Monday, June 13, 2011


Almost all of us see dreams while sleeping. A few remember them, a few don't. I belong to the former category. I usually remember all the dreams that I see. Sometimes I remember each and every minute detail of it and other times the visuals are clear but the dialogues ain't; but I do remember my dreams.

They say that you usually dream of things/situations/people you are thinking about before sleeping. Same thing happens with me too. One such dream I saw that I remember way too clearly was based on something I was pondering about just before sleeping. India - Windies One day international series is going on. Night before the last, we played the third one day. I slept after watching the highlights of the match after the match got over. And I dreamt of going to West Indies!

Now, usually my dreams are detailed ones and one dream goes on for that night. If I get up in between to drink water and the dream gets interupted, it continues after I go back to sleep from where it had stopped. Yes, for me the dream is like a parallel universe! Here goes the brief narration of one of the weirdest dreams I have seen so far which I guess went on for whatever 5-6 hours I must have slept for!

I took a flight for Windies with a couple of cousins of mine. We were 8 people. I knew them very well in the dream, but in real life, I have never seen them. Before reaching the airport, I knew I had checked for my passport and visa. I made a mental note in my dream and boarded the flight. Now, there was one row of 8 seats for us. Rest of the flight had normal seating arrangement! So we all sit together in one line! My cousin occupies window, the moment I am to tell him to get up and give me the window seat, the flight starts. I am surprised as they do not announce anything about the take off, nor any safety instructions etc.

Now, the plane is passing by narrow mumbai lanes. I have somehow shifted to cockpit by now. I am very scared of dying in a plane crash as the wing passes by the lanes and misses the walls narrowly!But the fear didn't last for long as soon enough I realized I was dreaming and even if I died, it was only in dream!

The plane smartly navigated through the narrow lanes, a short take off at slopes and landing again and finally the take off happens. I come back to my seat and fight with my cousin for the window and manage to get it! Slowly I see that we are now passing by mountains and hills. Again, the gap between the plane and hills is so narrow that I feel the fear of the crash. Suddenly the plane lands on a huge rock where a few people are waiting to come aboard. Weird! The thought coming in my mind is of a bus stop - it feels like so, plane halting somewhere, people getting in from wherever they want! The moment I think so, their outfit change to knee length sarees and dhotis!

They are aboard and I am irritated! I get up and stand at the door! Heck yaar, if people can treat plane as a bus then I can do that too! We are flying again and my hands can touch the rocks but we still manage to fly without crashing! Ah, advantages of a dream - you cannot die there :P Wile at the door, I spot a Gujju Baa waiving at me. I wave back and come back inside!

We are descending again and this time thankfully land at an airport. There is a five hour halt and some football match going on. We are not allowed to go out of the plane but I fight with them, tell them I am a lawyer and other blahs and go for the match! I watch that match. Some local teams playing fabulously. They are all brutal when it comes to pushing and hitting other players! I come back after the match, take my seat, we are flying again. The moment we land in Windies, I tell myself that it's time to wake up and dream to get over!

Ah, I have skipped the small details of this dream. The dream lasted for quite a few hours. I don't know for how many hours I slept for and for how long each scene was happening! But it was a very long dream, and a very weird one. Got bored while reading it? Well, I never said please read, It's an interesting post! Duh!


  1. :-P

    Its said that the sub conscious mind manifests what we wish for as a dream

    :-P Plane cruising in the by lanes of Mumbai!!

    Hahaha, but good you knew your destination, sometimes my dream doesnt have a head or a tail.

    Humorous one, glad you shared :)

  2. Excellent dream. Best part was getting off to watch a match while the plane waited, and cruising through the narrow lanes of Mumbai. I am just wondering about one thing . Didnt anybody carry a tiffin box full of theplas, chhundo, undhiyo, and dhoklas ? Or did they serve the usual boring stuff ?:-)

  3. @ ugich Konitari :lol to your comment :):).

    Hilarious !Still smiling :)Interesting khwab:)

  4. Lol! :) Perfect dream. I hope to see such a day soon.

    Anyway, long time since I have been here. Let me read all :)

  5. Your dream still made some sense....mine are so disconnected. And i forget them within few minutes of waking up.

  6. nehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jiiiiiiiiiii:) hey gr8 2 hear fm u after sooooooooo ok yar..stil in sharjah..missing amchi gr8 navi mumbai every day..take care and stay in touch...dont disapppear.:)just coz u r a famous blogger..

  7. Neha,

    Enjoyed reading it. I believe what you say as I too have had dreams which get interrupted and restart. It is known fact that normally you dream of what is in your mind just at the time of drifting off to sleep. Things which have been weighing heavily on your mind lately also get added on. However as I understand a dream does not last for more than few seconds but it seems like hours.

    Take care

  8. OMG!! What a vivid and wonderful dream!! :)

  9. Too good !..

    I have to follow this blog :)