Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Don't call me!

Last few days have been weird. It's one of those phases where you have a lot of work, but you lack concentration due to various reasons. I have a lot of work in hand, but I end up doing just 30% of it by the end of the day. And I work all night right before the deadline. I am kind of used to working this way - finish a draft in one day, or review it and edit it within five hours and such.

But this time around, it's different. I am not able to work at all. Drafting a document seems like a huge task. Blame it on the gloomy weather or just laziness - work is not happening. And that's not a good sign. When you ain't able to do the very thing that keeps you sane, you are in trouble my dear friend.

Blogging is not happening either. I forget to log in here. When someone asks something or talks about blogs, I remember this space. I have not read any blogs in a long time. Looks like I am turning old. Life hacks I tell you.

And I have realized a weird problem that I have. I don't like talking on the phone. I am a very talkative person otherwise. I can talk all my life and still don't lack topics to talk about. But when it comes to talking on phone, especially those random useless talks when someone calls you up casually. Ugh, it's pathetic. How can people talk for hours with someone is totally beyond me!

Even today, when someone calls me up and if that happens to be the first call to me from that person, it takes me some time to answer the phone. I become very nervous. And that's so unlike me! I cannot talk to people casually. Thankfully most of my friends know that. When I call up someone, I say directly why I called. I cannot initiate small talks. Thus I prefer to talk in person or on messenger so that I can work too simultaneously. But talking or chatting on phone would be the last thing I would do.

I can handle client calls, at times they last for 30 40 minutes to an hour, or more. But it involves work. I don't have to ask them how are their children or what did they have for dinner. I can talk about law and work all the time. Again, I prefer it in a personal meeting rather than on phone, but well, that's not possible always.

There is no special term for this phobia. It's just called phone phobia. People do have it. It's not uncommon or unheard of, but not too common nevertheless. And I cannot say that I am phobic. I can comfortably talk to the person after two to three conversations with him/her. Talking becomes easier after meeting the person.

Anyway, people waste time on phone. It's the worst possession that I have. People abuse it, and misuse it. Your problem really, just don't give me a casual call and talk just to pass time or to know how many times I ate through the day. Let's meet and treat me for lunch/dinner instead. Thank you very much!


  1. Hehehe ..You know phone calls were fun once upon a time ..before the FB and chat revolution. But like you even I dont like long talks on the phone but long skype talks with my sister in the US is something else.

    Ok Now I know...will tweet instead of calling you :P

  2. Nicely written post Neha. I cannot agree you have phone phobia. Phone phobia is for a person who gets anxious every time the phone rings (social, known or unknown persons, or business) or whenever that person has to make a phone call. You don’t have that. You don’t like social chit chat from unknown people or who have not met yet. That is understandable.

    I am an extreme extrovert. I can talk for hours and hours in person, even with unknown people. But I don’t like phone conversation for more than 5 minutes from any one. Tell me what do you want to talk about and I will give you the answer. End of it.

    About your lack of concentration. Take a vacation and you will come back relaxed.

  3. Unable to concentrae on work temporarily good be due to bad weather or just a mood swing.
    Yes,even I am not very telephone friendly.I am unable to carry on with idle talk on phone.For me,on phone,it has to be short,precise.No "how are youji" 'Aur kya haal haiji".
    But, i hope you do realise that one can get a bit unpopular thus??
    I am unpopular.

  4. Neha,

    When it seems that you are lacking concentration on work at hand, it is time to take a short break to charge batteries. Telephones are meant for communication and NOT conversation.

    Take care

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  6. I have spoken for hours on phone. But if one decides, he/she can avoid talking on phone. Change the connection from post to pre paid. Problem solved!
    It worked for me. Cheers!
    Nice one.

  7. I realize I'm not the only one, with this post of yours and the comments that followed. I look with disbelief at people chattering endlessly over the mobile blissfully ignorant of what is happening around them. Some are loud and annoying, unmindful of others around, some whisper and giggle, some just remain patient listeners for hours together...and other such types who seem to be born with a mobile stuck to their ears. Good post and hope you were able to get over your temporary hitch of being unable to work.

  8. Well nice read...I too have this strange repulsion towards people who spend an obnoxiously large amount of time talking crap on phone .. A time which could have been used in so many better ways...From the nature and content of your post, I have a feeling , you are into IT service Industry :) Just a wild guess though :) Anyways Good read.

  9. Oh dear! this sounds familiar. I am a phonophobic too.
    My Maa complains, my relatives have given up and my friends text to ask if they can call.
    Inane talks bore the hell out of me.

  10. A very interesting read..I am utterly notorious among my relatives for not calling them up. After I talk to any of my relatives on phone, I feel like drained out after all those banal talks and artificial smiles.

  11. phonophobic - ya at times it feels like talking to someone in phone while in deep sleep to :) this mobile era made it possible that phonophobics get created more and more..nice write up do drop by

  12. I can so very relate to this... I am so averse to talking on phone! And I always wonder about people who talk for such long hours on the phone!!