Monday, March 05, 2012

Love Hate

You are
A poem I never wanted to write
A fear I never wanted to fight
An ocean I never had the strength to cross
A tear I never wanted to wipe.

You are
A dream that was too good to come true
Illusions, reality, mirages, the old and the new
A passion that had the power to destroy me
A hope that could kill so as to survive without you

Now I run, just to find what I have lost
And to lose whatever I have.
And I run, run away from me
To live, go on just to set you free.

I hate you, for my love cannot go beyond that
And I hate you to continue loving you
It’s my love for my destroyer
And my hatred for the survivor. For the fighter.

PS: These are just random thoughts and they have nothing to do with the dead or alive me.

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  1. I loved the lines when you shared it with this morning; but as Kavita says Its intense; thanks to the picture. I want to take such a picture, but who will be my subject! :-/

    1. I shall be the subject when we meet next :D

  2. Love is so many things you dreamt of till you get it.

  3. Lawyer turned a poet?
    I must say,a very good effort.

  4. your ramblings resonating deep inside my heart.. :)

    Weakest LINK

  5. "And I run, run away from me"... very intense!

  6. "The fear I never wanted to fight"....Loved this line...expresses so much...

  7. beautiful....hatred as another form of deep n obsessive love...