Friday, April 02, 2010

My Letter to Neha's...

On one summer’s day, I stumbled across a piece of my heart…
Being “the funny guy”, with her sensibilities hidden below layers of sarcasm, wit and petty foolishness, I have never been able to express myself when and where it really mattered.
There’s a concept that I believed in “No two woman can be friends for life” and it still is true… Neha is not my friend, she is the light of my blogging-life, a part of the real me, the girl I love… my faraway soul-mate and my blogging-twin.
She was born a good five days later than me, which makes Neha’s my kid-sister. She just celebrated her first birthday and now after me, she is about to celebrate the completion of a wonderful hundred posts.
But that is talking about Neha-the-blog and not Neha-the-woman who sealed the deal, the deal without any contracts but silent understanding between two hearts.
People wonder, people laugh, they joke and they kid but when we say we love the other like we don’t anyone else, but we mean it, every time. Maybe it’s part of growing up or part of discovering facets and shades to an one-dimensional existence but we discovered what a true and real ‘bond’ can entail, can hold, can withstand, can be.
My popular blog was outshone by her popular blog and I should be jealous, people perceive. And we? I take credit for Neha’s success and Neha swears by Guria’s. She never understands the charm she weaves, the spell she casts with her ordinary but mesmerizing words and bits of her colorful personality, and thinks I’m just being the notorious, flattering me. She will root more for the Misfit than she will ever for her own blog, like the child she loves more because she didn’t give birth to it. The possessive flavor, the protective nuances, the boundless love and pride made me much more than I could ever hope to be.
If our blogs would be our lives, I could have said that she is my better half, my soul-sister, the light of my heart… But blogs are not real, only virtual. So I say all that… she is my better half, my soul-sister, the light of my heart… in my real life, and I say that about the girl whom I have only read, heard and never seen. But the blind can love too, can’t they? And then I believe the blind see more than the sighted ever can.
I am writing this in a piece of paper today because I couldn’t say just “Happy Birthday” on her completing her first or just a "Congratulations" on her upcoming hundredth. Because Neha’s stopped being just a blog for me long time back…
Neha is a woman whom I admire, who is more special as she doesn’t ever understand- love her baffled expressions and her pained pauses- why she is so. She is one of the most beautiful individuals I have the pleasure of knowing, of listening to… hearing her voice have always ever lifted me up… she is the one who has supported me, been with me beyond what one can ever imagine… she is the one who held my hand when I was down and hurt, she is the one who rejoiced most when I had reasons to celebrate…
A hundred posts, or a full year, readers and followers, popularity or infamy, they are not what I got from blogging… in this big, wide and ugly world, Neha is the best present that my writings, my blog could have given to my life…
I dunno if I am half of what Neha is to me… but there’s one thing that comes out of my heart that is as true as heartbeats we live with, is that, I really love you, girl!

Love, Guria.

P.S. I wrote this post as the last thing Neha would ever write is about herself. And yet I wanted All to know that as special as you know this blog to be, the lady who writes in here is always, always more so special…


  1. Neha wont get more fitting tribute than this. Thumbs up!! girls.

    I could agree no more when said No two woman can be friends for life

    I have never had a female friend, because I just cant hit it off with ladies. But with Neha its a different story

    She is a charm!!

  2. What could be a better way to express such a wonderful emotion called Love! Well done Guria! You are so expressive...Keep it up!

  3. This would be making Neha feel like she is on top of the world :).

  4. aww!cheers to your friendship!


  5. Wow.. Neha is lucky to have a friend like you..
    wish i had some like .. oops shud not have written now all the abuses on my blog when someone reads this comment :)

    Excellent and YEah I bet Neha the woman is as great and excellent as Neha the blog :)

    I dare not write anything lest she is the one to give me a piece of her mind he he he he he :)

  6. Excellent tribute. Rightly said.

  7. wow that was so nice. U r lucky neha for having such an awesome dost. Congratulations! for completing one year in party k liye kidhar aao?

  8. Hmm, now I want to be Nehas friend too...and not just a blog buddy:) Nice post. Am sure Neha deserves all the praise:)

  9. Guria ,i completely agree with you on Neha the person.The bond of friendship,mutual respect and the mutual love you gals share is are very lucky to have each other in your life.May this bond go stronger day after days and forever.
    Neha always speaks very highly of you and now i know and understand why.
    It is an honor to have known you both ...thanks to this amazing world of blogger.

    Cheers to your friendship.

  10. great letter
    congrats for writing such a letter

  11. u deserve this neha di :) u surely do. I swear i never thought i wud run into sombody as sweet as u , that too just on a forum. well, rightly said abt u here :)

    I love u too :)

  12. Great letter. I wish someone could write to me too.

  13. Neha, Bachke. Itna makhan laga hai ki fisal jaogi. And Guria if you continue praising her like this, soon she will be on mars. and we will lose a fellow blogger.
    May God Bless your friendship:)

  14. Nnnn, Mast likhi re G! :) Loved the fact that she wrote both these posts without you both having met even once. Super likes! :)