Monday, September 06, 2010

Being a Teacher

Back in school, teachers' day for us was like a chocolate day. Apart from birthdays of any classmate, the only other time chocolates were distributed in the classroom was on Teachers' Day. I remember directing plays each year for our teachers, I even participated once in a play at the time of Annual Day, but that's a different story (rather a post) altogether. 

In school, we treated each teacher at par, greeting each of them - whether they taught us or not. I lived in a small town, where everybody knew everybody. A smallest of misconduct and your parents would know even before you reach home. Thus occasions like Teachers' Day, Independence Day, Annual Day etc. were the times when I tried my level best to be in their good books so that my "not doing homework" routine was taken care of within school premises itself. I was too lazy in this case by the way. 4 days a week I spent outside my class or outside staff room as I never did my homework. But well, I was an intelligent student (ahem!) and managed to secure second rank each year (ahem ahem :P), so most of my teachers just gave me "not so severe" punishments like throwing me out of class for 15 odd minutes or speak with Vice Principal and take his permission for attending the lecture, or write the homework three/five times (ah, they were always so hopeful :P) and such; but nothing worked. 

School life got over and college life began. Different city, different environment and different attitude. In the five years of my college life, I hardly knew a few professors. I rarely attended, second rank was forgotten long back. Passing the year was the only target. I didn't even study for my 12th board exams as I knew I would not change my college, thus scoring never mattered there. But somehow, Teachers' Day was never forgotten. I used to wish my school teachers, couple of professors in college and classes I attended. Ah, call it the "school effect", but I did believe in this day a lot.

Change in the scene yet again. Now I was working and no college for a year as I didn't know what to take up as a career option. Actually, there was M Com for which I had enrolled; but it was purely to be a part of my college for two more years. Now, to be honest, I have no idea why I decided to take admission in a law college, but well, you can say that Law happened to me out of nowhere. No inspiration, no family background, no interest and no knowledge whatsoever, but I was doing law. The scenario more or less remained the same when it came to attending lectures. Here again, even though I knew the names of three main professors (there were more, which I learnt in the last year :P), out of the three, two loathed me due to various reasons. But they passed me each time in internals. 

Now I am doing my masters in law. I do attend more regularly than I had ever attended in college. I do have a professor whom I really respect and I wished her first thing in the morning. But this Teachers' Day was special as I was wished too. Yes, I am a professor now and my students wished me "Happy Teachers' Day". To be honest, I wanted them to wish me and I was hoping that they do. The moment I entered the classroom, they greeted me with the wish. It was an overwhelming experience. I know it will sound stupid to many of you, as this is not something one should go ga ga over or flaunt so much. But to me, it really mattered as it was a kind of respect that I got and that usually matters to me more than the "other" benefits of teaching. 

In the evening, I went to Tea Centre where we spotted a small group of a few junior college students and two professors enjoying tea and snacks. It felt wonderful to see them together celebrating one of the most special days for them at this stage. I do not believe that college life is all about celebrating valentines day and rose day, chocolate day and traditional day. There are other occasions too. And no, I have not realized the importance of this day after becoming a professor. I wrote a post on this day last year around too. It has always been important to me and I will try and make it all the more important.

We all have favourite teachers at some point in time. I have one too, Professor Chandrakant Saave, my math professor in school. I always looked upto him. He was a very strict professor, but never with me as I was his favourite student. I still remember him well though we have not been in touch with each other. He was made my school principal a few years ago and now retired. But I will soon go and meet him. It's been on my wishlist for quite some time now. And I hope to meet him soon.


  1. Thats great Neha...your a professor now..never knew i hope students do take u seriously..hahah!!(joking)
    teachers day for us was as good as a holiday..all bec no studies n no homework..i have too come across some good helpful teachers and really appreciate their contribution.

  2. Belated Teacher's Day wishes to you, Neha!! :)
    Thanks for sharing so many tips and learnings.
    Wishing you the very best!
    Cheers :)

  3. Wow! that was a wonderful memoir on Teacher's day :D
    I can imagine it well how excited you must have felt when your students would have wished you for the day :D :D
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post :)


  4. The post rewinds that yes,
    Happy Teacher's Day
    The favorite - I have to start studying again to meet the one.

  5. Unfortunately, Neha, I've never had the pleasure of having good teachers. They were a frustrated bunch of women who practised favouritism and were rude to the core. So, I don't have a very good impression of teachers from those times. Today, ofcourse things have changed so much. My brat's teachers are all so gorgeous and so sweet, they are actually HAPPY with what they are doing, and that makes us parents glad too!! Happy Teachers Day, Ma'am :-)

  6. teachers are special. my wife is double spl coz she's both a teacher n my wife...hehe..good post neha..sure u doing well..wishes always buddy:)

  7. Happy Teacher's Day Neha,even if belated:)

    Teachers are artists who mould minds:) aur kya kehna:)

  8. Happy Teacher's Day Neha. You are a professor now. Cool. As I said before, you achieved what I can only dream.

  9. guess wat, i wanted to write and dedicate a teacher's day post to my fav french teacher, but cudnt do so in time. now i feel guilty and inspired. will write soon and mail it to her, it will sure make her day!

  10. Belated Happy Teachers Day!

    This post brought back my school memories :).

  11. Four days a week outside the class...see,that is why you are so good !Class rooms kill creativity .

    Neha,we used to celebrate Teacher's Day by playing the role of the teacher appointed to us by the school staff.For a period of two hours i.e.that means four periods of half hrs each .Girls dressed up in sarees(no salwaar kameez or western was allowed) and boys in formal .It used to be so exhausting just after two periods-shouting while teaching the class,managing the kids and to run to the other class as soon as the period finishes.It used to be judged by our teachers .It was so much fun.
    Its not easy being a teacher -needs a lot of hard work ,dedication and sincerity.I am very proud to see you where you are today.Once again Happy Teacher's Day !

  12. Is is a special day for all the teachers as well as students.Great memories.This year you were a teacher, so you would have experienced a different situation.

  13. Belated Teacher's day wishes .Nice post .Do drop by my space when u find time

  14. so the life comes in a full circle... from you wishing the teachers to students wishing you :) belated wishes Madamji :)
    this time at home, I helped my cousin prepare teacher's day cards :) it was childhood all again :)

  15. Some teacher's really have an impact on us, and we fondly recall them time and again. I hope you are able to visit your favourite teacher soon :)

  16. Happy Teachers Day...albeit a belated one. Very interesting post and now I know you are not only a lawyer but also a teacher! It does feel good when your juniors show respect. I cannot remember any teacher except my Ats teacher whom I liked a lot obviously as I was her favourite student. I was terrified of my maths teacher!!

    Oops am ranting...he he he Lovely post, Neha!!

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  18. "I rarely attended, second rank was forgotten long back. Passing the year was the only target"... So was the scene with me too when I joined Medical..There was so much to study, all i wanted to do was 'pass'.

    Which city were u in before u came to bombay?

    By the way, happy teachers day to u :).

  19. I strongly beileve that we are what our teachers taught us .. and I do put my teachers at the highest pedestal.. whatever they did right or wrong .. i dont know but i do know i will always be indebted to them for make me ME.

    I am in touch with so many of my teachers and each time they say bikram well done it feel great, recently Mr. Shante my teacher said something , I hardly ever went to his class, but we had a good repo, he was good ..

    and then i also started my career as a teacher and A few days back One of my students wrote something about me it felt so awesome ..
    they did say in old days GURU IS BHAGWAAN ... indeed they are

  20. Oh Ms Professor! Belated Teachers Day to you :-)

    True, teachers have molded us and they have had such impact on us. Kudos to them..They do so much without any expectations.

  21. Belated wishes for you . Never knew , you taught. Though i'm not one , I come from a family of teachers. Wherever they go, they have one student or another who recognizes and greets them. You could actually see their faces aglow then.

    P.S Been busy lately, excuse being late to comment