Monday, July 19, 2010

People and their codes

I have been keeping too busy these days, with a very urgent and important matter that has come up in regards with a retainer client. I will not bore you by mentioning the details of the notices that my client has received from a government body (sigh! I wish they were drafted well!), but sometimes, your work that you really enjoy doing leaves you frustrated. And that too, when you have to work through weekend while your entire family is holidaying in a resort while it's raining - ok, I will not tell you how it feels, but if the computer screen could reflect my mood at the moment, it would have exploded by now!

Anyway, I am here to talk about people and not me. It's always easier for me to write about others, especially when I do not have much of time to even catch up with some sleep. I have been majorly sleep deprived these days. I do not get to sleep in the noon, and I am getting a sleep of five hours on an average. My system needs at least 8 hours to function the whole day and another couple of hours if I want to feel fresh throughout the day.

Ok ok, do not remind me. I know I again started talking about the great me! But I cannot help it. I know very few people around me about whom I can write. Those who matter to me, I tell them directly or send them a personal note about my feelings for them, or I blog about them, mention them in passing or write something they like to read. I especially write about them when they are not in right state of mind. I have done that in case of G so many times. That's my way of showing that I care and tell them that I am always there :)

Now, on this blog, I may come across as a very extrovert and bold person (the exact words of one of the bloggers who happens to be a very good friend too), but in a real life, I am an ambivert. I cannot put it in any other manner as I am 10% extrovert and 90% introvert! Thus, ambivert. Ask Mumbai bloggers whom I met earlier this month and they would confirm my nature. But again, that's not important here. My point about writing this post is to take a break from busy schedule and upset mood as weekend was bad.

People - I have written about them in past. Read this post and this one, about their nature and types, how they manage to entertain and irritate you with their typical characteristics. But well, I am too rude a person. If someone really irritates me, I simply block him/her rather than increasing one more tension in my already stressful life! And again, apart from being an ambivert and rude, I am too dumb when it comes to take care of someone when that person is low. If someone tells me to leave one alone, I will do that; if that person wants me to sit there, I will do that; if that person wants me not to sympathize, I will do that. But I cannot make you smile if you do not ask me to do so. I will sit quietly next to you until you ask me to @#$% off from there. I cannot not leave you alone when you want me to. When I am low, I tell what's on my mind. 

But not all are the same. A few days back, I got into a big trouble with a friend. She was upset as she had a fight with her husband. She gave me the background of her situation. I told her that everything will be fine, and she said that she would be fine if I'd just leave her alone for a while. I left from there the next moment. After a while I smsed her asking about how was she feeling. No reply. I was worried but I didn't want to be the intruding and nagging friend, so I refrained myself from calling her up. Ah the busy me completely forgot about this incident the next day. 

A common friend called me a few days back to tell me that my upset friend was pretty much angry on me for my tactless and ruthless behaviour towards her. I didn't even stay with nor nor I bothered to call and check on her when she was very upset and needed me! As I always say, People!!!!

I believe it's very common and natural to experience mood swings. But when you are going through a particular mood swing, why do you have to talk in the code language? Why do you say X when the thing you want is Y? How can an insensitive and useless person like me will ever be able to decipher what you exactly mean to say.

I think I am ranting. I cannot help it. I have a meeting tomorrow morning. I still have a lot of work pending, had to take a break from legal papers and write something just to feel better and fresh. Time for another all nighter people. Tomorrow promises to be a busy day with an early start, travel to town in the traffic, breakfast and a cup of ginger tea at Tea Centre alone and loads of work.


  1. nice post
    i can only say these few lines
    just saying thoughts which i got after reading article.

    Love me when i am at low
    Love me when no one is loving me
    Care for me when
    no body cares for me
    in return i may scold you
    but just forgive me.

  2. O don't take too much stress, especially try manage your sleeping hours, 5 hours is very less...Work will go on but its important to be in the best of health,isn't it?

  3. Oh! Just chill, I would say! But it's easier said than done!
    First things first... take a break and rest well.
    And you must forgive your friend... coz remember a woman's No is Yes, Yes is No, May be=No, We need=I want, I'm sorry=You'll be sorry and like wise...
    Jokes apart...relax and rest.
    Cheers :)

  4. Hmm, what do I say? I know how much you have been neck deep with work since last 2 days.

    Forget about people, you cant please everyone. Who matters to you will know you better.

    Take care and I am waiting for your work to be done so that I can nag you :-P

  5. Well work pressure can b tough sometimes but hav mercy on your poor comp :)
    Your a true honest human being and whats in your heart is out, but u see sometimes when ppl ask to b left alone they dont mean that in those situations:)
    Nice to know that your still consistent with blocking

    Take care

  6. Neha, some people are just hard to please. I mean, how could you know what she really wanted you to do as a friend? She asked you to leave her alone and like a good friend, you respected her wish for more space.
    The question you should be asking yourself is: is she really a friend??

    Yes people are different but some people believe they are always right and others have to do as they think is right. That is the root of most conflicts.

    And i love the word ambivert!!
    Take care:-)

  7. I know exactly what you mean i have suffered that way as skmeone mentuoned usuakly when people ask u ti leave they actually want u to sit and listen to them. I am sorry but work cant be important all the time . I believe that work can be done later but if u loose a friend then its sad moreover if there is a rift its even worse. I read a line which said somwthing like love me when i am down. Other times are ok. I am glad u told me about how u are so i know why you dont talk to me i thought u just hate me he he he he he he

  8. Some people say something and assume you to think otherwise. Funny indeed! True friendship or love is when you are able to give and don't expect anything in return! Now, am I beginning to sound like Jesus or Gandhiji!

  9. Para 1 - Powerful words do convey the feeling like it did in this case ... Ok the computer didn't explode but I got it ....

    Para 2- 8+2 hours of sleep requirement... for me that many hours of waking would be great ...but itna time milta kidhar aajkal...

    Rest of the post - ladkion ka code mujhe kabhi samajhi nahi aaya but I think Shilpa's manual up there would be handy :P

    Last but not least ...Just Chill Chill! Just Chill! :D

  10. @ Vivek, work is the most important thing, any day..

    @ sm, verses from you? that's new :) I somehow cannot bring myself to be around a person who specifically says that he/she does not need me :)

    @ Shilpa, at least for the next two days, no break..but you will see me blogging more frequently..I am not angry with her..she is :P she has to forgive (???) me :D

    @ Insignia, yeah you know that..we have not had our discussions na..I agree..we cannot please all..who wants to time..I will be done in a few days - hopefully :)

    @ NR, I am talking about tum logo ka comp :P see my funda is simple - if you want me to stay around, say that and I will be there! yeah blocking is very much on, but I do not go online these days..

    @ Saroj, exactly! I did what she asked me to do..I am a kind of person who will say what she wants..and I expect the same thing from others too..I love the term ambivert as well :)

    @ Bik, to me, work comes even before myself..I worship my work and I am a assume so much :)

    @ RGB, people have made you sound that way..dont worry you are very sane :P

    @ SP, agreed..

    @ D-man, compliment de raha hai na? :P so true, no time days were so much better! Shilpa's manual is useful in case of normal girls :P and no two girls are same remember..I am abnormal btw :P no codes for me :D

  11. Ah no need to blame yourself at all in this case. I thoroughly fail to understand those inner meanings of any answer. I always talk it on the face value. If a person says, leave me alone, I shall leave him alone. period.

    8 hours sleep is a must. God, I miss my college days. I used to sleep 15 hours a day lol.

  12. Chill maadi...every friend (especially if its a girl) is like that...they expect something and they end up saying something else. Though must say my best friend is not like that. She wil be fine

    u tc...sleep well...tht by itself will make u feel better

  13. Take enough rest Neha... thats the first thing I can say...

    And then for the friend... I will just do what you have done... I always feel that instead of messing up by talking and joking around its better to leave them alone as I myself do that...

    Also if they ask I can sit with them... but surely I can't do anything beyond that..

    Another dumber.. :D :D

  14. Take care Neha and take a break from working.. I know how it feels to have a hectic life.. And that friend of yours, that's exactly how girls react when they are upset. I scream the same thing "leave me alone, dont meet me" to my BF lot of times.. He knows "dont come" means "if you dont come, I will kill you" :P I guess if someone is upset for something, you shud really try to calm them down, as much as you can :)

  15. I am commenting late..but here it is. We all have our mood swings. I am sure your friend will be the one to make up to u this time...

  16. @ Aditya, oh I so agree..why make simple things complicated right? I have slept for 15 hours so many times when I was young :(

    @ G3, tu maadi :P oh man, girls and their codes! thanks girl :)

    @ Kanagu, so true re..all we can do is ask them and act as they want us to :)

    @ Avada, lol..with boyfriend it's fine..if my guy leaves me alone at such a time, I will kill him..first if I need him, I will tell him tht I need him with me :) calm down that person - I do not know how to console people :(

    @ DC, mood swings I know, but cough up what you want na..don't you think that's a better way out? :)