Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nothing to write

"Nothing to write" can also be written about. Blogging is my therapy. I feel like home when I click on the new post button. The moment I start typing there, I feel my mind becoming lighter. Especially when I am feeling stressed or low.

Life is funny at times. How easy we get attached to people, things, surroundings, comforts. And when time comes for the test, you realize what actually stays with you and what leaves you alone. At times it's a blessing when the thing that leaves you alone is pain. But if it's happiness then? You hit the low.

They say that you expect nothing from life and you will be the happiest person. But does it really happen? Is it possible not to expect anything at all from life? No matter what you claim or think, a time comes when you end up expecting something in return from life. And when you don't get it, you try to detach yourself from that thing out of anger/hurt/ego/emotion.

Then again, this detachment depends on what that thing meant to you. If it did mean something, then you would not be able to stay away from it for more than a few moments. If you can stay away, then it was never meant for you. You never needed it.

Aren't we all like that? We get attached to and detached to things and people as per our convenience? While getting attached or detached, we think about only our feelings and emotions and we don't ever consider the opposite person. I envy things at such times, for they don't have feelings. You use things when you need them and then throw them away. Poor things don't even weep in the corner.

Yes we humans are funny species. We don't know what exactly we want in and from life. We keep running behind void, without paying attention to all the wonderful things around us. And we can't even blame ourselves for that. We never sit and think what do we exactly want from life, from people, from things and from us, ourselves.

And after writing so much about nothing, I still crib that I have nothing to write about. That's how useless I am. For topics like these, I can write a boring philosophical post when I am not at all in mood to read anything heavy be it even my own work. And still I manage to produce crap about the simplest and lightest topic!

God bless me!


  1. Hehehe...It was like you were voicing my own thoughts:) There are no real answers to such questions but well, it's natural to have expectations from those we are close to. That's just human.

    As for knowing what we want from life...that changes too with times. Do you remember what you wanted like 5 years ago and do you still want it?

    So just go with the flow sometimes :)
    God Bless you :)

  2. I don't think that expecting nothing is possible. We all do.
    And we are a funny species yes. Sadly :[


  3. Much ado about nothing, eh? But you've got a point there. How we are so busy chasing something that we are not even sure if that's what we really want! And I guess that's what makes our life a full package of surprises, which would not be so if we had taken the time to think ahead / reflect upon our every action!

  4. The feeling is mutual Neha. After a month long hiatus, i got back to write - yesterday.

    At the end of it, i was fairly satisfied with my post- but my loyal readers, are missing :( A price to pay for taking a leave from Blogging.

  5. Ha ha I like your blog title. It seems you are answering to my question :)

  6. Well, the trick is to not expect what you don't deserve or earned. Life is always good when you have the things you earned. :)

  7. Neha,

    No, you are not at all useless. You have brought out so much of GYAAN when you say you have nothing to write. It is true that most of us are confused as to what we expect or want from life but if one really gives a deep thought one can set aim. On expecting something in return, my experience is that one should do what one feels is right as per own conscience and expect nothing in return. That give much needed peace of mind. I have learnt it over the years and follow it.

    Take care

  8. Nothing to write and a long post on it!! Damn cool!! :D

  9. Good God. I used to have these BIG dreams when I was 18. I will win the bloody world and what not. Look at me today, ruins. Knowing how tough it is to settle one life and talk about winning the bloody world >_<

    I keep falling in the trap. Attach. Detach. Mostly. With a different version of me.