Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Being Human

Since last Monday, there has been only one face across all the news channels and newspapers - Ajmal Aamir Kasab! I had almost started believing that he is some sort of a hero; but luckily his death sentence was pronounced and he was awarded capital punishment under five counts! This case was indeed a rarity in "Rarest of the rare" case!

A landmark Judgment - some say; while some believe that it is "inhuman" to kill somebody and capital punishment should be abolished as many "Foreign" countries have done this too. First and foremost thing that really makes me irate is that we always follow others but we never take the lead! We have to certain things only because others are doing it. We must abolish capital punishment only because other countries have done it. Great! Then why don't we attack on Pakistan when other countries did it too post 9/11?

And there goes those wonderful arguments by our "learned" Human Activists. I happened to watch a few debates about the morality and humanity issues relating to death penalty. The arguments were:

To kill someone is inhuman and immoral. We cannot be like them!

Yes, to kill someone is inhuman. but to kill an inhuman is human or not? A person who killed 62 people that included men, women and children without any remorse; his intentions were to kill as many people as possible and sacrifice his own life in the deed if needed! Not even once his hand shivered when he shot a nine year old girl who is still recovering from the bullet injury on her leg!

I want to ask those activists; "If you had lost your only son of 25 in the attack; or your mother or pregnant wife; would you still have maintained the same statement of not killing a terrorist? Would Kasab still be a HUMAN for you?"

Capital Punishment will not serve as a deterrent for criminals. Award them a rigorous life imprisonment.

And what good will that do? Terrorists will get scared if you are going to lock them up for life? Will that serve as a deterrent? And how much money will the State spend behind their security? A normal person works hard to earn bread; so that he can eat twice a day. The terrorist will do the same thing - work hard and eat four times a day.

There will be a day when our plane will be hijacked or our people will be made hostages by terrorists. Their demand will be to release Kasab or they will kill our people. Then what will the state do? Sacrifice another 200 lives or release the person who has already killed 62? Oh yes I forgot. To kill is inhuman. We cannot endanger 200 lives; so release Kasab!

Kasab must stay alive; so that we can take out more information from him. He has not yet revealed all the secrets.

Do they know that interrogating a convict is illegal? The state CANNOT ask him a single question to the accused as our Constitution of India has provided an accuse a right to remain silent under article 20(3)? I wonder who appointed these people as spokespersons for Rights Commission?

By killing Kasab, we are closing all the doors of his reformation. He is only 21!

Reform a person who joined LeT - A terrorist organization voluntarily. He was not brainwashed, nor was he forced into joining it. He joined it as he wanted to become a terrorist! After his training period got over; he was given an option to either go and stay with his family for a few days; or stay in the camp. Many of his colleagues left for home and never came back; while Kasab preferred to stay back in the camp. He did not even feel for his family. What reformation you will do to him further? And does he deserve it really? You should reform the person who regrets his acts and not the one who did it without any guilt or regret or fear!

I think it's high time that we realize that certain acts and certain people cannot be changed by showing humanity. They need to be punished. A person has been convicted and awarded a death penalty under five counts. Isn't it a sufficient enough case to consider his case an exception in your so called Human Rights Books? I know killing Kasab will not help much as he is a small fish in the large pond full of crocodiles; but don't you think our State cannot let go of him only because he is a small fish? The same small fish killed so many. How can we finish the master minds if we forget and forgive these small people who eventually make a big difference?

If my wish to kill Kasab makes me inhuman; then I am happy being one!

PS: The post is based on my views completely. You may disagree to it.


  1. To me hanging AAK is not the solution nor the problem.
    Mehsud and Naqvi still roam.more attacks will still happen.

    keeping AAK alive will be his biggest punishment.
    you ve got to realise they joined a death sqaud to die, either by a bullet or by a rope is immaterial,and go to heaven, as is their perception.so stopping that process is but a small victory in itself.

    Besides it teaches, sends a message to fellow terrorists, that if they get caught - life is going to be worse than hell.

  2. Yes, Its kinda sticky you know..Ethics, morality....and all that. But we should figure out if that person in question deserves any ethics and morality.

    This debate would go on. As you said the apt measurement is Would those human activists be of the same opinion if one of their close kith and kin lost their life in the hands of this guy!

    He is always described as "innocent looking, baby faced". But didnt he bring the entire country down to shivers?

    What was Mrs Karkare saying. Hang him right away. Because she has suffered. He deserves it.

  3. @ Insignia, yes, she has suffered; so she says it..others who have not they will still stick to morality.. at he cost of 100s other lives!

    @ Gyanban, keeping him alive will scare others? I will tell you what happens in Indian jails..a person is given milk, fruit in the morning, proper lunch in the noon, tea and snack in the evening and dinner! The money that he earns out of working in the jail; he can buy non-veg food, cigarettes etc all..our laws are such that you cannot keep him locked all the time..further, he cannot serve more than 13 years in the jail..that's the maximum limit..what good will it do to keep him alive? about further attacks; it is our as well as the governments responsibility to tighten the security..keeping him alive also will not stop the attacks!

  4. U seem to talking of the debate that took on Times Now. Well some were valid points in that debate and many wont.
    Well the law of the land gives u the permission to give death penalty so be it,why to make fuss over it. It was a war against India and he should b given death penalty with the kind of heinous crime he did. I even want to sat that even hanging him is less as to what he has done.
    Now the thing on war against Pak is i think the problem with our politics. Not only internal but external. Its because of America we have to b quiet and have to take the shit from Pak. Attack on US is terror but attack on India is not according to them. India cannot go against US which we all know why as US has no other choice but to be friendly with pak bec the day they leave pak china takes its position n US looses its base In Asia.
    Here India is struck from both sides. There u hav US...and on the other side u have China. It difficult for India to attack like this as we are a nation surrounded with only n only enemies all around.
    India need to take a tough stand and not play the hide n seek game...n be tough on its foreign external affairs!!!

  5. We would want to follow any country and it's policy only if it suits our political goals,our vote bank.
    I would not want to go into merits or otherwise of Kasab case,though I feel he must be hanged without delay.
    With what Kasab did, there must not be any room for discussions on this case.
    The real case will start now.Congress will like to keep him alive by getting him into all kinds of legal complexities.We have elections coming in UP, in Bihar and then the general elections.
    Our legal system will keep Kasab out for another may be 25 yrs or so.
    In Kasab, we just might have another Afzal Guru on hand.
    The moment it suits our political class, Kasab will be hanged, we will change our policy, The pres may give clearance soon--whatever.
    But, it is time we, as a country decided our own direction towards self respect and prosperity.

  6. Maybe law should be:
    If proven guilty in such cases the guilt will be handed over to public.

  7. @ BK Chowla, exactly! we just want to follow countries as per our "political" convenience! hanged without delay - oh yes..I feel he should have been hanged long back! but hopefully the high court will be the last stage of this case! I even feel that Afzal Guru and Kasab should be hanged together!

    @ NR, I am talking about the debate on times now as well as NDTV.. I wish Human Rights Activists understand your point too..for US we have to be quiet? and they are the one who attacked on Iraq; they are the one who executed Saddam Hussain and declared it after hanging him!
    we cannot be a coward country forever!

    @ Hobo, I so wish that the law allowed this!

  8. Does Law really work out there.. I doubt it .. its different rules for different people and the law is changed accordingly.. the police do we think gives a damn about law.. they beat the crap out of a person when they arrest him..

    Regarding KASAB.. well serves him right and its not inhuman to me it should always be an eye for an eye.. No one has the right ot take another human life, if they do they loose there RIGHT.. All there FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS .. national international whatever they are .. THEY loose it .. Simple Logic...

    Well said Neha

  9. Controversial topic...
    My verdict...hang HIM!!

  10. First of all...a very good post on a controversial issue.
    In this matter I'd prefer to go with what Gyanban is saying.Since those are exactly my feelings.
    Hanging Kasab is merely equivalent to a consolation prize being handed over to the disconcerted,outraged people who have witnessed the terror attacks first hand.
    What about Lakhvi or Headley?The masterminds behind planning such atrocities on humanity?
    Kasab is a mere pawn who knew from the very beginning that he was gonna die either way.
    I don't know much about law...but killing off an individual cannot make him repent for his sins.
    It's only by keeping Kasab alive can we hope to teach him the value of human life.Even if he is beyond any scope for reform we can punish him slowly by inflicting lifelong imprisonment on him.That will be more painful by all means.

    And btw when we talk about mercy or what's right or wrong...we do not look at the subject.Principles don't change based on who's being affected by them.

    P.S:I am also aware of the fact that the Indian government is spending 31 crores(roughly) every year by keeping Kasab alive.So that has to be taken into consideration I guess.

  11. wonderful arguments neha...dunno..am not in favour of hanging even an animal like him...ya i may be wrong..but thats my feeling...but u really put forth yr views very welll congrats buddy:)

  12. Keep Kasab alive at what cost(security, food etc) .... are the ppl who are asking to spare his life the taxpayers ... Bhai I am not willing to pay my hard earned money for his life moreover if his just a small fry I don't think he can give out anymore useful info.... and talking of Human rights what about the 62 people rights?
    So HANG HIM ASAP ...and use the money for Pappu's Roti, kapda, makan...

  13. very insightful post.. I would also favour hanging him up.. Mahsood Azhar was released in the Kandahar hijack.. India should learnt from that mistake.. Terrorists do not pose dangers for a particular person rather they are a threat to the nation.... Hang them my verdict..

  14. very controversial topic. my take is, to kill him in such a way that he suffers his death. he doesnt deserve a peaceful death even.

  15. Hi! Neha,

    I live in a country where punishment is in the extreme even for small mistakes...leave alone terrorism- Saudi Arabia, so what? though we have lots of foreigners in this kingdom. crime rate is really low, the fear, of the punishment gives peace to common man who never wants to mess up with any issues.
    its useless talking about our democratic nations redbands!
    heard there are 27 petitions to free them from death sentences waiting for our presidents sympathy..(including afsal guru-parliment attack),afterall, even if the judgement is agreeable to all, when will it be sentenced....we never know....

  16. Dear Neha,
    I echo your sentiments on the issue and their are times when i feel why such question are even being asked!!!
    I am sick because now, i believe we are people without a backbone. I am sick because i dont see this as a win for my nation. I am sick because we are short-sighted. People give us a few bones and we wag our tails to forget about our bloody past! I don't care if that offends anybody. Truth almost always does.


  17. A good post.
    First of all he is just a small cog so just by executing him we have not won anything.
    What must be done is keep on the pressure on the country where he came from. Gather more international support. Yes there will be talks and counter talks but in the bargain the world will know who the real culprits are (and why)
    As some one said "Kasab will be hung this year if he does not go for an appeal"
    Which means, he will go for an appeal and the whole "justice" system will go for another merry go round.

  18. well given a chance and am sure he'd be a hero after a decade!.. well i agree wit yu!!.. reformation ha ha ha jok of the universe

  19. He may look innocent and baby type...but yes I am glad that the court has sentenced him to death. Hope they hang him soon. Bas my only complain is that the process is too long...instead of going from high court to supreme court to the president, I would have preferred if the case was directly fought in Supreme Court as 26/11 was not a small incident...but yes, maybe a process needs to be followed and I am not the right person to question it. It's just a layman thought that crossed my mind.

  20. why does ethics and morality comes only for a wrong cause...
    I don't care what that means ... just glad that Kasab will be hanged... no matter what he is a criminal... and he should be punished.

  21. Hmm, I ma one of those who think capital punishment need to be abolished. But am influenced by living in Norway where even the worst imaginable criminal is given teh chance to reform.
    But am not a Mumbaikar and I don't really know how it feels to have your city held hostage by some terrorists.

    What Kasab did was horrific but by hanging him, we will not solve anything. Though it may appease the anger of people and send a strong message...but...me, I hate violence whether it is an individual or the state doing it.
    I feel sad.
    Nice post Neha,

  22. Capital punishment is practiced in the USA too. India cannot and shall not copy the other countries. India is unique in all aspects. As long as court followed the law, the justice is done.

  23. Although I support capital punishment to some extent, but still it should be abolished in some specific cases. Because in a country like India, a criminal can twist laws in his hands in such a way that he got acquitted. In same way, an innocent can be made convicted for no wrong doings....such are loop holes/corrupted persons India's judiciary system is carrying along.

    And the case about Kasab is going in the right direction....I have no mercy for him because of his heinous crime...killing innocent people can't be justified in any way, in any manner or for any cause. Indian judiciary must ensure that Kasab should be hanged till death. As you rightly said, it may not make a big difference to terrorism activities but it will give a message to the terrorist promoting countries to hold back n think.....

    Nice article....

  24. the judgment is perfect. earlier in march, 17 Indians were sentenced to death for killing 1 person. poor fellow was stabbed repeatedly in stomach.

    we think thousand times before announcing death sentence to a khatarnaak terrorist like kasab! if kasab was left free, all we know he'd got some promotion and returned to kill more. he definitely wasn't the one who cud be reformed.

  25. I feel its a matter of debate and the debate would go on and on.....but i for one support the theory that capital punishment should be aborted or stopped.

    I say it because we are humans. If someone kills a member of my family and i kill him in return, both are killers. If Ajmal has killed innocent civilians and we kill him, then both of us are killers.

    and the logic that giving capital punishment to Kasab would teach other terrorists a lesson is utter nonsense. They become a terrorist knowing very well that very soon, one day they would get killed.

    And kasab was not brain washed? He joined voluntarily; thats true.but do everyone joins LET? If he was a cold blooded killer, he would have killed in Pakistan as well?I dont think he just became a terrorist for the fun of it or dreamed of a career of terrorism.They believe in their ideology, their religion, and their faith, which leads them to the path of terrorism.Its brainwashing.

    Killing kasab will no way solve the problem of terrorism.I feel more poeple would want to become terrorists because India killed one amongst them. This has happened in Palestine. Saudis, Pakistanis, and even muslims in america,UK have joined hamas because they felt their own people were subjected to injustice by Israil.Muslims have this strong bonding which is far removed from nationality or race.

    This is my view. I dont think he deserves forgiveness, but killing him will do no good either.It will end his suffering, which he would prefer over solitary confinement for the rest of his life.TC

  26. I have no mercy for that ruthless animal. Hanging him is going to give people some kind of closure. But all I wonder is, is that enough? For the things that he did will hanging send a message to others? But then again we are spending 30 odd crores to keep a devil alive.

  27. Kasab should be hung to death without delay. We may not solve the problem by getting rid of one terrorist but one less is one less, however dramatic it may sound. What's the point in keeping one alive with no remorse whatsoever?

    A well laid-out post, Neha.

  28. Hanging Kasab will send these signals:
    1. Train terrorists not to be caught
    2. Cyanide factories employ more
    3. Research into human brain to pre tune memory loss when needed
    4. At least two houseful shows on films made on Kasab

    And God willing
    the signal of not to play terrorist

  29. I'd beg to differ with guys who want Kasab to stay alive... Already the state has wasted MILLIONS and every day crores of Rs. are being wasted for Kasab's security... On the other hand (as per Indyeah) the ex-armymen are being given pension of Rs.1000 p.m. + DA... Sorry,if we think about the financial position only, leaving Kasab alive isn't an option guys... Now if we keep aside the financial stuff, i second neha's opinion that Kasab and people like him should be hanged... But then again as our law gives hell lotta facilities to traitors and enemy of the land, i don't really think that we will hear the news of Kasab's death any sooner.

    "why don't we attack on Pakistan when other countries did it too post 9/11?"

    Yup .. i'm all for it... actually i guess you are very emotional about this.. but logically i guess india is now not in a position to engage with pak in a war.. Don't you know we had a history of weak leaders in Delhi.. Here i have to clarify that i'm not in favor or against any political party.. All i ask for is strong leadership like that of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the Idealogies of Subhash Chandra Bose and Shyamaprasad Mukherjee.. but i guess that also is not going to happen any sooner... A few days ago I got tangled in a short argument with a Pakistani blogger on twitter who twitted that as Kasab has been sentenced and there has been no protests from Pakistan, the Indian Govt. should now start tlks with Pak.. Can u belive it?? She even asked me to read her blog post that Indian Govt. knew bout the attacks but never took it seriously... Inreply, when i asked her to tell me the reason why Pakistan's name comes up every time some terrorist attack happens anywhere in the world, she stopped replying... So this is i guess their way of thinking... Can we expect anything better?? Aman Ki asha, etc all hogwash as far as i'm concerned... There can't be any peace until there is an annihilation of Pakistan..

    Of course these are my personal opinion and may sound too harsh... That's why I try to avoid commenting on Political Issues...

  30. i do not want to give him a quick and painless death, i want to puncture his every tissue in a complete inhuman way and see him wither in pain, eventually feeding him to vultures...damm no one listens to me. :(

  31. i have the same view neha.. that kid should know the meaning and value of life..

  32. He should have been killed a long time ago but i guess our intelligence system needed him to be alive to extract information from him....people like him have no right to live.

  33. I don't disagree with any of the things you've said.
    "He'll be hanged within a year" said home secretary Veerappa Moily.
    There are thousands of reasons for not believing it. Afzal guru, who was sentenced to death in 2004, is still hale and hearty. And Kasab too will enjoy his biriyaanis for the rest of his life for sure. Also if he stays for some more time, I'm sure he'll be given a Unique Identity Card.

    A telling post, Neha. Very hard hitting. Kudos!

  34. well....of course it is a very controversial topic...
    many people will disagree wid dat...
    but we will have to follow some strict steps to stop all dese activities...
    good post..
    keep it up....

  35. When he was caught nobody wanted him to die, now none wants him to live

  36. I do not support Capital punishment but when we got proof that 101% Kasab murdered our brothers and sisters.Everyone saw he is killing the people, in this case there is no chance to give wrong judgment .
    In this case there is no excuse
    we have to murder him openly on railway station on CST let the world watch, What India can do ,
    But i am sorry to say our country got coward politicians or very selfish who will use him for votes .

  37. Your Post is full of facts!! You are a very good lawyer!!

  38. I am pretty much in agreement with what you have written. This is a person here, who not only took apart almost everything in sight, he and his comrades brought a beautiful city to a halt for about three days and hurt our national pride.

    This is my opinion: Mohammed Aamir Ajmal Kasab, and the like, are living zombies now. They have no thought process of their own, and their words and actions are coming out of a clever, yet sinister mind somewhere in a random desert of Pakistan. Such a person, who has been told to behave in a certain way, and has been deformed to such an extent that he always will, is pretty much a danger to society. Pardoning him may lead to many innocent lives stumbling into danger as you pointed out. I wasn't so sure about the last case of execution of capital punishment in India, the case which involved Dhananjoy Chatterjee, but I am pretty convinced about this one that pardoning Md. AA Kasab will only create more would be martyrs trying to free him, and then there is the cost factor as you mentioned.

  39. I am pretty much in agreement with what you have written. This is a person here, who not only took apart almost everything in sight, he and his comrades brought a beautiful city to a halt for about three days and hurt our national pride.

    This is my opinion: Mohammed Aamir Ajmal Kasab, and the like, are living zombies now. They have no thought process of their own, and their words and actions are coming out of a clever, yet sinister mind somewhere in a random desert of Pakistan. Such a person, who has been told to behave in a certain way, and has been deformed to such an extent that he always will, is pretty much a danger to society. Pardoning him may lead to many innocent lives stumbling into danger as you pointed out. I wasn't so sure about the last case of execution of capital punishment in India, the case which involved Dhananjoy Chatterjee, but I am pretty convinced about this one that pardoning Md. AA Kasab will only create more would be martyrs trying to free him, and then there is the cost factor as you mentioned.

  40. @ Bikram, in Kasab's case the law will not changed..it's a big case..though there will be a lot of delays!

    @ Shilpa, most believe in that..

    @ Sammy,keeping him alive will not solve the problems either..as you pointed out - 31 crores a year behind a person who mercilessly killed 62!

    @ Ramesh, thanks :)

    @ Dhiman, my feelings exactly..

    @ Sushobhan, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I second your opinion..

    @ Chandana, that's an emotional side..but law has to function as per the prescribed procedures..

    @ Mahesh, most of us feel the same way; but we cannot do that!

    @ RD, 50 petitions are waiting..if Kasab appeals then he will be the 51st..another person was also awarded a capital punishment recently!

    @ Azad, welcome here..thank you for your comments..such questions - well I heard all these things on news channels and the day my exams got over; I wrote this post!

    @ Nu, yeah..

    @ HaRy, now you can understand how angry I must have felt after hearing to those arguments?

    @ Haddock, US hung Saddam Hussain too and declared it after his execution! why do we fear them then? I hope the process does not take so long! but we must follow the rules and process..

  41. @ GV, yes, we need to follow the process; but we can speed tht up..

    @ Rajlakshmi, I agree with you..

    @ Saroj, I lost three people I know..I heard the gun shots..I saw the Taj post attack! if people are against violation or hanging Kasab, then I am ready to murder him and stay alive in the jail for all my life!

    @ A, India has followed the law and procedure!

    @ Baljinder, welcome here..thank you for your comments..capital punishment is anyways awarded in a few cases..and in most cases; the deserving gets it..the problem is the Government!

    @ Anuradha, totally agree!

    @ ZB, keeping him alive will not help either..we will just spend money behind that..it is too risky to keep him alive..and our laws are such that this guy will be out in 9-10 years as we cannot keep him imprisoned for more than 13 years and in jail the day is of 16 hours! Killing such a terrorist makes one killer then be it! I have seen my city suffering and I can't let go of him!

    @ Harini, it won't send any message; but he can't be kept alive to suffer either..

    @ DC, totally agree..thanks..

    @ Holy Lama, right now things are not better either..they are anyways trained to kill themselves..

    @ Savvy, I am as sentimental as you are..I am more sentimental as my city suffered..but that does not make you less sensitive right? I totally respect your views..

    @ Sid, the law is against your suggestion na..

    @ Chriz, I agree..

    @ Kavita, True..

    @ Karthik, I hope god didn't say Tathastu when you were typing this comment!

    @ Shekhar, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I have mentioned everything in my post about mu views..nothing else is there to add..

    @ PS, indeed...

    @ sm, true..but sadly we cannot mend laws!

    @ SG, I hope you are proven wrong! which I highly doubt!

    @ Swatantra, thank you..

    @ Anurag and stillbutmoving, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I don't see any reason for keeping him alive!

    @ ഒഴാക്കന്, welcome here..thank you for your comments..

  42. They have just dragged the case for so long. And if you keep him alive, there is always a worry that his release will be sought by taking hostages.

  43. I haven't figured out yet...why this hullabaloo over it...Does it need any rocket science to judge the decision here...Kasab must be Hanged..asap!!

  44. That's exactly what drove Mr. Kasab to do what he did: the videos shown to him where "his people" were killed just like "your 62 people" were killed by him.

    I'm an average jerk who doesnt have solutions but can as easy as hell find problems in the solutions suggested. The world is not an ideal place and every solution is a catch-22.

    Letting him live is shameful while making him a "martyr" is dangerous!

  45. I have never been for capital punishment , I think Kasab should get a RI and made to pay for all his deeds or rather misdeeds but the fact that the govt is payin so much to keep him safe in prison and the threat of some jehadi group blackmailing the govt. to release him is very high. We need a complete change in the system and strict laws

  46. Nice post... I agree with the sentiment here.. Human rights' pricks always support these damn terrorists.

    Nicely worded.... cheers

  47. very well said neha.... Even in my openion, Kasab should be hanged to death and there's no doubt on it. But again the problem lies here... The politicians are using his death sentence as a weapon to fight against each other and for the self motive...

    well it was nice reading ur blog... keep blogging and happy blogging.

  48. no comments. You've said it all.

    Totally agree with you... I pray you climb the judicial ladder quickly