Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have scribbled endlessly on pages about what love is. Sometimes in my heart, sometimes in my mind, sometimes on a tissue paper and sometimes on blog. Each time, the words changed, moods changed, but love remained constant. Sometimes, the mind didn't understand a word I was writing, and yet, it all made sense. The definitions of Love changed each time, but the meaning remained the same..

Does it make sense? I guess not. It's complicated enough for me to understand. I would not expect you to get the point a bit. But again, a lot of introspection results into such philosophies. But still, it's better that they get out of your system as soon as possible.

Coming back to the topic - love. What do you think love is? We say that each person has a different definition of love. But when you think of it, the definition depends more on the person's characteristics than the interpretation of love.

Love is simple, pure and unconditional. You love the person, that's about it. Nothing comes in between you and the person - no expectations, no insecurity, no jealousy, no ego - nothing whatsoever. Everything else is a result of our thoughts, our mindsets and our upbringing.

Love is. That's all. No strings attached.


  1. Love and hate are all conspiracies that we are all part of,to blur our vision,to keep us away from something we don't know

  2. Too good. And exact without any pretensions.
    Thinking of reblogging it.

    Keep writing

  3. I remember a post of mine on Love.

    Love is a celebration :)

  4. I used to cut and collect 'Love is..." The comic strip by Kim Casali, which used to appear everyday in the newspaper. Those everyday Love Notes is Love for me... which we ignore or forget to acknowledge most of the times!

  5. You used the right word.
    It has to be uncondittional for it to survive

  6. Love is you and I. Love is Neha. And that tattoo on her wrist.

  7. True, but do we really love people..I believe that we often love impressions rather than people..of course liking and loving can be differentiated as well..