Friday, December 06, 2019

And You Shot Them Dead

She did not call you first, because she did not have confidence in you. She knew you would not believe her. Or help her. You would question her character instead. Thus she chose to trust those strangers because, anyone but you. And you shot them dead.

When they were raping her, you were suggesting the exact same things she was expecting you to say. That she may have eloped. Don’t worry she will come back when she realises her mistake. They raped her. And you shot them dead.

They were 4, she was alone, in the middle of the night. They raped her again and again. They killed her so that she would not testify. And you shot them dead.

They hurt her. And burnt her alive. So that they would destroy any evidence. Or just for that sadistic pleasure of watching her die. We may never know. And you shot them dead.

You arrested them in a day. After being the reason behind her death. Had you believed the victim’s family, maybe she would have been alive. Or maybe not. We may never know. And you shot them dead.

You took them to the crime scene. In the middle of the night. Maybe so that it would be easy to kill them without anyone watching? Or maybe you simply wanted to show your efficiency after your blunder. We may never know. And that’s precisely when you shot them dead. In the middle of the night. Just so that you don’t have to answer awkward questions. You killed criminals by becoming criminals yourself. Will we ever trust you? No. Because for you, we will always have eloped when our family will come in the middle of the night to file a complaint. Because, who will go to look for a girl at night? Why will she be out at night? Bloody characterless whore. And we will continue to get raped. And killed. And you will escape from every crime that you will commit. Every crime that you could have avoided. And lives you could have saved. But you decided to shoot them dead instead.

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