Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's wedding season all around us. Each day, there is some or the other wedding happening. First, people spend money to get married, then they spend money to raise the reason behind the marriage. Some times, the reasons are more than one! 

Don't get me wrong. I love kids. I am very fond of them; but when I see the ever exploding population, my mind tells me to give gyaan to all those who are yet to know the meaning of family planning and who strongly believe in "hum do, humare do. zyada ho to phek do". Isn't it better if one plans for one kid only so as to do one's bit to control the population a bit?

Anyway, this post is not about the gyaan on population either. I have to attend a few weddings and receptions in this week. I went for a very close friend's Mahendi function today and applied mahendi on both the hands! I love it. It always make me feel very happy. I love the smell and the look of it on hands. Here is a pic for you!

Isn't it lovely? :)

Now, a typical Indian wedding has many advantages - good food, happy and cheerful people around you, mahendi, meeting old friends and such. But the worst part of it - shaadi.com! A few aunties are always ready with numerous proposals for you even before you open your mouth to say that you are already married! Prospective brides and grooms will be bestowed upon you the moment you enter the wedding hall (hole if it is a gujju wedding!)

I have to attend such weddings in this week! And I am planning to carry a board with me which says - Not available for shaadi.com! Hope it works!

PS: Busy time ahead. After attending 2 weddings and 4 functions, I am going on a mini vacation I truly deserve. I will be back before the new year and another outstation business trip to a hill station awaits in the first week of January. I will try to be as regular as possible on this space as I miss blogging so much!

PPS: It was my birthday on the 14th of this month. But I am still accepting belated wishes (even advance ones for the next year for that matter!). 


  1. Welcome to Indian Weddings!! If you take the wedding part out of it... the celebrations are actually very interesting and something to look forward to! You Mehndi looks amazing... Makes me want one this instant... (so jealous)

    BTW Happy Belated Birthday... and advanced wishes for the birthday next year! ;-)

  2. I loveeee mehendi too :)

    and you're right about the hum do hamara ek and all that stuff..may be we can talk about it later in detail ;)

    Have fun and enjoy your time...come back soon with a bang :)

  3. Hey wish u a very happy birthday ( belated ) .Enjoy ur holidays!!

  4. Too many weddings this month. I already attended 3 friends' weddings and really bored to attend many more :) I agree with the one child idea.. everyone in my family has just one child (for unknown reasons though) :) Enjoy your break and happy new yr well in advance! :)

  5. Indian weddings are fun.One gets to meet, friends, relatives whom one has avoided for long.
    It is not only Gujju weddings where one gets proposals as it is the same with Punjabi weddings.
    Enjoy your vacation.

  6. enjoy the mehendi, good food and fun. Deaf ears to shaadi proposals :)

    The mehendi pattern looks awesome

  7. Hehehe! Hope the board works. I was about file a missing complaint on your name :P. Happy Belated Birthday and gift will be given when i visit mumbai :P

  8. Belated happy Birthday!

    And well, you are lucky that you can avoid the shaadi.com aunties telling them you are married. It becomes too hard to handle for singles like us :(

  9. //hum do, humare do. zyada ho to phek do". // ROFL ROFL I burst out laughing on reading this :D
    wedding season seems to be full on ... enjoy your time... aunties - nevermind :P

  10. Belated birthday wishes.Isn't it good to feel that others still think you are unmarried?Take it as a compliment,but like Insgnia suggested turn a deaf ear or,act deaf.So,no more proposals would come.

    Wish you a wonderful new year,with less proposals!

  11. That's lovely mehndi! :)
    Enjoy the fun and food at the weddings and have a great relaxing and rejuvenating vacations!
    Cheers :)

  12. wonder wat kinda mehandi I'll design on my hand... on second thought it ll be a scribbling :) .... well off for a vacation eh.... hav a nice wedding feast mate :)

  13. Ah...! That season.

    the mehandi design is lovely ! Simpely lovely !

  14. First things first. Belated happy birthday! :) And have a nice time at those weddings, wear your mangalsutra to ward off all evil aunties ;)

  15. An interesting wedding coming up for me next month. There will be a court marriage, a hindu barath wedding and a church wedding. All by the same couple.
    And later the whole jing bang will be going to South India to see India. (all 18 of us and yes I too am included)
    looking forward to the experience.

  16. belated
    happy birthday
    enjoy the trip

  17. I love weddings wen it comes to eating and DJ party...but I hate them now because my every movement is being observed by aunties who are keen to see me get married :)

  18. Really Love this wedding...!!! Thanks for sharing.
    tamil matrimony