Saturday, June 16, 2012

Confusions and Decisions

Yet another post will not start with yet another definition of life. This has been a kind of common trend for me these days. I keep writing about how good/bad/boring/easy/sad/difficult/weird life is. And even while writing, I talk! Yes I write as if I am talking to you. This is how I converse. And it's all the more weird. Who talks on blogs? We write. But I talk!

Let me talk about the header. At time I really surprise myself. Being a girl, this should have been one of the first ten posts I wrote. But it's never too late. Even if I am late by 200+ posts. Really? Have I written more than two hundred posts in three years? Have I been so jobless, way too talkative, without people around me to listen to my rants or just addicted to blogging - but yes, I have written way too many posts. And I remember most of them. Anyway most of them are on similar lines. I have spoken about the same topic in different manner - yeah I can be super genius at times when I really want to.

And I digress again. I should stop writing headers for my posts. And just number them. Rather I should stop bothering about the connection between the header and the content. Anyway, coming back to the topic - I am a very confused person when it comes to simplest things of life. I create it for me in my head. The most difficult decisions come by easily. There is no confusion in there.

I know the reason too. Easy things in life don't require too many factors to consider, and they don't have too many people involved. This I can take my own time to analyze all the factors around them. Doing or not doing them doesn't really matter in the short run. But it may matter in the long run. This creates confusion. Difficult decisions are usually about people and us because of people who matter to us. If we matter to them equally, then there comes no question of the decisions. But when we realize that we do not matter to them, it's time we realize that we have to take a stand. It may hurt, make you miserable; but it will help you at the later stage.

At the end of the day, it's not only about who matter to us, but how much we matter to them too. You will find many people who will listen to what you have got to say, to give you advice, but to be with you forever - not even closest of friends stay around. And that brings us to decisions again. Should we become close to them? Or just be friends, meet them, spend quality time and get busy in our respective lives?

Confusion. Decision. Happiness. Sadness. Selfishness. And a few more topics to rant about. If only life was as simple as its spelling.


  1. उसके पानीमें
    चाहे तो देश की रानी डूबी मरें
    भाजिवाली अम्मा ,
    या तेरी स्कूल की सहेली ,
    नदी तो
    उस पर ध्यान ही नहीं देती
    अपने ही ढंग से बहती रहती है....
    सच्चा फ्रेंड
    फ्रीस्टाइल हात जोर से मारके
    तैरते तेरे पीछे आ जायेगा ....

  2. Neha, I have simple rule: listen to your gut feeling when it comes to people. If they aren't giving you the importance in their life as you are doing, then no matter how much you care...cut them out of your life. We only borrow each other for a short time. My favourite line these days is : every relationship/friendship comes with an expiray date. You just need to be smart enough to realise when that date is :) Good post and don't waste time on such people!

  3. Who talks on blogs?

    I have a one person conversation on mine. It's tragic.

  4. Well, if it were black and white; you wouldnt be ranting here, would you? We experience, learn, unlearn and do the same mistakes :P

  5. Very profound this is, "It's not only about who matter to us, but how much we matter to them too!" I find, in today's time, most people think about "I ME MYSELF" and very little about YOU or US and that's why this confusion...

  6. Neha,

    It is true that one takes more care to decide on difficult issues than easy ones. A true friend is there for you at the time of need without asking. It is good to live without any expectations from others but at the same time not be fooled by selfish people just to take advantage of you. With passage of time friends do move on as circumstances change but true one keep in touch, may not be every day but they keep you in picture.

    Take care

  7. 200+ posts?!! Impressive :) .. Truely said! You have spoken every individual's confusion. A decision is never an individualistic approach, there sure are many criteria to consider.. Good one! :)

  8. That is so much of me talking to my blog! Totally...

  9. "It may hurt, make you miserable; but it will help us at the later stage" So true!

  10. even the same is true for me at times. Being confused is linked with the reasoning power of brain. People who have less emotive powers or in layman terms people who can't collaborate different things together are at times confused...

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  11. Writing and talking are all part of 'Communication' ! So there ! :)

  12. This is just not your confusion, it happens with me as well. Best of friends have drifted away but I still keep making new ones. We are social beings... we cannot live without people.

  13. Simple,easy. Definition is not hard to understand but interpretation? Have we understood the word simple. The easy things that should have been there seems hard. And the things we thought we would not be doing or would be like climbing Everest is being easy. We might burst for the short run but that makes us tired for the long run. Life is a mixture of though, churn on the good ones.

  14. Only thing my mind says after reading this one is living carefully is ridiculous. :)

  15. Ah, if only making decisions were that easy! Read my post on choices here ..!