Friday, February 19, 2016

Must Do Things When You Travel Solo

Being a girl, I just can't pack my bags and leave for my favourite destination solo. I have to think about thousand things. Safety, Comfort, Baggage, Destination, Hotel, Flights, Transportation - phew! But there be nothing more fulfilling than travelling solo. Travelling bug bit me four years ago when I went for my first solo trip. Since then, I have been to numerous destinations.

First solo trip. I was excited. And scared. Clueless. Worried. I would google things to do, things to be careful about, where to go and what to avoid every hour. I had made a list of things I would need, numbers that would come handy, hotels and restaurants around the area. Yet I missed out on a lot of things. I overpacked, forgot to carry important stuff, ended up losing safety kits because I was carrying chilly spray and swiss knife in hand baggage (duh)!

Next time, I was careful about those mistakes. And ended up underpacking. (Another duh!) After five odd trips, I mastered the art of getting everything perfect. There are a few things that you must do and must remember.

1. Packing Hacks: Pack light. And by light I don't mean less number of clothes. Always keep separate set of clothes for travelling. Pajamas, track pants and t-shirts are a must. For a winter place, carry more number of tshirts instead of packing a lot of sweatshirts and thick jackets. Layering helps in fighting cold more than one or two thick clothes. Keep a separate travel kit consisting of a toothbrush, paste, shampoo sachets (never carry a bottle. I have faced problems of bottles leaking, that leading to spoiling my entire suitcase), soap/body wash, earbuds, safety pins and nail cutter ready and always check and refill it before every trip. Keep extra plastic bags with you. They come handy to carry dirty clothes. There are some more packing tricks that will help you for sure when you travel next time - for work or leisure. Read this to get some cool tips about packing:

2. Airport Security Hacks: If you are aware about your travel plans well in advance, you get cheap flight tickets these days. Flights save time, they are convenient and safe. But how many times have you lost your possessions at the security check in? That expensive Swiss knife you bought right before travelling alone and those check-in dudes confiscated it? Or that half finished coffee you had to dump in the bin at 5 am before boarding the flight. Here are some things you must remember to avoid security checks hassles:

3. Let your phone guide you: We are one blessed souls. Today the entire world is accessible to us just on a click. We can do without humans but not without our phone. And rightly so. Especially when you are on a move, and in a new city, phone becomes the most important companion for our every need. Again for that you must know the right apps. For hotel booking to flight bookings, to eateries to places to visit - everything is right there if you know the right platform to refer to. Here is a list of some of the apps that you must have when you travel. PS: Don't forget to keep your phone charged.

4. Choose the best hotel: After all, you travel because you deserve that break. And while you make most of the break, make sure you choose your comfort wisely too. We usually end up underestimating this aspect when we travel thinking that we will anyway use the hotel to sleep in. But after going to ten different places in a day, your mind and body require rest and comfort. 

Another very important thing to check before booking a hotel is their laundry service. Yes. Laundry. Because if you want to travel light, you need to re-use your clothes, and for that you need to get the used ones washed. Or how to get rid of sweaty smell from your everyday wear like hats and gloves. Watch this short video to find answer to all those awesome and useful tricks and tips.

I so wish I knew about these things before. But well, I did learn in time. And I am going to save you trouble of learning these on your own. Just follow these tips to make the most and best of your travel. But  do travel. Travel smart. And travel safe.


  1. m travelling next week :)

  2. very helpful pointers Neha. I love travelling light, saves me from so much hassle and worry about safety of luggage.

  3. helpful for everyone
    double checking the items ,making the list help a lot

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