Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Honest me!

Two posts back to back has never happened on this space. I have been pretty regular at blogging in past. I remember updating my blog every three-four days. When I used to go out of town, I used to write a post and set it on auto-publish mode so that the blog remains updated. There was a reason behind it - regular posts ensured more comments and followers. How silly!

Slowly it changed. Things changed. Circumstances changed. I started be more and more irregular here. Writing as well as reading blogs. But one thing I am proud to claim - there has not been a single month since I started blogging in which I haven't written any post. Ain't I proud of me?

Days are super busy like always. Apart from the regular work and more frequent lectures, I am busy getting my documents made. I had to change my address on all the existing documents and it is a pain in ass. I started it with the Ration card, then PAN card, passport, driver's license - phew. It's been one week since I have been running from pillar to post to get the documents in place. I filled the online application for the passport and PAN card, but I have to submit the physical documents too at the centre.

While doing these formalities on my own, I realized why people preferred to pay thrice the money and get things done through the agents. These agents not only makes your life easier, but you don't have to move an inch and things reach home. Yes you do have to visit the offices for verification, but that's about it.

And some of the agents even have inside "setting" with some officers. They charge you some more money and get things done quickly. Honestly speaking, I used to be one of such persons too who paid money to the agent to get things done and paid him some extra bribe money too to get my work done quickly and with less number of visits to the offices. But after realizing how our ministers were earning black money, I decided never to pay bribe to anyone to make my life easier.

And this was the first step. And that's the reason that I am struggling. It's been a week since I started the procedure and I have not yet got any document in my hand post the address change. I was lucky enough to get the election card well in time on the current address. This helped me to change the address in the bank account.

I am still arranging all the documents for the passport. And I don't know what will happen on Friday when I have the appointment for documents submission. I hope things go smoothly, and I hope I have sufficient documents. I have been contacting everyone who got their passport made recently to enquire about the documentation.

Nuances of going on the right direction taking the right path. Sigh! And I shall blog about that experience too. Probably a comparative study between the last time when I got my passport made through and agent and this time when I did it on my own! Yes yes, I am going to bore you people with a few more rants and stories.


  1. "The easy way is often not the right way" Those words were spoken today by my son. And he is spot on as always.
    I applaud your effort to not bribe anyone. People are getting salaries paid by tax payers money and they should be doing their jobs effectively so that things get done smoothly. Lets hope more and more people quit paying bribes.

    Grin and bear it, sweeties. Oh am I the first one to comment again...hehehehe :)

  2. Oh, the passport. I am waiting with bated breath.
    As for not bribing- go girl... :)

  3. That's great you know.. trying to get something done without bribing. I did the same thing for my marriage reg. Took a longer path, but got scoldings from everyone, since it took longer time. I was still satisfied that I did not bribe anyone for that :)

  4. Appreciate your having taken this stand.Some day we allwill have to stop finding short cuts.
    I had to get my passport updated.Broker wanted a fees of Rs 700/ and promised to get it done whithin hours.I didnt take his offer.
    It took me a couple of visits and 9 days before I got the job done--NO BRIBE

  5. Hmm things are easy with 'setting'. It doesnt take an Anna to solve these issues...Everyone must own it and banish corruption. And yeah hope you converted your docs to pdfs

  6. waiting for the 'story' of your passport :D .... great to know that you are not going via agents and taking the pain ....

  7. Dear Neha,
    Since ages....!
    Real life experiences are the best Guru..!
    No corruption...the first step towards a better India.
    Good Job and keep it up!

  8. Been there and done that. All by myself too, without any agent etc. Yes, it is a cumbersome process and can drive you nuts. Especially the verification part on which you have absolutely no control! The officer who visited me wrote in his report that the house was locked. I had to reapply. All this as he wanted a bribe, which I refused to give. Moreover, on sensing that I am a single girl who needed a passport asap, he made inappropriate hints too. You know what I did then. Went to the SO of the local Police Station and complained against him. They sent another person for verification the second time and finally I got my passport after 8 months!

  9. I got my passport in seven days ( delivered at my home address) ( including day of filling form first time)

    Thanks Almighty.

  10. and yeah.... not a single penny etc from what it should be.

  11. its really impressive when you actually take the path less travelled. the way you said that all this extra money that we pay these agents indirectly means bribe and black money!!! you have just inspired me to get all the legal things done on my own! :)

  12. Neha,

    There is no pressure to write more frequently but one should be regular. What you are doing is what we all need to do, NOT TO PAY BRIBES. If we all start with this habit, then we can see corruption free India. My sincere compliments to you. I am going for renewal of my driving licence in a couple of day and am not engaging any agent.

    Take care

  13. Kudos to the Honest Neha!!
    It's tough but definitely not impossible and the satisfaction you'll get at the end of it... priceless! :)

  14. This passport thing reminded of a recent 'thing' that happened to me. I got married recently and during our coutship days we planned for a trip abroad for our honeymoon.

    But the challenge was my fiance had applied for her passport, but somehow everytime some or the other reason it was getting delayed (even though she got that made through an agent). With D-day coming closer and flight / hotel rates goind up and up I was getting more and more impatient to do bookings without passport in hand. And that is what I did. I just did all the booking, and had no signs of passport getting issued. The bookings were no small joke, it was a matter of thousands of rupees. And all bookings were non-refundabe.

    But with God's grace, the passport got issued and reached her home exactly 12 days before the marriage and my Visa agent got the visas (yes, visas and not visa) done within a week's time.