Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Big Deal? huh!

I know I know, it's a stupid header, but I didn't know what else to write in the title box. Anyway, it's my blog and my space and I have the right to write any crap I want so far as I don't defame anybody directly! 

Reason behind this post - there is an interesting discussion going on on facebook. It's a private mail conversation so I am sorry, none of you will get a chance to see it, but don't be sad. There is nothing you are missing out on. Really! There is a new notification (of 2009) issued by the government of India for regulating blogs and bloggers. It says nothing new apart from a few things like blogs should not defame anybody, or post pornographic content or violate any intellectual property rights of the owner. Isn't that a common sense matter anyway?

Leaving aside porn stuff which even I am against posting, I know so many blogs who keep defaming famous people. Forget famous people, infamous souls like me get defamed too. And I feel proud of it as people waste their time and energy in thinking and blogging about me, making me more famous.

Let's accept this fact guys - we are NOT famous bloggers. Nobody gives a damn about what we write and post. Wake up from the slumber and face the reality. NOBODY is going to detain you for blogging. Forget detention, they won't even bother to click on your blog page. Whom are we kidding by going ga ga over this trivial issue?

If someone really needs to fret, it's the famous bloggers like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Faking News, Fake IPL player etc. whose blogs are quoted in newspapers, news channels and other media. People like us who write about ourselves usually, don't need to worry. Again, most of us are under the anonymity hood. I rarely read any post that directly attacks an individual who is famous and has a goodwill that runs into crores. Then why make it a big deal? Rather, why make it a deal at all? We have better and more important issues to gossip about and waste our opinion on. 

In fact, you should feel proud that now Blogs and Bloggers are "legally defined" in law books. Congratulations. We finally have a legal identity and proper status (like it matters!). So chill.

Now please don't post any defaming comments on my blog or write about me. I am seriously not so important. Include me in your hate list - I don't mind, but keep it to yourself strictly!

PS: Those who want to read this notification, please google it. I have no intention of becoming an encyclopedia for you!


  1. Was actually waiting for your views in the conversation...:p

    I did not even get a official report of any such thing. My only worry is that my mom will now have a threat to give me when I threaten her to write a post about her on my blog. :P

    Seriously big deal. ;)
    Chill madi,

  2. Good, bloggers have finally arrived.
    I haven't yet read the notification, but it cant be as simple as that.
    All available space has been used earlier to ensure avoidance of political damage. May this is another effort in that direction in view of coming election season.

  3. sucky! I just posted a comment and it didn't go through so I have to rewrite it. I was saying ah it's cool that it's Tuesday in India right now.. and yet its still monday in the states.

    wow that's crazy that there's a regulating blogs and bloggers?

  4. Hmm now that we have a legal identity; can we start a political party :P

  5. Bloggers are the new India TV! Seriously.

  6. havent read the notification,but already its covered by defamation law, cyber law.
    if possible send me link.

  7. thanks for the link
    written article on that.

  8. Cool post....n its good that now bloggers too have legal identity....well presented!!!