Sunday, January 27, 2013

Neglected and lost

This image above - this is how my blog must be feeling right now - neglected, almost forgotten, lying below a thick layer of dust, weeping. I haven't seen the dashboard in ages. I haven't visited any blog in a long time. I don't even remember what I wanted to write about when something really touched me. This was not the case earlier. Back then, I remembered everything too well. I used to create a blog post in my mind while travelling, reading or even working. It used to give me a kick when I met someone interesting and he had a lot to offer that could make a brilliant blog post.

And now, today, I have to think before writing anything. Not that I don't have any subject left. But there is no motivation to blog. I love to write here, about any damn thing, without thinking or expecting any comments, opinions or views about the post. I love comments. It feels good when people read you and leave a comment behind. But since I have been so irregular here, I do not expect people to read me regularly.

Apart from being busy, I have been in a very "sorting out everything" mood. This includes from small things like books and mail accounts to big things like work and finances. I have never been a kind of person who will have fancy savings. There was a time when I had a good enough bank balance. But not anymore. I invest some money if I feel like, or just spend them. I get a lot of gyaan as to how I am simply wasting my life. But buying a fancy watch makes me happier than having some security in my bank account. I would rather take my mom out for shopping than buy some shares regularly. Yes, foolish. I know. But I had good enough savings. Enough to survive for 2-3 years easily. But I lost it overnight. Had I spent that, then probably I wouldn't be thinking about that even today.

To each one's own when it comes to savings and spending. Neither will take you anywhere. Or it might just take you somewhere, who cares. Life is all about living. Go live it the way you want to, for you might not be alive to see what happens tomorrow.

Enough of ranting for now. I am soon going to write about my experience at Wagah border. But when I am in mood and I have some time. Until then, nothing!

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  1. It happens to all of us sometimes or the other, and the reasons can be any one of those silly ones.
    By the way I agree with you on that buying the fancy watch. There is no point in counting the money if we are not going to use it.
    So keep writing :-)

  2. oh my god.
    you are me! lol, i mean, i'm going through that very EXACT feeling; i have the ideas to blog, but no motivation.

    in fact, urs is the first blog im reading in a month! and it was a lovely post. =)

    kp posting and will check in regularly to see whether u have posted on wagah yet. cos that sounds rad and cool.


  3. Lost overnight? Haha, did you buy FB stock? :)

  4. In fact ,I have been a bit disappointed.A good set of blog posts have been missing.But,I suppose you have your reasons for having given it a miss for sometime.However,good news is that you are coming back.
    And yes,you haven't yet got over your trip to Amritsar?Such is Punjab.
    Incidentally,gap between your visit to Wagha and your prospective post may be longer than time taken by India Pakistan to fight a war.

  5. Neha,

    A very apt post. One needs time and more than that motivation to write anything. As far as spending or saving is concerned, I think one should strike a good balance of both. Hope you do find time to write more regularly and also you are able to sort out what you are aiming to.

    Take care

  6. Loved the gyan and now waiting for Wagah border post. Ek aur call karun kya :)