Thursday, April 08, 2010

Indian outfits and Me

Our country is famous for its rich tradition and customs. And of course for beautiful women. A saree has always been an integral part of our traditional outfit for women. And don't they look elegant and gorgeous in those beautiful sarees? From a ten year old kid who wears it for school function to an eighty year old lady - saree makes one look simply beautiful. Even I manage to look quite decent in a saree! Ah, that's modest me.

But to be very honest for a change; if you see me in a saree, I look quite normal. But the moment I start walking; many eyebrows are raised. Not for my gorgeous looks; but for the way I walk!

I cannot walk with elegance no matter in what kind of an outfit I am in. That's why they say; it does not matter what you wear; the thing that matters is how you carry yourself in that outfit. And that's where I fail majorly!

Be it a saree, or a salwar suit; I walk like a Zombie in those outfits too. My mother tried buying me high heels so that I would at least be cautious while walking and that might make me look a bit more elegant; but I managed to run in those 5" heels to catch a local train. In the end she finally had to buy my excuse of "heels will cause me a major fracture".

But more than my zombie walking style that I do not care about; I am somehow not comfortable in traditional outfits as they make me either way too conscious or a bit too carefree. Weird but that is how I carry them.

My wardrobe usually consists of baggy tees and denims, I love faded clothes - older the better. Black is my colour. You will find every second tee or a dress black. I love tees with one liners. One of my favourite tees has a one liner:

You can't change a man unless he is in diapers.

Few more with such witty messages are:

A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's. She changes it more often.

Such a beautiful day. Now don't open your mouth and spoil it!

The key to a successful relationship is sincerity. Once you can fake that; the rest is easy.

The best one that I have (in black) - in the front it is written:

Real men don't read instructions.

I have already done one whole post on the one-liners. So I will not mention many. But back to my topic after going round and round; I have a bit odd taste when it comes to clothes. Second and biggest advantage for my husband is that I do not take time while shopping. I shop when I need clothes. I buy 3-4 tees and a denim or two within half an hour. My stores are fixed; the size does not change and the patience level is almost zero too.

But again; it is a task for me to wear a saree when there is some wedding or pooja in the family. A married lady must wear a saree for such occasions and that too; a traditional kanjivaram saree - amazing combination one can dream of!

But the compliments do work on me at that time. So I somehow wear it and try to pull it off. People avoid walking with me when I am in a saree. They avoid walking with me when I am at my faded best too; but they cannot get away all the time right?

So anybody, fancy a walk with me this Diwali?


  1. I dont mind walking with you in a saree!!! Its shocking when you come across people who share similar awkwardness :-P

    I cant manage myself in a saree. I spoiled a costly kanjivaram recently, oil spilled all over the heavy zari pallu.

    And ditto ditto!! dont take more than 15 minutes to choose a pair of jeans and tops.. :-D For me, everything looks good.

    And one thing differs though. HEELS!!! Wow!! I cant keep away from them.

    So yeah a walk!! when? :-D

  2. Saree..I love wearing it too..but..I hv to be too too too careful while walkin in it... so my entire attention is on the saree n managing it while walkin around..n I can hardly pay attention to the other things n ppl around.... :P

    I love salwar kameez suits traditional occassions n even comfortable..but thts only till m nt married.. :P

    loved the quotes u mentioned on ur tees..the last one was really hte best .. :) :)

    GNSD :)

  3. The saree and the bindi of women in indian culture always mesmerises me....Am not into cultural policing, but i guess wearing a saree for some special occasions and rituals makes the theme of traditions more comprehensive....

    Yea, carrying a saree in an elegant way is quite an art i guess.

    Any new post on Bongles/Bindis too?

  4. Ahh, haven't I heard all of this somewhere before?!! :D
    And you shouldn't flaunt that 'the size doesn't change', people will start cursing you re!! :D :D
    And you don't at all look decent in sarees, you look like absolute sin! ;)
    And whatever happened to Birdy-num-num, that one was my favourite... :P
    And about walking, I don't think I'm strong enough to lift you off the ground every time! How about we sit down this Diwali?

    Love. :)

  5. Lot of similarities..

    The colour black
    No heels
    Jeans and Tees
    One liner on tees.. that's something Neha..we oughta meet for sure :)

    But hey I love wearing sarees as well :) Of course only on poojas and parties that is :)

    Walk at Diwali ? Tell me more :)

  6. "I cannot walk with elegance no matter in what kind of an outfit I am in. "

    No girl in the history of this beautiful world had made such a confession in public......hahahahahaha

    "So anybody, fancy a walk with me this Diwali?"

    Yes,we can!!!!

  7. But you look very beautiful in saree as well as salwar suit do i know ? Guess ! No matter how awkwardly you walk ,i would love to walk with you this Diwali.

    One thing is for sure nothing can beat tees n denims as far as comfort is concerned.My favorite one liner is the last one...the real man don't read instructions ..hmm.

    Guria is right about 'my size remains the same' thing
    -please bhagwan isko thoda mota kar do .

  8. Neha,

    I disagree on three points:-

    1. Pretty girls look pretty regardless of what they wear...saree or jeans.

    2. Men change. You just don't know how to change them.

    3. No woman takes only half an hour for clothes shopping. I beleive it when I see it.

  9. Nice post. I can only comment about Indian women in USA. If in a temple or religious function, you see a young woman in a saree or salwar kameez, then she is a U.S. born Indo-American. If you see someone with shorts and sleeveless t-shirt, she is a FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) i.e. recently arrived from India.

  10. Neha,have you weighed yourself this morning...just curious !!Have a beautiful day ahead buddy.

  11. Hi! Neha,

    Thanks for sharing..saree is an attire that can be worn in all ways-elegantly,classically,so simple,and sexy all depends on how we wear it and defenitely its an art...
    ive seen people calling friends or neighbours to dress them up if its a saree, even for a small function.
    ...So diwali i believe you will be having a group walk with u, better make it for some good cause eh! :)

  12. You walk like a Zombie in outfits?

    The very word 'Zombie' converts my smile into peels of laughter.. Hahahaha... What a description! :P

  13. Diwali is so far away ! You make it sound like its day after tomorrow !


    One liners are super cool ! ROTFL. And today i saw on Twitter : ' A man with his ears pierced is better prepared for marriage. He has been through pain and he has bought jewelery' !!

  14. Hey! I was waiting to see you in saree..I thought this post might have your photo in saree...:)

    Well, alike you I also wear sarees on some occasion only and my wardrobe is also full with black tees and cargoes. I love to be in comfortable clothes rather than showing off with some dhinchak outfits! :)

  15. in these 49 years of my existence I have not got used to wearing the sari...I think it's most elegant but also the most uncomfortable one for a modern woman...It was not designed for mobility and is quite restrictive...maybe that was the aim!!!

  16. I have worn saree like thrice and i somehow find it hard it keep it on my body. I cant handle the pallu yet... i walk on the pleats and undo them everytime. I suck when i wear a saree. I am so damn cautious not to fall that i think way too much and end up tripping... well actually i trip on everything so that doesnt count :P.

  17. Sarees remain a challenge. Can quite understand your condition.

  18. Stories of sarees!
    However difficult to wear and manage, it truly makes one look elegant. :)

  19. Oh, I'd love to walk and talk in a sari with you this Diwali!! :D

    Ah! The Saree Saga!!

    Well, I can carry it off well, the saree I mean, but it's not my favorite piece of clothing!! So almost all of them lie packed in suitcases and rarely come out of them!! :P

    They say, practice makes the man perfect, so may be some day, we'd be comfortable wearing them! :)

  20. Thank God, I thot I am the only one who can't handle a sari or a salwar kameez. They look classy and beautiful but its pretty difficult for me 2 walk when i wear sari and since I have lost too much of weight, I almost look like a stick when I wear sari...people call me kandi (stick) when I wear it :)

  21. You've done another good post, Neha! I guess your husband likes you in any dress, just like I like my wife in any. She's just so beautiful! But yes, elegance does come just way differently in sarees.

  22. Not possible, for I believe that every Indian woman looks gorgeous in a saree. As for me, I usually am comfortable in any dress unless it is very fitted or even a little you can always catch me pulling the back of my top when sitting, adjusting a little loose shoulders or a broad/deep neckline! I am a mess when it comes to that!

  23. All I can say is that there, perhaps, no other dress as graceful as a Saree is.

  24. Blue is my colour!

    And I like females in saree more, if carried nicely! Nothing beats the outfit!

    The quotes are ultra coooool!... ;)

  25. Me too.
    I am too clumsy with heels. I slip just like a kid learning o walk. Thats why I always buys shoes with buckles. Still its quite hard.

    I don't even want to think about wearing sarees. I'm so messy...

  26. why walk when you wear a saree?!
    just sit around and be the queen bee!!

  27. I love sarees though I hardly wear them. By the way, yellow and brown shades are my colors.:)
    And I'm game for a walk with you on this diwali. :)

  28. Wow! those were fantastic one liners for t-shirts :D

    I agree with you on the point that it is the way you carry a dress that adds all the grace and glamor to it :)

    You've got a wonderful blog here :)
    You are definitely going to be seeing me around often.


  29. nice blog baby you both have..
    and nice writing too.....

  30. The oneliners are really gr8 !

    My t-shirt today says " run around naked"

    I dont jhave anything constructive to say about saree ;-) sorry

  31. The recent NUON collection in westside has got amazing one-liners!

    yaar i hate saree too reminds me the dreadful farewell day in skul :(


  32. Better wear those repulsive one liners than something which falls apart..

  33. @ Urvashi, I can understand this very well :D i love the last one too :P

    @ Insignia, hahahaha, yeah, two of us will shock people when together.. I know you told me about the sarre pallu..good you don't take time while shopping...and I can walk well in heels; I don't prefer them :)

    @ Mahesh, I agree with your is an art posts in bindis and bangles :D

    @ G, yes you have heard all this :P people won't curse me re; chill..about saree; :P..birdynumnum is always the most special one; that's why didn't mention it here..yeah we will sit and laugh full time this Diwali :D

    @ Nu, yeah; quite a lot of similarities..but I don't like sarees :D walk in diwali as I will be in a saree..still interested? :P

    @ IP, I am weird; remember? :D will be looking forward to the walk :)

    @ Kavita, I know you have seen my facebook snaps :P even i wanna take a walk with you..rather we will sit sipping teas :D I love the last oneliner too...and don't pray for me gaining weight...I love this :D

    @ A, almost all the girls look nice in a saree..ah, now that men one liner is supposed to be taken lightly :D well, I don't think you have come across women who do not take time while shopping..

    @ SG, I have heard the same things change people drastically na..

    @ RD, I agree with is a kind of outfit you cannot go wrong with..a group walk sounds fun :)))

    @ Parth, at least i made you laugh :D

    @ Kavi, day after tomorrow is today :P fancy a walk? :D I retweeted that tweet btw :D

    @ Megha, you have already seen me in a saree now :P

    @ Nalini, wow, great point :D

    @ harini, I keep tripping too :P and this is a same problem most of us face na :P

    @ lama, yeah..:)

    @ DC, elegant; yes..but thik hai..i am fine looking not so elegant :P

    @ Shilpa, :))) sure..a walk is final..all my sarees are packed in a suitcase too btw..i don't think I will ever be comfortable in a saree as I don't like it :P

    @ Gayathri, ditto re..I look super thin too in a saree...:))

    @ Bhavesh, my husband does like me in anything I wear :))

    @ Neha, honestly..I cannot walk properly..mardana chal :P and about pulling back tops etc; I am conscious too..but i usually wear not much of a problem..

    @ BK Chowla, agreed sir.. :)

    @ karan, thank you..after black, blue is my colour..:)

    @ Communi, hahahaha..I used to buy shoes with straps..but no longer :)

    @ Magiceye, can't avoid the walk na :D

    @ Nethra, looking forward to a walk with you this diwali :))

    @ chatterbox, thank you very much..would love to see you around more often buddy :))

    @ Shekhar, welcome here..thank you for your comments..

    @ SP, you don,t need to say anything about the posts are weird sometimes :P

    @ neha, hahahaha..we all have a saree story to share :)

    @ Tarun, welcome here..thank you for your have got a point :)

  34. Lol I can imagine you walking like a zombie in a Saree on Diwali with diyas in your hand!

    Some sight that will be!

    Thank god I'm not a gal... I doubt I'l be able to pull off even a lungi gracefully!