Sunday, August 08, 2010

About Names and show off

People! Just this word makes me wonder - there are so many different types of them around me. Few crazy, few abnormal, few psycho and a few weird; but none - normal. Now before you guys feel offended about not being called normal, well, face it guys. Are you 100% normal as per my definition of being "Normal"? No, you ain't!

I have written about people much more than I have written about myself. I love to observe them, their various traits and write about the most interesting ones on my blog. My intentions are never to offend anyone. I write simply as they amuse me. And whenever go back to my old posts, to read them or just to refresh a few memories, such posts always bring a smile on my face.

Some time back, I came across a very interesting kind of people. These people shorten your name no matter what. A friend of mine, Amrita, she has this habit. My name is pretty short - Neha. She will still call me Ne, or N or Nehu, but not Neha! I am sure many of you with long names would be having plenty of such short names given by people.

I, on the other hand never prefer to mess up (?) a name. No matter how long a name is or how irritating it may sound, I will address that person by his/her original name only, even if that person is really close to me. of course there are exceptions, like some friends were introduced to me by their shortened name and I got to know their real name pretty much late, but that's fine. I somehow feel that a person may not like it if I address him/her with the name other than one's original name! I think a lot!

A shortened name works fine with people you know. But sometimes strangers address you by shortened names! I know quite a few people around blogsphere who have this habit of shortening names. I even know those victims who hate such abbreviations of their names :P

Going completely off the track now as I want to show off a bit. I am going to teach from tomorrow onwards. I have to teach Business Law to B. Com., BMS and CA PE 1 students. Their syllabus is more or less the same. I am nervous. Quite nervous. I am going to be taking my first ever lecture. I have always aspired to be a professor, and finally I am taking my first step. So yes, I am very very nervous. And people around me ain't helping me either. They keep telling me that I myself look like a kid, what will I teach to college students? Sigh! Friends!!

By the time, most of you read this post, my lecture would have been over. But I will let you know how it went anyway.

So people, back to what I started with - my name is pretty short. Don't make it Nehu please!!!


  1. LOL Neha!!!! I think this for the post who are irritating you by calling Nehu or NE or N..

    don't worry... I will never call you in the names you have mentioned :D :D

  2. And yeah.. best of luck for the students.. err for you on the first lecture... :D :D

  3. I'm similar to you in that case,nay,even more,I don't even like using nicknames much,Gosh!and I don't know why!!!
    btw all the best

  4. You call me Debs!!!!!!!!!! like all my other Tiger Trails members!!!

    I do not like people shortening my name at all! It has become Debbie, Debo and now Debs! People pronounce it wrongly! Some ask me whether I have a shorter name, by which they want to call me (why, o why?) My short pet name is reserved for a select few close friends and I obviously do not want every tom, dick and harry to address me by that name..

    Having ranted, I have gotten used to it, somehow! I feel Debs, Debbie etc are cute, but a Debo is a strict no no! It sounds like a male's name!!!

    How was the lecture? Got jacked by the students? ;-)

  5. LOL. My name is Sudhakar, but you call me Sudhi don't you? :P So there you go.. :)

    And talking of names, I remember an interesting incident where my friend got the first name and last name of a client messed up. He addressed Ms. Louis Fox as "Hi Fox." She didn't take it too kindly. She replied to Mahesh Natarajan as "Oh Hello Nut." :D

    Fun post. And oh, Jasoos Neha becomes Professor Neha... Right on. Have fun. :)

  6. Congratulations. You were able to achieve what I was only able to dream.

  7. why you nervous?

    its just a sharing..
    sharing ur knowledge with them..
    its so nice..

  8. "BIK" :- :) he heeh well i completeely agree with you , I use to hate it when it became "B", BIK, Bikraaaaaaam, Bikky, etc etc but i have got used to it now.. But its great to hear Bikram or Bikramjit Cause thats the neame my parents gave me .. and I love the name

    all the best for the teaching session... I bet the college people are going to have a blast :) maybe at your expense he he ehe

  9. Dear Prof. Neha,

    Congratulations! I am sure your students are lucky to get a professor who is so well read and insightful about legal subjects.

    The only problem is that it will appear to a bystander who does not know who you are as if a 12th std girl is teaching to undergraduates, since you appear much younger than your age! :)

    Best wishes and enjoy teaching,


  10. :-) I know!! I can completely relate with this. People call me 'Bin', 'Bins', 'Bonds', 'Bondy'...So my name is all mucked up. I do prefer people to call me by my name. It is short. I have had questions from people asking me if this is all my name is, so short?

    Yet, few shorten it further. But its their personalized way of calling me, so its fine.

    And yeah dont worry about looking a kiddo while lecturing. I have gone through this; its amusing but at the same time makes you proud :-)

  11. Oh! I relate to this completely!
    I am mostly called Shilps or Shilpi...I am ok with that, but I rarely shorten anybody's name.
    Don't worry about the lecture...I am sure it will be like a breeze!
    Cheers :)

  12. My friends in school named me Sajju...well, it was ok with me coz I know when people shorten yoru name, they do it out of fondness...but we are all different and not everyone thinks its ok. And that should be respected. BTW I had a nickname in my family which I hated. ANd to this day, some of my relatives call me that, but now am ok with it:-)

  13. I'm quite attached to my name. Other than those who knew from before who call me by my pet name or foreigners who find it simplere to call me by a short name, shortening my name is an inexcusable offence in my personal code.

    :) - Do you remember the episode of FRIENDS where Ross is going to teach his first class? Or even better, if you watch HIMYM, the one where Ted prepares himself to be a professor? Just watch these episodes before you go to class. Breathe in and breathe out, you'll be fine. All the best!

  14. Interesting post again! Even, I too love to observe people. I will never shorten your name. Don't worry! :) And yes, do tell us about the "first day experience". All the best!

  15. LOL !!! I can happens with a 3 letter name like mine too...but I don't mind if my frnds do long as they call me with love...its only irritating when an unknown person uses it.

    WOW, lecturing on Business Law !! Congrats !!! :)

  16. how was class by the way ? - chandana

  17. Nehuuu.. N... :)) Good luck with the lecture.. tell us how it went :)

  18. i did write a post on this...i have so many pet names that i sometimes fail to react to em..not knowing whether its me being referred to or not.
    madhu can become madz,madzie,mad,mandy,miss m! beat it!

  19. Lol! Neha to Ne :D .... well my name in blogosphere has become D-man :)....yes people have shortened my name at their will but as long I respond its fine right :P ...
    Aur Teacher Ji mubarak ho... ekdum strict professor banna :P ....

  20. hahaha, even my name is neha , but thank God till now no one has made it short ;). Wish you all the best for the classes.

  21. @ Kanagu, thank you very much for not calling me by those names! my students were very happy btw :P

    @ Swatantra, thanks :)

    @ Sandeep, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I like my pet name, but I don't like everybody addressing me by that name :)

    @ Debs, arre yaar, sab log tumhe yehi naam se bulate hai..i will sound stupid if i call u Debosmita! Debo does sound like a guy's name btw :P lecture was rocking babes :)

    @ SUDHI, :P because you sign your name as sudhi at the end of @ the anecdote..Ms. Fox? hahahahahahahaha :D

    @ SG, thank you..

    @ Arvind, it was my first ever lecture..but it went quite well, so I am fine now :)

    @ Bikram, well, everyone calls you Bik, so I do as well..but I would still prefer Bikram to Bik..lecture was quite good :)

    @ Vivek, wow, thank you for addressing me Prof Neha..sounds good :) but cmmon, I don't look as young as a teenager! not a 12th standard student please! thank you for your wishes..I already told you how it went :)

    @ Insignia, I know girl..even your pseudonym has been shortened na ;) :P about lecture, people didn't believe I was even qualified enough to teach them!

    @ Shilpa :) lecture went just the way you mentioned :)

    @ Saroj, my name is short already..sheer laziness is the reason behind most giving us short names na :)

    @ Jil, hmmm, so far as one is ok with the name, it's fine, but I am not ok with Nehu or Neh!! oh yeah I remember those episodes..your comment left me all smiling :)

    @ sm, thank you..

    @ Megha, thank you..first lecture was amazing..really enjoyed teaching..thanks :)

    @ Uma, strangers shorten your name in the very first conversation they have with u!! thanks girl..the lecture went well re :)

    @ Chandana, it was pretty good :)

    @ Avada, bad girl!!!!! :P it well pretty well re..thanks :)

    @ Madhu, I will for sure read your post soon..oh god, so many variations? poor u!!

    @ D-man, yeah I call you D-man too, but fondly and not outta laziness and you are a very good friend! I have problems with strangers and Nehu and Neh! I am a very khadus professor :P

    @ Neha, lucky you..I come across so many people who shorten my name :(

  22. N! Shortening your name is the height of laziness. Good luck with the teaching... :) And by the way, normal people?? Normality is over-rated. No one is normal =D

  23. Though most people call me by my name, some near & dear ones refer to me as 'Nikku' & 'Nikdi' but no one has really shortened it. But once this friend of mine even called me a 'Nikkar'. Thanks God, he never did that again! :)

  24. Thank you thank you YEah i like Bikram too :)

  25. @ PB, exactly!! if I had a name with 15 letters, then make it short..but with 4 letters? that too easy to remember and pronounce and one of the common most names!
    lol, I agree, nobody is normal :P

    @ Niket, hmmm, interesting names!

    @ Bikram, :)

  26. on the contrary i enjoy when my dear friends shorten my name..many call me RR, ram, ramu..whatever way they feel like..i think it shows buddy...:)

  27. And to think that some people knowingly call you names that you don't like! But whatever name fondly called with a good sprinkling of love sounds ok :)

    Prof Neha...hope you totally floored your students with your bindaas attitude!

  28. LOL Nehu does sound funny :D
    all the best for the classes... I have this feeling that you will have a very strict proffesor :D

  29. Well I for one love my shortened name more than my full name! :D Guess I must be the only weirdo this way! But I seriously don't like it when people who don't share a strictly professional relationship with me call me by my full name! :p
    And Business Law is cool. One of the few subjects we attended in college! :D Congrats and all the best for this new dimension in your life!

  30. hey my other comment is missing. i had commented twice on this post :(

  31. Business Law. Wo contract, agreement wala? No offence, but that sucks!

  32. LOL! Its been so long since we chatted, Nehu dahling ;-))))