Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Mother's "Love"

Don't we all love our mothers? 

But most of us get scared when our mothers express their love for us in the form of food, pampering in public, praising us in front of "marriageable prospects", choosing clothes for us - the list is quite long!

I get scared too sometimes when my mom starts talking about my qualification in front of those perpetually gossiping aunties. She even mentions the courses I left mid way or still pursuing. Ah it does get embarrassing some times as it's not a big deal to be a double graduate and double post graduate; is it? :P

Luckily for me, her habit of stuffing my stomach till it bursts is no problem at all as I am blessed with high metabolism (thank god!) and thin/fat kind of things don't matter to me much. But it does make me very much lazy! Like I have this typical gujju habit of taking a nap in the noon. Since I have my own firm and my work is not time bound, I can do that. But such a habit proves tricky when I have a client meet or a visit to retainer clients.

These days, she has made a Saturday night schedule for me. She oils my hair each Saturday. There is some home made oil she has got from somewhere. She empties at least 200 grams of it in my hair and makes me a champu! No matter at what time I return home, I have to become champu once a week! Poor me!!

And those stories of their times about how they listened to their mothers and never cribbed about the quantity of food, or the oil in hair, or even the gossip part for that matter. Ah, talk of the times 30 years back and now. But I do not mention that out of fear of starving myself for an hour! After that, she is my mother and she will give me food anyway :P

And that's the most beautiful thing about her and all the mothers. Whatever they do, they do for us. Unconditionally. Since the time we are born, they make us their priority. They make us cry but cry for us too, they sacrifice their career, lifestyle, social circle, outings and many more things just to give us a perfect upbringing.

Ah, there is no special occasion today. I just felt like sharing something emotional, thus this post. What does irritate you in a nice way about your mother or father? Do share it in the comment box :)


  1. My mom dont like the girls who go to alot of parties & drinks. So many times its her cute way of saying, ladki layega toh bholi bhali, simple lekar aana…LOl…I have a big laugh over it. But yeah, soon she will understand that girls who go to parties are good also. :D

    Very nice thing you share about moms Neha. :)

  2. Oh my mom keeps bragging about my "qualification" too :) But I missed her sooo much these yrs that nothing she does irritates me much. I realized her value by staying away from her :D

  3. I loved the line" They make us cry and cry for us too " . That's so tru :)

  4. when she tries to becoes the Harishchandra while Iam cooking up some lie for my kids. But she is a dear. With her around, I'm free. Don't have to cook, wash or fold away the clothes.

  5. My Dad keeps telling all the bad things I do to everyone and never once says the good stuff :(. I get irritated by that and leads us to lots of fights. But then again we fight everyday but never on huge scale. We both say 'I wont talk to you ever' and in 5 minutes we forget everything and talk :P.

  6. In my opinion, nothing irritates any one about their parents.
    We realise their love and guidance only after it gets too late.

  7. You are lucky and blessed indeed! My mother passed away when I was 12, and I have spent most of my years before that in a boarding school; so haven't really been blessed with all those wonderful moments.

  8. hummm.indeed. mothers are GREAT, in a way only mothers can.TC NICE post.:)

  9. Congrats for the tangy pick!
    Mothers are the sweetest of all!!
    As for my mom...well, she'd like to do all the things herself even if she is tired or unwell.... so we sisters have to forcibly make her rest/leave that particular job at hand! :P

  10. nice post Neha.

    My mother keeps praising me all the time and thinks I am the best. I liek it and it does boost my confidence but at the same time it becomes embarrasing specially when she talks about me to her friends who then discuss this with their friends and so on.

    Read my post about my mother I wrote few weeks ago:


    Always happy

  11. dad's a wonderful disciplinarian..but he was too strict.and i became a frog in the well..lots 2 learn fm him..hehe

  12. great
    thanks for sharing
    all mothers are same ,love is same just situations make them look different.

  13. Whatever they say, how much ever they tend to irritate, their presence soothes you :)

  14. There are many things which seem irritating at first...but then we gradually get used to it,and also cherish those very things.:P

  15. Only mothers can think of the future-because they give birth to it in their children." - Maxim Gorky

    I don't think a mother can really irritate or annoy. If it happens,then it means we don't understand her or her purpose.We don't realize the value of any thing in life ,till we lose them.

  16. Aw, now am missing my mom...! Nice post...good to know you are so close to her, Neha:-)

  17. What a beautiful post, Neha! Now I miss my ma! I'll be meeting her anyway in a few weeks but still this post made me feel how much she is a a part of my being.

    You know ma & I do have our nok-jhok whenever we meet, in fact I feel something amiss when we dont fight or have our differences of opinion but she is also my best friend and someone I rely a lot on emotionally.

    Thank you so much for this post, Neha..it did make me very emotional.

    And congratulations on the tangy pick. You deserve it, in fact a lot of your earlier posts deserved too :)

  18. Nice post Neha.. :)

    /*And that's the most beautiful thing about her and all the mothers. Whatever they do, they do for us. Unconditionally. Since the time we are born, they make us their priority. They make us cry but cry for us too, they sacrifice their career, lifestyle, social circle, outings and many more things just to give us a perfect upbringing.*/

    I have to keep nodding my head for these words.. nobody in the world will do..

    And my mom always thinks that I am eating very less.. and keep bringing one or other every 1 hour :D :D

  19. And congrats on the blogadda pick Neha :) :) Seems like many of the friends got it this week.. :) nice :)

  20. Beautiful post Neha. :)
    My mother has a habit of calling me different versions of my own name. I am called minu at home, so it becomes meena, meenu, meenakshi and some versions that are too embarrassing to be mentioned here! It irritates me to the core, but I enjoy it!;)

  21. Awww that is so sweet!!! Lucky u, neha :-)