Thursday, September 04, 2014

Body hair? Ugh eww

No, that's not my reaction. That's how most men (and women) react to body hair on women's body. I never thought it was a huge deal for them, but recently someone posted about body hair on a woman's body and most men said that they liked their women waxed/shaved all the time. Coming from hairy creatures that most Indian men are, it was kinda surprising. 

Mostly, women don't have hard/pricking hair. They have a soft hair growth in most of the parts of their body. But if she doesn't wax or shave regularly, she has been looked down upon. Mostly by other women. We are always so very judgmental about girls with unwaxed arms/legs/underarms. A light growth pricks us more than the dark curly thick growth men get. 

Not complaining here, nor do I want to sound like a feminist and demand equality where I'd want men to wax like we do. Personally I don't really care about body hair. But I don't like the hypocrite attitude of people in this regards. Men joke about women with undone upper lips. In most cases you can't even see the hair out there unless she is so close to you that her nose touches yours (most of you will get this lucky only after you are married, don't worry). It's amusing when they say that the girl has a mustache. Dude you won't even feel it when you kiss her then why complain? Just once, try threading your mustache instead of shaving it and you will realise why we avoid doing it.

Our life is indeed difficult. Hair on arms, legs, underarms, back, stomach, cleavage, bikini line, facial hair, eyebrows - and removing/maintaining all these things, going to salon once a month, scream when that chick pours hot wax and pulls out all these hair - dude! I wish it was completely acceptable to keep those hair and still called sexy. Yet, we do it - to look good, for hygiene purpose or just to feel clean - we do it. Out of habit. Also because we don't want to be looked down upon. We don't want our men to say that he feels embarrassed to go our with us as our hairy legs show in that dress and it looks quite gross. 

Yet, we accept you with hair all over your body. At times we feel like telling you to keep your tee on while hugging us, as your body hair gives us itchy feeling and it's not really a turn on. It's weird not to see any part of your skin when you are topless. No, it's not sexy always. It's not even a sign of manhood after a point, for we know that already. But we accept you with all your natural flaws. 

Do a favour to your women - don't make a face if you happen to spot her unwaxed arms when she is out on a date with you. She can be lazy and busy, there are ten other things on her mind than making sure that she looks perfect for you all the time. It's all right to hold her hairy hand, be fine with it. Don't worry, you will RARELY get to see her that way. She will make sure she is clean enough when she meets you, just how you like. And if she is not, then look at yourself, look at your body, her hair growth won't bother you that much then.


  1. You know Neha? I respect you for this post! You did me a favour by mentioning that YOU as a woman don't really hold a big deal against it. I have found so many women who don't let other women live with dignity if they are not 'groomed' as per the rules in their book! I have had to fight this attitude all my teenage and early twenties as I was caught between my mother's concerned "NO to hair removal"- to avoid skin reactions for my sensitive skin and WORLD's insistence on hair removal. It weighed on me so much that I still have to struggle to find my self confidence after all these years. I wished women were more empathetic toward other women. Probably men will then learn?

    1. Ditto..I feel the same that women shouldn't look down on other women.. Having body hair should be fine as long as we take care of the other aspects of personal hygiene.

  2. Good post Neha.. I really appreciate yo bringing up this topics to light. Nowadays, I have observed that the fellow women make disgusting face on seeing another women's hairy arms, kegs, etc. Men often ignore. They kinda seem to be okay.. I bet the concept of hair removal was invented and popularized by women.
    I am a lazy girl who won't bother to wax unless a whimsical voice in my head tells me too. I often wear full sleeved dresses and churidaars while going out. So I save thousands every month.. LOL. But I am lucky I don't get looked down onto by him.. I am told not to wax if it hurts so much... But I do it sometimes out of my own wish..