Sunday, March 17, 2013

Comeback, Conversations and Dates

I'm back. From where? Where did I go to? Did I even go anywhere? No place that you know of. Or even I do for that matter. But somehow off late I have been feeling some kind of a disconnect from this place. To be honest, I hated this disconnect. But now I again feel like writing. And reading. I have not been reading any blogs for quite some time. Not that I didn't want to, I just didn't feel like. Especially since the time this blogger interface changed. I stopped connecting with the dashboard. I didn't feel like opening

But now I feel like coming back to this space. I miss blogging dearly. Every time there is a conversation about some topic, I end up saying that I have blogged about it, or I have read about this on someone's blog. There was a time when blogging was allotted specific hours each day. It was a kind of ritual. I bet it is still for some of you. 

Whenever an interesting conversation takes place, I decide to blog about it. But it doesn't materialise. Reasons are few, excuses are plenty. A few days ago my friend asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I work, I earn and I spend. There is no goal as such set for the future. But is it even required? We spoke about my so called future plans. She seemed satisfied with my answer and since then has not nagged me for building up some savings.

Another discussion happened with another friend. It was about remembering dates. I am good at remembering dates I want to remember. Rather, I remember dates associated with people I love. Thus if I love you, I will remember all the dates associated with you - your birthday, when did we meet, when did a particular important incident happened with us etc. I even remember the dates which are important to that person. It sounds too scary to even me. And thus I never tell this to anyone that I remember this date when we did this. It doesn't really matter to me. On that day, it wouldn't even click me that it's an important day. But when I think of an incident, I remember it with a date if it's important enough. Phew! I am complicated. Not much, but a bit. And it's good. Too much of simplicity gets boring. 

In other news, yesterday was blog's birthday. I remembered it, but I was working, thus couldn't find any time to post anything. Earlier, I used to write one whole post on such things. Now I laugh at myself for doing so. But earlier, blogging happened regularly. When I used to go on a vacation, I used to set a date and time and put a post on auto publish mode so that my blog is not neglected in my absence. And now I don't even open it regularly. But I still manage to write something. I still enter some entry here however lame it might be. And I will continue doing so.

PS: Ignore the header.


  1. such are high tides & low tides...

    Will look forward to see more here.

  2. I felt the same disconnection with the blogger dashboard. I disengaged from blog walking too. But.. I realized that it caused me to stop blogging too. I lost a little interest and the momentum too. But now.. I want to make it a point to do it on a frequent note. I guess it's another phase. Should I say welcome back? :)

    Ps : I don't know when's my blog birthday. Omg.

  3. Happy B'day Neha's Blog. All of us go thru this phase. But its always a good feeling when we come back to the blog once in a while.

  4. Good to know of your decision to come back..Come back from where?You didn't go any were always being missed

  5. Good; it happens. Its good to let it go the way it flows. Now that you feel like writing, I am sure you will pep it up.

    got reminded that even my blog celebrates an anniversary this month. Phew! Long long way

  6. Happy Birthday, love... but you know, this is one difficult post- don't go all philosophical on us, okay? :D

  7. Happy birthday (belated) to your blog. A lot of bloggers have disappeared or shall we say, become a once-in-a-blue-moon phenomenon. Sadly, I have become one of those too. I remember a time when you used to post almost every 2 days. You are still doing it means, you have not lost the connect. And that's good :)

  8. Happy blog birthday, Neha! We all go through these phases. I remember there was a time when everything seen/heard/read was with the blogging perspective... Now that kind of zeal is missing but still I love my space so try to share something or the other... Good that you are considering to be active on the blogging scene! Cheers :)