Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hidden Identity

This strange world of blogging!

Here, people call themselves lonely heart, crying eye, running skeleton, stupid character and what not. And they all are proud of these names. Call them by this in real life and see their reaction! Don't sue me if they beat the hell out of you.

There are few who have a decent names too. They don't want to reveal their identity or they can relate to that term really well. Few of them become really popular bloggers too. But people know the pseudo name of the person. Popularity is yours but the name isn't! Hmmm.

I was a geek when I joined this blogworld. (I still am, reasons best known to me!) I did not know how things work here, how one starts a blog; or anything. I created my account with my name and surname as the url, uploaded the coolest looking picture of mine (the current one is cool too), named my Blog as Neha. I was not even aware that people have a name for their blogs too! I told you I am a geek!

When I realized this, it was too late. My blog was popular (?) as Neha, I was popular by my name and photograph. I could not change anything. Dumb me! But I am fine with this arrangement (like I have any other option); now there is a feeling of "my own space" as I use this name.

Hidden Identity is not a common phenomenon only on blogs. It is common at chat rooms too. Nah, not those chat rooms where you speak with cool dude, sweet girl or adorable puppy; but our personal chat list where the name of your friends do not change to attract you-know-who! But the nature of hidden identity changes here.

My friend Prikant Shednekar (name changed for security purposes), who happens to be the co-author of my other blogs (oops, I revealed his identity, but I am sure he will not mind); he has downloaded a new kind of a messenger, where the idle status is one of the options along with busy, available, invisible etc. He says, it is very easy to avoid people on your list. Just set your status as idle and decide whom you would like to speak with. Rest will not bother to ping you after seeing your status. Hmmm, interesting!

Then there are those who always remain invisible. They either want to avoid people or work in peace. Or maybe concentrate chatting with one (or more) person only! God knows what is the logic behind this; but yes, they are perpetually invisible. Oh I forgot to mention one thing; I am one of those invisible souls too.

All identities accepted; but have you ever wondered, how many 007's are around this virtual world? You even tend to forget which cuppy cake you spoke with last evening.

But I guess people are happy with hidden identities! They will remain neglected creature even after 50 comments; lonely tree after 100+ followers and invisible even after blocking 50 people!

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  1. I have always wondered why does most of them have a 007 as a suffix and prefix in their id? I mean does evry1 fantasize to be a james bond? Prbably yes.

    About the invisible thing...even I am one of those souls, I avoid my boss who surprisingly figures in my chat list and ironically has 007 as a suffix in his id :) neha is a good blog title so let it be like tht

  2. well i hav a blog with hidden identity and still luv to remain the same :) .... so there yu go !

  3. wonderful post buddyy..but neha..i know of several people who do not hide behind anonymity...i have met some bloggers personally..only good thing abt these guys/gals is they share the light things of life openly with one and all..what is der to hide when u dont have an agenda...of course your post make gr8 sense...cheers ya..

  4. Oye! I blog/write under a nome de plume!! o_0
    Great post though! ;)
    But You and I could define "hidden identity" as something else too, in this ssame 'strange blog world' but i guess, it will be too harsh (and too close to the truth) for the weak! :D :D

  5. Nice one. You do not want to reveal your identity because you do not want some stalker or a rapist to know who you are and where you are. But it is not foolproof because you have an ISP and you have an IP address. In most cases you have an email address. These 3 can tell you when and what of who you are.

    Plus, this give you a certain boldness to say what you really want to say what you otherwise will not have the guts to say.

    Being invisible, I do not understand.

  6. haha...i was ROFL after reading yr comment:)

  7. I love being invisible... it helps in concentrating on chatting with a single person... nice post on blog names... some names are indeed weird...

  8. Most of the time m invisible...and i just love my name...n your blog with your name as the url looks dam good...isint it!!

  9. I am always 100% invisible. I only talk to people whom i want to, others i completely ignore. My list is too big to appear online... i cant chat with 10 people now. I just chat with few, a few times.

  10. Observation at its best Neha :-)
    I am one among lot others who has not revealed my name. But 'Insignia' is something that is attached to me. I want to leave my mark - thus 'insignia' also meaning 'signature'.

    And again, hehehehe I do tend to make myself invisible sometimes when I dont want to be disturbed, because BUSY status never helps. Otherwise I have always had my name as my ID. Earlier, when I used to beat the boredom by visitng chat rooms, strangers would not believe if I said my real name was what was in my ID!! Strange!

  11. Well, i have a very pronounced public existance. But somehow too shy and scared to post my picture up there !

    Now does that make it a hidden identity..? I wonder !

  12. Well you are true of course.

    I guess the hidden identity may be taken up to have some excitement in our so-called "dull" lives.Some words and phrases sometimes impress us so much that we use it wherever possible.Heehee.:P

    Btw,thank you for visiting my blog and posting your comments :)

  13. YEah.. good observation, why did i not think of it could have some cool Ids MANN007 .. BIK007 nice ..

    I think sometimes the reason to hide the identity is they are not comfortable or strong enough, I have a friend who is an excellent writer, a poet but would not put it under his name, just got some sort of complex..

    The other reason which is more common is to do Silly things YES THOSE TYPES.. flirting etc etc , the Extra curricular activities which we all at some time indulged in.
    I have my name as my ID everywhere, nothing to hide so why hide.
    When I was a student i did visit some chat rooms, but at that place it was a different experience each time i told anyone I am from UK, they would go away, as if there was something wrong, later one of my friends said to me thats because they dont believe I was from UK, this was in Indian chat rooms.

    And this idle thingy I need to know how you do it :) And also I want to know why do people need to have more than one email Id's.. I find that weird too.. I will probably forget my passwords etc if i had.

    Excellent post.. keep up the good work.. :)

  14. Actually, I don't understand why is one constantly invisible ...just delete those you don't want to chat with! Me, I gave up chatting ages ago. I find it time consuming and time waste.
    As for blogging with a hidden ID, yes, people can be very bold behind hidden ID's but well, each one to his own. I personally feel that if you say something you should be able to stand up for it.
    Nice post:)

  15. Hehe. I have a pseudo name and I am perpetually invisible :D
    Pseudo name because I dont want to reveal my identity to everyone who hops onto my blog.
    And invisible coz I dont want to take to 90% of the people on my gtalk list :) I ping only few with whom I wanna talk at any time :)

  16. "There are few who have a decent names too. "

    is mine decent according to your exquisite tastes????


    Anyways , be frank and tell the truth!

  17. hi..
    nice observation!!
    i m too under hidden identity of "wishesgalore" and prefer it this way only..n i wont mind even if someone call me that in real too;D

  18. Pseudo names are just what people want to be.:D

  19. When I was new to internet world, I too had hidden identity. We were made to scare that one should not be too open on internet.
    But after some time, when you realize that there is nothing wrong then your near-ones get to know, who you are! I am also one of the Mrs.India(I mean in hidden mode!) :)
    Nice Post Neha! :)

  20. Heylo, very interesting post. On a personal note, If I were to relate with you and your post then I have say that I came in this blogworld as your twin with zero know how's about the things.
    Anyway, I enjoyed your post, Thanks.

  21. You are so right, initially when I started blogging i also did so with my real name and everythingbut the worst mistake was I told my whole family about it..and then I couldnt write freely, not that now I can:) I started this new blog with this name and this is not known to my family:) if some day I want I can rant also:)

  22. I have never hidden my identity as have no reason to do so.Those who do, must be having a valid reason.But I feel I am able to "communicate" better with those who's identities are not hidden.

  23. Why on earth did you have to give me a "Hidden Identity"... please add a Name withheld despite request

    btw... good post

    -The Hedonist(:P)

  24. Hey, there's one more thing about these people who have a pseudo names like cool_dude or Sweet_girl ,some turn out to be not-so cool_dude and antisweet_girl when you talk/chat with them.... :P ;P

    Oh! and i said some not all :P...


  25. I am 100% visible when on GT. And all the people are BUSY. Sometimes I feel I'm the one they are avoiding.

    These days my GT Status is "Why so Busy?" lol

    And good job encrypting Shrikant Pednekar's name.... You should be in the CIA!

  26. I second the Lama here! :D
    Destiny's child believes in destiny. And so i am :)

  27. good work babes......................

    me too is one who loves to remain in invisible mode....

    it helps me concentrate in chatting with one and avoid some unavoidable dumb who don't understand that me not in a mood to chat with them....

  28. Awesome! Not to hide my identity, but I've been racking my brain to have a nom de plume ever since I started my blog, but to no avail. :(
    And I sometimes think that Karthik is just fine. ;)
    Coming to gtalk, it's always best to stay invisible, for there are lots of morons lurking around. Then again, it's difficult to find my own friends that are also invisible.. lol.. :D
    Such an irony! ;)
    Cool post!

  29. Hidden identity or open long as blog is of my interest ,it doesn't matter.But when we talk of making friends ,i would be not comfortable with the people with hidden identities....but again i am really fond of few blogger like Holy Lama,Destiny's Child,Sandhya ....I don't know i am confused...really confused.

    Invisible factor...well most of the time chats are distracting specially when you come to the net after stealing some time from your busy schedule and need to work.

    As always zhakaas topic and bindaas baat !!

  30. I always get to read those things which I might observe-well most of the times I do-and don't give it a damn or put at the back of mind...But you seem to pull all these observations...basic..and write down here..articulate them so well..I appreciate you for that :)

    I can so relate to this geeky theory in early blogging days...I too started my blog with my real identity mismatch :) But I'm fine with it !! :)

  31. My pseudo name happens to be my fav character from Tin tin.
    But I don't believe in hiding one's identity.

  32. hehehe that was one hell of a post... loved it...
    Though I havent concieled my identity...I actually find these names pretty interesting...
    hey and btw I have a 007 in my yahoo id too :P

    Latest Blog Post: Jab We Met...

  33. nice post..I also love to be Invisible in my gtalk n yahoo bcz i can't chat with so many persons at a same time and i don't want to ignore any one :)

  34. Quite popular blog , indeed ! :)

  35. well.. having a pseudonym gives us an artistic freedom which is otherwise not possible... Many times, I wished I had the privilege of anonymity... incidentally my first blog post was about how I named my blog :)

  36. hmmm......well i agree...when i went to the last indiblogger meet...i was very surprised to see the blogger...whom i only knew by there virtual names.....

    i called that session as "putting faces to names."

    I go by the same name......and very happy with that....

  37. lol.. a gud one. evn um the invisible one :p

  38. @ Gayathri, 007 makes me curious too..invisible is understood :)

    @ Hary, our personal beliefs and opinions buddy..nothing wrong with the pseudo name :)

    @ R. Ramesh, so don't hide ur identity either..that suits you..but people who hide their identity, I fully respect them and their privacy :)

    @ G, I know the real Guria and that's all matters to me :) let's not disclose anything here..:)

    @ SG, maybe you are right..but people who only blog and do nothing else will look for IP and of us, do we really have time to do so? our work keeps us really busy..being invisible helps the most :)

    @ R. Ramesh, hahahaha..I am sure you laughed your double chin off; literally :D

    @ Rajlakshmi, these names are created by me of course..I cannot mention the "real" pseudo name of people :P

    @ NR, yeah, I know you really love your name..we have discussed this :D

    @ Harini, same here buddy :)

    @ Insignia, I mentioned in my post; few people have pseudo names as they can relate to it..invisible option rocks re :)

    @ Kavi, we all have our own preferences; and we are happy with those right? who cares about what others think..but I want to see you swing on banyan tree roots once :D

    @ Anu, exactly..certain things we caqn relate to so much that we make them a part of our have a great blog :)

    @ Bikram, if you had selected that, then yoyur pseudo name for the blog would have been Mr. Bond..I can understand ur points..real names aint accepted; nor is ur UK fact..idle thingi is a secret..ask shrikant..he can help you there for sure..he has commented below..go hop on his blog :P

    @ Panorama, kya selfish, ke u can't block all..agar aage jake kuch kaam aa gaya wo logo se then? :P

    @ Avada, if we add each other on chat, we will never be able to make out who is online and who is not thanks to our perpetual invisible status :D

  39. @ IP, of course ur name is nice..and you must love it..why care about others na :D

    @ wishesgalore, you are one of those lucky ones who has a nice its perfectly ok in real life buddy..:)

    @ Holy Lama, exactly..we keep the name we can relate to :)

    @ Megha, waah, nice name Mrs. India..I so agree with you :)

    @ Vivek, hmmm, I am not the only geek around..I have a twin too :P

    @ antarman, hmmm, ranting can be a reason too for a pseudo name..

    @ BK Chowla, yeah, it is easy to address people with their real name..

    @ Shrikant Pednekar aka hedonist, will keep this line in mind next time :D

    @ Shilpa, point noted...some and not all :D

    @ Saurabh, I am way too good for the CIA re..that's why not there :D

    @ DC, can relate to it; thus u r destiny's child buddy :)

  40. @ Arpita, welcome here..thank u for ur wonder I don't see u on my chat list these days :P

    @ Karthik, your name is just fine re..i know, we both are usually invisible, but somehow manage to find each other na :D

    @ Kavita, oops, I totally confused u here..well invisible factor does help na..thanks buddy :)

    @ Nu, thanks re...that's some compliment..I am fine with my real name too :)

    @ Haddock, oh that's nice..

    @ Tavish the bond, thank you..these names are indeed interesting :)

    @ OG, thanks reason for being invisible is the same like yours..

    @ Ankit, welcome here..quite popular? I guess not..a bit popular these days :D

    @ gtoosphere, welcome here..thank you for your, pseudo name and the reason behind it - I am sure it must be an interesting read :)

    @ Hitesh, welcome here..thank u for ur comments..putting faces to names - that's interesting..:)

    @ Vipul, oh hmmm..lemme spread the word that you are always invisible on chat :P

  41. Neha, you really got me thinking gal. My name, Communi, wasn't actually intended to help me being anon. For, when I started blogging, I just wrote it for my friends to enjoy and I never had to hide my identity from them. I took the name because this was my nickname at office , thanks to my non-stop chatting in Communicator. And for a long time my bloggerworld included just me and The Compulsive confessor. Think I'm a geek too.

    But then when I found more bloggers like you, just as you said, it was too late to change the name.Somehow,by then I had this connection with my pseudoname. But one thing is for sure, I won't beat up anyone if somebody calls my pseudoname in real life.

    Everyone has their own reasons, you see.

  42. Hey, Interesting thoughts!

    Esp liked the last line -

    "But I guess people are happy with hidden identities! They will remain neglected creature even after 50 comments; lonely tree after 100+ followers and invisible even after blocking 50 people!"

    So true!

  43. Virtual reality and real virtuality .... both do have their share of hidden identities .... may be best known to the psychologists.

    Sometimes Abstraction and Encapsulation do serves the purpose of staying in one's own comfort zone.

    PS : I am looking forward to read some posts regarding your legal domain.... bail, parole etc

  44. hey buddy neha..i shoud concede u did succeed in scaring me off with that comment..i was wondering what happnd yar when i saw the last line..this round goes to u and i am not ashamed buddy..know why> becz u r my sweet is valentine's day..ok ok i know Mr M is waiting there with a stick heheh

  45. Neha,I'm here after a long time to see u r hidden identity ;-) wat a wonderful read it was u know! U hav evolved as a very gud writer..nice post! :)

  46. Interesting!
    Lots of reasons for hidden identity! :D
    And lots of reasons for Invisible too.
    Liked the idle option. Will try it! :D

  47. online world is like an escape for most of the people from the real world..
    So every1 uses sum diff identities.. i mean who wudnt like to be called .. bond or demi moore n stuff..
    for sum its just for fun.. for sum to hide and for sum to boast.

  48. Reading your post was eerily autobiographical! Have a ditto story and agree with your point of view. Great post.

  49. @ Communi, I got you thinking? my my..:)communicator sounds very cute..I agree..everyone has one's own reason fo not having a pseudonym is that now people know me as Neha :)

    @ Nik, welcome here..thank you for your comments..glad you liked the last line..that's my faourite too :)

    @ sm, hahahaha...nice one :)

    @ Mahesh, true....Law related post - maybe soon :)

    @ Ramesh, lolzzzz..

    @ Benny, thanks buddy..your comment means a lot - honestly :)

    @ Shilpa, oh yes, do try that option :D

    @ s.H.a.S.h.I, welcome here..thank u for ur that's an interesting take on this subject - indeed :)

    @ Sharmila, welcome here..thank you for your comments..glad you liked it :)

  50. Nice post. First time here and will keep coming back :)

  51. I guess some people have hidden identity, because they are afraid of others having a sneak peek into inner self, through the blogs...And I guess I am one of those...

  52. Lovely blog. Am following it, as of immediately.

  53. Nice one.
    Even i use my blog with a pseudonym.
    Not completely invisible if you go to the right pages, of course!

  54. @neha....m very much inspired by your blog....terrific writing style...well description...simply mind blowing....

    even m commenting on ur post with ma fake name...but originally m manish frm Lucknow...u opened ma eyes yaar...

  55. 176 Followers to your blog!! :-O *goes and clicks on the follow button* 177 Followers!! :-O
    Now you can never ever say that you are lonely in life.

    Hidden identities... well... God, why oh why didnt you make me a lawyer, so that I could use my real name and sue everyone who had objections to my opinions :P . And then laugh at all those mere mortals who had to use pseudo names and blog about how foolish they seem :P

    *wonders - damn, am I going to get sued for this?*

  56. With a hidden ID (Screen name) the user does not have to spell check as much!

    But really - the screen names user comments might call for accountability when they themselves do not subscribe to the natural law of accountability.

    Julian S Harrison

  57. Lovely post.
    Why hide if one has nothing to hide...?

  58. Nothing to hide here, have posted my profile (with my name sign), but have my profile named so, to let the world know what I'm!. Nice thought and well written...

  59. Very thought provoking, made me sit and think about which type I am :)

    Do check out my post here. I promise it’ll be funny :)

  60. Dont find much of a reason but yes hidden identity is creating an image probably who you want to be rather than who you are.

  61. after having read my identity, the comment would be construed as self explanatory !!! OOPS !! what am i 'unhiding' now :D
    'Ghost names' are a common feature with the blogger tribe who do not want to leave a visible footprint.

  62. A screen name can write very bad things about someone and use the 'always' excuse; I am just trying to protect my family. The ones' that post hurtful comments are just cowards. Someone who post and uses their real name, is in fact a real person and can in fact protect their family not shame their family by being a hurtful coward. In the end the truth will out. In this world there is really no place you can hide. Darkness is a shroud only but the truth is light.
    Julian Harrison

  63. need to be careful while adding new friends

  64. It's a virtual identity, more like. When you call it hidden, you make it sound as if they hiding from their real selves. It's about creating a name that projects you in first look, because in the internet everybody has a very short attention span ( can't blame them though. there's a lot to go through, eh? ). Also a real name and a photo is enough to track you down to the address you live, if a snooper is clever and determined enough.
    Hence the need of something different and anonymous that doesn't endanger your real physical identity. Take my own name for instance, I took a few days to fashion one for myself.:)
    It's the same virtual identity for me everywhere on the internet.
    Nice post, and happy blogging to you. Cheers. :D

  65. Hey! Nice blog here! Why did you stop writing?

    1. Anywho! I used to use the moniker of Batman!! Can you believe it?

  66. I never had anything with hidden identity

  67. Either people do not want the baggage of their identities to weigh down the blog, or they do not want their stupidity being discovered. Their blog space is their personal space where they can let people in, without social obligations.

    It is not 007 at all. It is actually their true self!

  68. Me too! Hidden Identity! I love to remain anonymous and let my words speak for itself!!! :) Call it what you like.I'm just proud of me no matter hidden or revealing identity!! :)

  69. Neha i like your blog ...this was a very unique take on the blogosphere..kudos!

  70. Nice blog...i have something for u on the link below.

  71. your article reflects truthness of this strange world... Loved reading it...!!!

  72. Yes, I do agree with the points you mentioned here. Mostly I tend to keep my name public. However, my blog started off totally different type of names, they inclined towards things that I liked.
    However, I can connect to the hidden identity you are talking of here. Many of friends do that.
    Keep posting :)

  73. The dichotomy is apparent when we witness the conflicting opinions of our own being; a myriad of emotions residing in a hopeful heart. Great thoughts!

  74. i can very well relate to that.. been there done that:-)

  75. of it really is relatable! :D

  76. sometimes you have to be hidden to save yourself from this cruel world :) nice one !

  77. Firstly I would like to say, I could relate a lot to your post. I myself have a dual name on all the social networking sites and my blog. It adds to my nature as well and has my real name too. And talking about being invisible on chats, well it has become a privacy status I guess. Today I found I am not an alien doing such, there are many like me out there. Kudos!!

  78. Well Neha(No offence but I hope that's actually you)! an anonymous has said that one expresses its true self when the identity is best kept not revealed.

    1. I would secretly share my blog here too :P -

  79. बिल्कुल दुरुस्त फरमाया है....मैं भी अदृश्य रहकर ब्लॉग शुरु करना चाहता था..पर शायद उस वक्त दिमाग की बत्ती गुल थी और दिल नहीं चाहता था अपनी बीती छुप कर सुनाना..सो अनजाने में पहली पोस्ट से ही अपनी शक्ल और नाम के साथ ही इस आभाषी दुनिया में अवतरित हो गए..हां ब्लॉग का नाम बिंदास रखा कि जब बोलेंगे तो बिंदास बोलेंगे...वरना नहीं बोलेंगे...

    (अंग्रेजी की पोस्ट पर हिंदी कमेंट...कोई मनाही तो नहीं)