Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meeting a blogger friend

Earlier this month, Saroj of 'Sarojs Panorama' blog visited Mumbai. Quite some time back, we had a deal that we would go drinking together whenever she visits Mumbai. At times like these, I seriously thank social networking sites, it was easy for us to get in touch as both of us have not really been regular on our respective blogs.

So thanks to facebook, we got in touch with each other albeit the short notice. The day we were supposed to meet, some last minute changes occurred, I rescheduled my appointments and we ended up meeting not once but twice.

It's not very difficult to guess what two bloggers would usually talk about. Saroj and I happen to have a lot of common bloggers too whom we follow. Day one over a cup of coffee, we discussed about bloggers and blogging. I have always been her fan and she was one of the persons I always wanted to meet.

She is a wonderful person, apart from being a great blogger and a rocking mom. I had a great time showing her some parts of my city. Here is our picture as a memory:

Like most of you must have guessed, life is too busy to update this space. I always try to write something here just as a ritual, but it doesn't materialize. Like right now too, I have ended up writing this lousy post in spite of having such a wonderful topic to write about. But well, Saroj will forgive me I am sure :D

And I shall be back soon with the next post. How soon will be soon? Let some questions remain mysteries.


  1. I have been waiting for this post since the day we talked over the phone about it .Beautiful picture ,both of you look lovely .Hope we too meet soon :):)

  2. Excellent.
    It must have been an experience meeting someone face to face who has been a net friend.
    I met Bindu and Bikram in Bangalore,it was a wonderful experience.

    Neha,keep it up

  3. heyyy neha..nice to read lemme write to saroj..she promised to visit dubai also..:) hey nice neha to hear fm u though after a long time..ok it's drinks on me when i visit amchi mmbai in july..but shucks i dont drink let it be Madrasi copi..hahha

  4. hey u mean u guys also just had a coffe session..hahhh how boring haha

  5. Neha,

    It is not a lousy post. This motivates others to interact with bloggers. I have met a few and am in touch with a few by mails. It is such a pleasure to do so. And thanks for giving the link, I will visit her soon to read her posts.

    Take care

  6. So tell me..... did you both talk about me :-)

  7. Aaah Neha thats nice. Social Networking really helps. I have not read Saroj till date. Thanks for introducing her to me through this post.

  8. Wow! Must be a good experience. And yes..this isn't a lousy post at all. Its good that ppl are meeting up. U get to learn a lot, and U both look really cute! :)

    Do visit my new blog-

  9. Wow! Lovely pic and looks like you 2 had a great time too!
    Missed meeting you last time... courtesy the Mumbai rains!! :(

  10. lots of interested material here
    Happy to find it
    via Indiblogger

    You are wrong here - If I was a reader of my blog instead of the author, I would never have read it.