether it happens with all of you or some of you or I am the only weirdo around, but this is the major reason I like to write about things around me. They get me thinking most of the times. I start looking at them differently - from a writer's point of view. No I do not and cannot become poetic as I am pathetic at it, but yes, they do make me a bit creative.

Does this happen with you as well? What inspires you to write your blog posts? Things, people, mood swings or just another habit?


  1. The word 'classic' reminds me of Hugh Grant in the movie Notting Hill. He conveys his excitement by mouthing the word "Classic!"

    The movie is a classic as well. With the Portobello Road, The Travel Book House, Whoopsiedaisies and Ronan Keating's "When you say nothin' at all"

    Oops I am digressing. Coming to classic, you mentioned books like Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice were missing from Classic section. Maybe they have all gone to the Vintage section!!

    And who is Justin Bieber? See, you are not alone.

    I would anytime prefer a "Hawa mein udtha jaaye" to "Zoobi doobi" :)

    Why I write? To share. I learn and see so many new things; its fascinating and I want others to know as well :-)


  2. The reason for writing something is the urge to tell it.

    Please don't get into discussing 'why' of it; just write, we enjoy reading your posts.

    Why worry about the reasons when the effect is good?

    Keep writing....

  3. Haha.. CB's book is on classic rack eh? that's really interesting :) I like old songs too but I also love new ones.. I like everything - 60s,70s,80s,90s,00s,10s music :)

  4. hii
    3 mistakes in classics?? LOL!

  5. the word classic has varied meanings!! Classic to me is something that is evergreen.Not exactly something old, but even that which sure is going to be remembered for a long time!!

    Chetan Bhagat finding a place in classics seems interesting! But i would still give it a miss!! was it worth getting that status!!

    Everything around me inspires me to write.It makes me want to share, and tell the whole world what i find cool and not so cool!!

    P.S i love old songs too..can u miss "tumne Mujhe dekha" from teesri manzil or"Aanewaala pal" from golmaal??

  6. classic... hmm this reminds me of various things like Ilayaraja music, bullet , neha and bindu blogs!, rajini style, my friends jokes! nice one neha... whr do yu get such ideas!

  7. I write as find this to be a pleasant platform to communicate with those who care.
    Sorry to say, but, I have never heard of Justine bleber.
    I was associated with most of the Hollywood studios like Disney, MGM, Columbia, Warner and that list of classics is too long to be written about.It was fun being in their association for a long time.

  8. Back to blogging after Onam. Lots of catching up to do. As the younger lot puts it, I seem to be musically challenged too as I prefer ghazals and old Madan Mohan , SD burman type of songs. But I discover I have company here:)
    And reason to blog - unleash lama's magic:D

  9. I love Gulzar songs too. But I do know who Justin is and I like his song 'Baby Baby Baby... oh baby baby baby'. When to comes to music, movies, books anything I read everything from classics to new age. I like few classics and few new age stuff.

    I love Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice... they are actually classical books for sure.

    Why I write? I really dont know. I guess its more to do with the mood and the urge to share than anything else, i guess.

  10. well classics have a different meaning for each one of us...somethings are just there for you...I mean i love kishore da's songs anytime and there is a huge following too...but i also like other "popular" music too...may be i am balanced...

    well and I write because I really want helps me relax...may be there is a bit of my mood in the post too

  11. Even people have called me "Old fashioned".I guess i love things which are "classic".But i guess "classic"means different to different people.

    For me Classic means something which is 'timeless'.The Chetan bhagat thing was really funny. And i write when i see the date and find that i havent written in a long time. The moment is sit to write, things automatically come flowing outa nowhere...Nice post. Well written. TC:)

  12. Gosh!! The 3 mistakes...a classic!!?? and that too at Crossword!!?? I am shocked! Even "I too had a love story by Ravinder Singh" in this this is simply outrageous!
    I guess, they might have got confused between Popular and Classics!

    Why blog??... Well to share, learn and explore.
    I remember, once a friend who is regular on the internet asked me, "So, what's happening now a days?" and my first thought was, "God, she doesn't reads my blog!!" Whatever thoughts, ideas, happenings cross my mind, are on my blog...

  13. I'm a sucker of old hindi classics too, Neha! And when it is Gulzar-RD Burman combo, I just dont care what the world is doing!

    As for what inspires me to write a post..mostly its my daugter's histrionics :D! And at other times, nothing in particular. It depends on my mood and how affected I feel about what happens around me. But Namnam features in most of my posts as you must have noticed :)

    Loved this post...its great to be reading you again :)

    BTW, congrats on the BPL win, sweets :)

  14. oops..spotted a mishtake in my comment.."sucker *for old hindi classics" is what I meant :P

  15. Chetan Bhagat a "classic"???? Talking about classics I found one yesterday, Satyajit Ray's "The Complete Adventures of Feluda" Vol 1. I am so thrilled. Thank you Penguin

  16. Old is Gold - old saying
    no further comment because the saying is true till-date.

  17. I duno about the other 2 mistakes but 1 mistake of crossword is to have Chetan's 3 mistakes in classic section :O ... Authors of those real classic titles will commit suicide seeing this :D

    and about classics .. well ... I love Illayaraja's old songs .. still love the charles dickens :O still love classic foods :P if we can label ethnic foods like that ;) and the list goes on ...

  18. when was the last time you came across a classic blog ?

    I am too a huge AC of classic wells, right from books to movies...

    I love to be a proverbial frog in the classic well...

    Today's chethan bhagath's chicklet campus novel is tomorrow's classic in a corporate bookshop...

    for me writing on a paper is a classic expression than typing them on keyboard....

  19. old is gold
    and about classic, without becoming old one can not say something is classic.
    to be classic the song has to stood and give the test of time.
    some songs are no.1 for a week or month or year but classic is forever no.1, special place in a heart.

  20. @ Insignia, Hugh Grant is HOT..that movie is indeed a classic one and you are not digressing at all..Justin Bieber is a pop singer and a teenager..we ain't teenagers anymore, so no point in knowing him :P

    @ Vivek, thank you :) it's not about finding out the reasons behind writing, but I like to know what makes people blog :)

    @ Avada, I like good music..I like the latest movie Anjana Anjani ka song too..and for me it is a classic as I can listen to it anytime..

    @ AS, yes, 3 mistakes in classic..

    @ Madhu, agreed is a joke that CB book made to that section! I love the songs u mentioned..and even old khamoshi songs :)

    @ HaRy, classic blog? wow, that's some compliment..ideas about posts - so far as interesting things keep happening around me, I will blog :)

    @ BK Chowla, nice to know why you blog..and don't be sorry if you dont know that guy..not worth knowing :)

    @ Holy Lama, how was Onam? oh when it comes to music, you will have my company even if you want to listen to Hemant Kumar :D

    @ Harini, I am a genre and era agnostic when it comes to music and movies..I like good stuff :)

    @ Shahid, I like a song cos I like it, and not because it is popular..that's what I mean :) and your reasons of blogging are a bit similar to mine when it comes to mood :)

    @ ZB, I agree..but one thing is there..I miss your posts..and I do love to read about your life and your thoughts, but you are still a brilliant fiction writer and I like to read more fiction from you..hope to see you blogging what you enjoy more, more frequently :)

    @ Shilpa, yeah..the love story book I have not read; so cannot comment..but even that does not belong @ the incident :D

    @ Deeps, mehfil jamate hai chalo :) oh yeah, I have seen this..many bloggers are inspired by their children..I have noticed Namnam in so many of your posts :) oh for BPL - thanks..yay, we won :P

    @ Ritu, wow..good you found it..:)

    @ Appu, agreed..

    @ LR, I hope at least someone associated with crossword reads my post! ethnic stuff list is indeed endless :)

    @ Mahesh, I know a couple of classic blog if not more :) for me, writing matters and not where I thoughts usually go into my private blog :)

    @ Sushant, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I do not save chat history, so don't know..but my memory is sharp and I chat with max 3-4 usually remember the convos..yes, I have seen ijazat..and I like such movies too :)

    @ sm, I kind of do not agree..there are new songs too which are pretty I mean, 3-4 years old songs..I find them classic too :)

  21. neha ji..good to hear fm u ya...sorry if the blog is taking time to very poor when it comes to technical details but wil try to rectify...meanwhile, my daughter had a bad experience when her laptop was robbed in train near pune..take care friend..wishes always:)

  22. classic reminds me Jane Austen... i used to read her so much...
    As for justin Beiber, I wonder how he became a sensation...
    same pinch on sharing the topic part... if some idea hits me, I can't just wait to share it ...

  23. Chetan Bhagat under 'Classics'.. OMG what has the literary world come to?????? I am not a big fan of oldie songs/movies, but the older I grow, the more I realise that its those songs/lyrics/films that are really meaningful. What we get these days is mostly trashy stuff :-(

  24. I love old songs.. As I don't know hindi its only tamil.. :D :D

    As you said Classics are ones which stand the test of time... What if CB's books stand the time.. at least Five point someone.. you never know..

    And for posts... I am not a natural writer.. I have to think a lot to write a post... just making sure that I am not writing about a same thing again and again :)

  25. "I don't know whether it happens with all of you or some of you or I am the only weirdo around, but this is the major reason I like to write about things around me."

    That's quoting you. Well, its so the same with me. Why else do u think I called my blog "the world around me"??? :)

    What inspires us to write? well, a little bit of what u told in the last paragraph and a little bit of something else. i remember writing a post when somebody had asked me , 'being a doctor, how come you end up writing stuff on a blog?'. And i had written an article called 'Ink and Paper' on my blog. That article had made me fall mroe in love with my blog. True!! :)

    Three mistakes of my life is a book i hated. it was way too shitty n melodramatic. the brother's friend giving tuitions and they making out on the terrace and the fire at the building at the climax and nothing happenin to the hero. Oh please!!! I wonder what Mr.Bhagat was thinking while writing this book!! And that book is in the classics section?? Yuck!!!

  26. Chetan Bhagat and classic !?! Ah man ! thats classic marketing ! sigh !

  27. Poor poor Chetan Bhagat ! Croossword ki mistake is proving very bad for him.
    Neha are you not writing any fiction anymore?

  28. I love classics but I have to be in the right mood for them. Some classics can be so heavy and leave you feeling sad for days( Great Expectations is one book I couldn't get over for months).

    As for wanting to share your thoughts and experiences on your blog...I find myself also thinking along those lines whenever I am doing something or thinking about a what's the saying...Great minds think!

    I think it is really nice that bloggers share thoughts and experiences on the blogs so no complaints from mer:-) Cheers!

  29. classic post neha...classic for me is synonymous to old films, old songs, undhyo, dhoklas, missal paav and yes sari :)

    and even i dont know who is justin bhaiyya. I only know justin timberlake

    and i am sure that crossword's definition of crosswords is different than our's. Anyways i prefer buying books from churchgate roads...they have more choices and they r sasta too

  30. Three mistakes of my life in the classics section!!! :o