Friday, July 16, 2010

Do you believe in Magic?

Don't we all want to possess the powers to get whatever we want? At least I do. Magic - it fascinates me so much. You can get anything and everything with just a blink of an eye. Erm, the nice me always thinks of using the magic in a nice way that does not harm anybody, but yes, magic all around you - the thought only brings a smile on my face.

I was never into watching cartoons during my kidster days. I still do not know the names of famous cartoon characters, from status messages updated by friends, I realised that Garfield hates Mondays, show me a few images of cartoons and I will not be able to identify them. I used to paint, and once I had made a backdrop of a few cartoon characters. There were four heads involved to prepare the backdrop - three cartoon geniuses and the hopeless me. I painted Jerry and Archie comics characters - Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead. And that was an achievement as for the first time, I knew about more than one name in a particular cartoon show.

I never even read comics. I have read NONE of them so far. I listen to people like a dumb alien when they discuss comics! By the way, does Shinchan fall under cartoon category? I watch that these days. Going back to my earlier days, I always preferred to watch sports and news.

Once I happened to watch I dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. I fell in love with those characters and their powers. I started thinking about possessing those powers too. My each and every act was now influenced. All disappointments had only one if - if only I had magical powers like Jeannie and Samantha! I always tried to cast a spell by blinking my eyes and hoped for the magic to work. Now, don't get ideas about my disappointments. I am talking about school days, where a big thing was the first rank that I usually missed by a few marks (ah, the brilliant me), or when I never got to bat in a cricket match as I was a girl (sigh!) and few more stupid things.

When I entered college, there was Harry Potter fever all around. Almost everyone discussed about Goblet of Fire book and Sorcerer's Stone movie. Suddenly, Hogwarts school became for real, wand was waiting for me to be chosen, so were the school houses. All I had to do was to find out where it was. My Harry Potter obsession kept on increasing with time. To an extent that I started reading those books again and again. My last count of reading all the books and watching each movie must be at least 50 times (more, but not less).

In short, so far my wish has always been to become the magician, or a Jeannie or a witch - anything that had magical powers. I loved the feeling of performing magic and get things done. It all seemed so easy and convenient.

Though quite late, but I did become sane and realized that I cannot get a phoenix core wand to perform the magic. Sigh!! But the truth and realization is bitter if you believe them to be the only right thing. Believe in magic and it will be all around you.

My faith in magic has been restored again. But this time, it is slightly different from the earlier phase. This time around, I do not want to be a magician, or a Jeannie or a witch. This time around, I want a Jeannie or a magician to perform the magic for me :P

Imagine a situation. You are leading a busy and stressful life. Each day, you work late nights. Your working hours are anything between 14 to 18 hrs each day. You even work on a Sunday. All you need is a bit of peace of mind, a bit of entertainment, fun, love, pampering and magic. Yes, magic. Try to believe that it exists. And it will make you happy. It will bring a smile on your face at the end of a super hectic day. Your heart will believe that the magic exists and the magician performs it for you.

I come home each day after a hectic schedule. I feel stressed out, but I have magic around me. I have a magician around me. The thought itself brings a smile on my face. I am no longer the tired and stressed out Neha. I am the same old Neha who wanted to perform magic to get the first rank that she lost due to 3 marks she didn't score in history, the same Neha who believed that Hogwarts does exist. The same old Neha for whom the wand is waiting to be picked up.

Yes, Magic is indeed all around me :)

PS: Believe in magic and this post will make sense to you.

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  1. Wow! that's a wonderful thought that if we believe magic is all around us and I totally agree with you on that.

    Though I never wanted to posses magical powers but I have always been a huge fan of I dream of Jeannie :)

    Keep up the fantastic work :)


  2. Nice...even I loved to watch 'I dream of genie' and 'bewitched'...or any lovely character (ladies only) on me, that in itself is magic ;) - their charisma, the way they carried themselves..uff uff uff...kya bolu...abracadabra! :D
    Mast post re..and seriously speaking (??) I agree with you Nnnn that if we believe in magic being around us, it just seems magical...existence, is due to belief! :)

  3. this reminded me in that old song - I believe in Miracles :P
    only tht was a tad too much :P
    You have spoken for me in many places in this post :D :P
    except for the i-dont-watch-cartoons part.. baaki sab is shame to shame :D

    waise i believe that if you have complete and strong faith/belief in something thats bound to happen.. and then u say its magic :P

    but yes i do believe in magic too.. :D

    Nice one :D
    waise whose the magician ;)

  4. In the long run you may not like it if the Geanie does everything for you.
    Like Lucipher (Mandrake's arch enemy) misused the powers of magic.

  5. I am donning Harry Potter's hat and casting a Cheering Charm on you!! :)
    REF: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
    Cheers :))))

  6. Aahh! I can understand how you feel girl :) Who else can understand, other than a person who wished to join Hogwarts :) I dont believe about magic in real life though. But I still love HP, simply for everything in it!!!!

  7. Wonderful post dear, in fact I would called it a "Magical" post :). I too used to watch Jeannie and Samantha a lot on the TV, but from the very beginning I wished I had some one like them along side me who can do the magic and bring me what I want.

  8. Neha,

    I m at work and after reading your work, I am beginning to feel magic around me and suddenly all that frowning faces seems smiling at me!!!

    Wow!! wow!! Good I am reading your post after I just finished writing my goals and objectives for next year at work. Else I would have mentioned MAGIC!! MAGIC!! everywhere :-P

    I dont know anything at all about HP. You know that very well. And when you tagged me as Harry Potter, I dont even know why you tagged me!! :-S My knowledge on HP is zilch!

    I do love Popeye, Tom & Jerry, Johnny Bravo. Popeye is a strong man, Bravo is the handsome hunk - I wanted such a man!! Tom & Jerry are cute.

    And yes, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie really kept me floating in the air wondering how I wish I had a broom that could take me to places and a sweet witch that could do anything for me

    Sigh!! Its such a tedious process to just get visitor visa to some countries!! had I had that broom..I would have Whhhoooooooooooshhhhhhhhhhhh.....Wwwwhhhhooooooooooosssshhhhhhhhhh in seconds!!


  9. Magic does exist all around us. Some of us fail to see it. But still i want to be a witch... my life would have been so much easier. I just want only one power to go somewhere(i hope you know where) :P.

  10. Magic is truly magical! Brings a smile to your face, with the eyebrows and spirits lifted high, no matter how down-in-the-dumps you feel. And like you said, magic is all around you, if only you would see.

  11. Zapped!!!!
    You needn't wish you knew magic. You know it already as you have weaved optimism around fellow bloggers with magic of your words.

  12. It's obvious isn't it? yet we fail to see it! Isn't life a magic in itself? :)

  13. Of course, needless to say, magic and everything that has to do with it is very close to my heart. I believe in magic, and I believe that everyone should believe in it. I believe that everyone, no matter how much of an "unbeliever" one might be, experiences magic sometime in their lives. And that sometimes changes their whole life. It has changed things for me, at a time when I needed it the most. And its good to see that you are getting to experience the magic as well. May the Merlin in your life make you happy! :)

  14. I dream of Jeannie was the first thing that i could remember when i read the title of your blog...... its 2 good....even i want someone to perform magic for me....

  15. @ CB, yeah, Magic is all around us, only if we believe in it..oh I always wanted to possess magical powers..I still want to :P

    @ Sree, I know only one male magical character who is good all are so bad ones :P it's there if you believe in it na :)

    @ Meghna, OMG! I was thinking of the same song..cartoons - nah i have never liked :P Magician is somewhere out there :D

    @ Haddock, erm, I am too lazy that way..I dont mind getting everything done from a Jeannie :P

    @ Avada, I know your feelings for HP :) I do believe in magic in real life too :)

    @ Shilpa, thank you :) thank you :)))

    @ Maverick, me too :)

    @ Vivek, thank you..

    @ Insignia, yeah, magic is all around you girl..goals and objectives - how about owning a broom? :P remember that tag? that was one crazy post :P I repeat again, wish you get broom, flying carpet or anything damn thing that takes you anywhere you wanna go without tourist visa :P

    @ Harini, oh i know! most fail to see it..go to your dream world girl :D

    @ RGB, I can feel the magic around me..I am yet to see it..hopefully that will happen soon too :)

    @ holy lama, thank u, thank u :) *bows down*

    @ DC, so true girl :)

    @ Merlin, hands down agreed..Merlin in my life does make me very happy..and what do I say about you are Merlin yourself :)

    @ Aps, :) tu to jaanti hai na mereko :)

  16. Thanks Neha.

    I dont mind being called a witch!! I just need a broom or a flying carpet!

    And yeah a Prince Charming as well would be an added bonus. :-P

  17. yes mam... magic is indeed around us, otherwise how can i be still spared from butt whipping :)... anyways yu forgot to mention sabrina the teen witch :)! oh yeah.. tats because shez grown upto as Neha!! :) ha ha

  18. your post gave me hopes...magic is just what i want right now to make my life alright

  19. Well I am sure there wont be many people who wud not want a bit of magic around them.. Each one has some ambition or wish or want that can only be turned to be true with some sort of magic...

    I loved the way you mentioned all the characters , they have all been our favourites at one time of the other.. To tell you very truthfully I am a bit of kid and any given chance I do see the characters ..

    I loved Jeannie , it is still ocming on the gold channels and i do sometimes sit and watch down.. magical world Not a fan of Harry potter though...

    and congrats on having your own personal magician.. you the lucky one ...
    God bless

  20. "In every job that must be done, there's an element of fun, you find the fun and snap! The job's a game." So says Mary Poppins. I started believing in magic when I watched Mary Poppins at then tender age of 10. I wished I could just snap my fingers and make everything work around me. :)

  21. funny thing neha..went to dadar and tried to learn magic from a guy there...all he did was give me some kits and took the fee. those kits are so common in all the roadside exhibitions..bahhhh

  22. know what neha? i actually went to someone in dadar and tried to learn magic..that guy gave some kits and i was excited..but those kits r now common in roadside exhibitions...

  23. Witch ...ahem ... no comments :P ...
    reading your post reminded me of a scene in a film by Satyajit Roy, where the protagonist talks to young boys about the eclipse the Moon comes in between Earth and Sun and how the spheres match plate to plate... he says isn't it magic that they are placed in such a way....

  24. I remember when as a kid, my younger cousin ate up my chocolate, I was so angry that I stood in the middle of the room in rage and did the Samantha face at him. Needless to say, everybody was in splits and no one lets me live that down to this date.

    With the transition from wanting to do magic to wanting someone to do the magic for you, you have transformed from the Harry Potter phase to the Bartimaeus trilogy phase!

    May the magic continue to do it's job :)

  25. But Harry Potter was never my thing. I tried many times to read the books but I just couldn't like them.

  26. Do I believe in magic...hmm I don't know. But I do dream of a wonderful genie everyday...the one who will have dinner ready when I come hope tired from work, who has done the cleaning and the ironing ...oh wait a minute I think I need amaid!!

    Seriously, I am not sure about magic. I did believe in it as a child...but these days it's all tricks and illusions.

    But I loved reading cartoons all my life...Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Archie, Garfiled...all of them are huge favourites.

  27. Count me in Neha.. I am the another soul who believes Hogwarts exists :D :D

  28. we talk so much about it... magic.. fantasy and how can we not believe it
    exists ... beautiful post Neha... just another reasono and way to live life :)

  29. I do ,seriously,I do believe in magic and am sure soon the gennie will come and ask me for my 10 wishes.My wish list is ready.

  30. its magic...its magic...i hated that song but i certainly love magic. I still recollect those magic shows in my building during new year...boy i used to be mesmerized.

    I also have a wish list...bas ab Gennie aakar mera wish puri kar de toh accha hain

  31. There are days i wish i knew enough magic.

  32. Thats why your mad at Harry!! Brining smile on some1's face is i guess magic :)!!

  33. Jeannie and Bewitched
    harry potter i like all three

  34. I believe in Magic though I don't see it.

  35. @ Insignia, prince charming? ermmm, well, if he is not my type, then I will for sure send him to u :P

    @ and Sabrina? hahahahaha..I am sure she wouldn't like to be almost 28 years old :D

    @ Aparna, watch it closely and you will find magic all around you :)

    @ Bikram, true..almost everyone needs a bit of magic..tell me the truth about you being kid? I already know that you are a kid..I am a big harry potter fan..I am indeed very lucky.. :) thanks :)

    @ Maddie, we all think that we could snap our fingers or blink our eyes and everything is done :)

    @ Ramesh, lol..

    @ D-man, kya no comments? :P interesting scene..pata hi nai tha :)

    @ Jil, lol..I used to do the Jeannie face :P i mean blinking my eyes :) I am still into harry potter that too much..thanks :)

    @ Saroj, hahahaha..household work - cooking and cleaning - who does not want a Genie for that! I love harry potter..rather I am obsessed with it :)

    @ Kanagu, :) cool..

    @ Rajlakshmi, so true..completely agreed girl :)

    @ BK Chowla, all your wishes will be fulfilled :)

    @ G3, lol..Geanie jaldi aayega..tu darr mat :D

    @ SP, wow..impressive..

    @ NR, I am totally and completely mad about Harry Potter..

    @ sm, that's nice :)

    @ Nethra, nobody can see it..we all need to experience it :)