Monday, July 30, 2012


"Love is never logical..feelings aren't logical..We don't even realize sometimes what someone means to us..You realize the effect that person has on you when a single line written by him makes you cry. Again and again. Whenever you read it..It's strange, impractical, unreal, almost impossible; still existent."

I left these lines as a comment on one of the posts written by Guria. I happened to read the post and my comment there again. At times, such things help you realize how you felt a few months back when you were in a similar situation like now. How did you handle it, how did you vent out. It's as good as reading your old posts.

It has happened in the past too when comments became posts. When I have something substantial to add to a post, I write a comment that is longer than the post. At times I write the whole post on that topic. Blogging helps you think. It makes you look for logic beyond your usual understanding. It doesn't really make you a writer, but it makes you as good as one.

Thus, write what you feel like. Whatever you feel like. Without bothering about being judged or ridiculed. It will help you know and understand yourself better. It doesn't matter how often you write, but if you are regular, it is definitely going to help you more.

Philosophy! Sigh!


  1. ...without bothering about being judged or ridiculed. That's the beauty of blogging, right? :)

  2. Agreed. Write whatever, however, whenever, wherever. But write.

  3. Nice. I also believe that blogging helps you think better and clears your head.

  4. I find blogging a stress reliever.
    Right you are,just write Whst omes to you

  5. Yes this has happened to me too at times. When I get carried away with the subject, I start a comment and then go on typing and suddenly tell myself "I better write a post on the subject than comment"

  6. "This site is very useful for us. There are many important description about love. It is need for all human.We must feel that love is impractical, unreal, almost impossible; still existent."


  7. Hi,
    After so long.
    I had written a post long time back, 'On love and lies'.
    But who said there is logic in love? Why do we say' falling in love'? The way we fall in to a trench or a pit ! We don't fall in to marriage or friendships,do we?
    The truth is, with the same ease with which you fall in to it,you can fall out of it too!

  8. And how to come out of a habit of blogging or writing in a poetic way only?then just a natural one like this one you wrote, cuz I don't want to sound creative all the time I miss my simplest behaviour within.

    I had good read thanks

  9. Blogging is a great stress buster and apart of that it helps you to think, learn and grow!!

  10. Neha,

    Read 2 posts now. How are you feeling now? Hope fully recovered and fit. It is good to let hair down once in a while in the company of good and dependable friends. One does need to enjoy after such stressful days. I fully agree with you on what you say in the closing para of this post. It is your space to write what you wish to and how you wish to. Only caution is that it should not be hurting sentiments of any community. Hope to read you for a long long time to come.

    Take care

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  12. Agree, writing is good, it helps to understand things in a better way.
    I also started to write