Monday, January 31, 2011

Blabbermouth Me!

When Saroj said that she really likes those posts where I rant, it kind of inspired me to write more of such posts :P Well, that's just an excuse to write a few more rambles and rants. This one is about me specifically and the "quality" I have which all those who know me personally are aware about!

I am a blabbermouth. I can be extremely talkative some time. Rather most of the times. I can talk to anybody and everybody about anyone and anything for hours. From a kid who is 3 to an old person of 80 - I can strike a conversation with anyone!

There are days, when it's difficult to stop me once I start to talk! And such days strike quite frequently :P But I am not a blabbermouth with each and every person. I am extremely moody and choosy when it comes to talking. I will go non-stop with very few people. There are couple of people with whom I talk everyday and with one person, I am a non-stop chatterbox. He suggests me that I should carry a mute button with me all the time! Mean! But I don't blame him either :P

But there is one problem with me. I just do not know how to cheer up someone when he/she is upset! I can talk to the person normally like I do with him/her everyday; but sorry, I understand, can I do something etc. do not come out too quickly. Even if they do, they sound very fake as you can sense that I am reluctant while saying so!  

Honestly, I am a kind of person who will not mind anything said by anyone while trying to cheer me up or just being there and showing support when I am upset. I do not expect a sorry, or I can understand from them as I know they can't. Same rule I apply as well when it comes to others! I am THAT dumb! Ah, and others think I am intelligent!

Too many confessions in one post right? Well, it does happen some times. Especially when people encourage you to rant :P 

Check the image below. All the gujju readers will enjoy it. Rest of you can leave a word if you want to know the translation. I know hardly anybody will ask for it as I don't have many readers left!


  1. That's quite a Quality! As for me, with some people, my brain has to work overtime, to find topics to talk about!! :P
    Translation for me too! :)

  2. yo know something neha....even i have a similar problem....blabber mouth but when someone needs me I dont have the words for them :-(..tell me if you get a solution. and pls translate

  3. Translation please.. i could only read sherbug..

    I want to sit with you and listen to your talk personally.. When are we meeting.. :)

  4. I would need a translation..
    As far as ramblings are concerned, I extensively blog and read and talk to my blogger friends but in real life my chatterings are restricted to only a selected group of people.. I am a big time moody..No harm in it, right? Seems like ur ramblings have inspired me and I am going on and on... ;):)

  5. It is God's gift you can can discuss /talk to people of different age groups with similar comfort level.
    But, so long as, one talks logic, why should it be any ones case of talking non-stop.?

  6. Same with me. I cant be diplomatic and ask "Are you fine? Cheer up" and all such. And I get called a snob :-(

  7. Flow with your feeling ! Friends will follow !


  8. hmm.. I dont thin kthat psot n pic were related i nany ways but it was a good one.. Where did u find tht one hmmmmmmmm..??? :D :D I hope u had not been to enjoy this "paladvani mazaa" ;)

    n for ur habit f talking endlessly, I would jsut say one thing.. "Go on..!!!!" :)

  9. Hi hi hi another fun Neha post:)Love it! Feels as if you are sitting across me and talking.
    I think you may feel awkward when someone is down and it's ok. Me I have a knack for making people laugh when they are feeling blue. But it all depends on how low someone is feeling. Some need professional help....and now it's me ranting her

    Oh by the way I need translation for that Gujrati pic. And keeƄ ranting:)

  10. just do what you like
    good friends will be with you always.
    this happens with everyone time to time.

  11. I came to say precisely what sm said above- just do what you like. Stay the way you are.

    As for the image,pls do translate so I can join the fun :D

  12. Being able to respond to some one else's problem is part of being human.One doesn't need much skills for that.Being kind,is not sign of weakness.

  13. I talk as much...and am able to cheer up someone who is upset or sad. Though not always :(

    And translate those words please :)

  14. Translation Needed...

    Something bout eating/drinking i think...

    well Gujrati is latin for me... :)

  15. Translation plz!
    We are kinda alike.. I can talk a lot with people I know (somebody has to ask me to shut up sometimes :P) But with some people, I hardly talk..

  16. @Everyone
    Translation is :
    Have aavo paladvaani pan maja,
    Bharatno sauthi uncho maanave banavelo dhodh

    Which means -
    Come, now it is fun to get drenched
    India's highest(/tallest) man-made waterfall

    @Neha But where is this located?

  17. Who on earth said you cant cheer people ? I remember a phase of my life when i was in trouble and you were more free than now and online. How much of confessions i made with you then and how much of counselling i got back ! And even the next day, you had messaged me to ask if i am fine ! Maybe you cant make the person laugh instantly , even that i dont agree though ; but you definitely know how to make that person walk towards solvin the problem . I can bet on that . And on long term , that does cheer the person up . :) take care di . You are a sweetheart for sure :)

  18. idk what that says!!

  19. you know i was websurfing and i found this site and i said lets try it out!!!! lolll