Sunday, January 02, 2011

Toothache tales and a great fall!

No there ain't many! Only one to be precise; but that is like 100 tales!

I woke up this morning with a terrible toothache and headache. It's sunday and I leave for a business trip tomorrow early morning for 4 days! SOS. I call up my dentist and as expected he does not answer my phone! Panic! Pain! Tension! Five days with this horrible pain already sounded horrible!

Now, one thing I am little bit good at is PR. I somehow end up making good rapport with people I meet. Blabbermouth that I am, I can talk to anyone about any damn topic on this earth! Especially doctors. I have amazing rapport with all my as well as my family/friends' doctors and they are all fond of me (ah, the conceited me :P)!

After an hour of me calling up the dentist, he called me back. And he had my number stored. I was mildly surprised (only mildly; remember he is fond of me?) as he had my number stored. He prescribed me a few tablets which would give me a temporary relief while I was away and gave me an appointment of the next day of my return!  Ah, bless him!

Back to my travel plans, I recently went on a five day trip to MP. Covered Bhopal, Bhojpur, Bhimbetka and Panchmarhi. Those on my friends' list have already seen the pictures. The trip was awesome. I visited many historical places, caves, temples, museum, lake and such things. The places are awesome and must visit for all. One suggestion: visit them during non-season. It will turn out really cheap!

I had Mauva there. It is just like taadi/neera after fermentation if you know what it is. Else, click here. I had it "bottoms up" as instructed by my guide; and man! it hits you hard. You feel so damn light unlike the heaviness of heavy drinking. One glass was as strong as 2 neat pegs. It takes you a few seconds to get used to the taste, but after that it just seems fine. It stinks though! Worse than a beer. But I love beer, thus didn't find it that bad! After a glass of Mauva (yes, only a glass as we had a lot of roaming around to be done) and a local bidi, the feeling was too good to waste by consuming the second glass!

Another "landmark incidence" of my MP trip - I did rock climbing and rappelling. Yes, that was super exciting, but what made it the most memorable was the fall! I fell down while rappelling :P And was laughing my lungs out hanging there. See the image and you too have a laugh:

Ah, the fella kept yelling and asking me to stand up, but where? I couldn't figure that out! And kept laughing. It was one hell of a scene and I enjoyed falling down n hanging at the place where you could not stand up! Ah, I miss the fall!

But I had a wonderful trip and if I get the time and mood, I will post the travelogue somewhere! Now, time to enjoy a business trip to a hill station!


  1. For emergency,you must keep a pain killer and an anti-biotic handy. Getting to the Dr can take time.
    Isnt mauya something like Feni/ tadi?
    Lucky you are that business trip takes you to a hill station.
    Good, enjoy yourself.

    PS--What about pics of MP trip?

  2. Looks like the good times are setting in except for the tooth !

    Here's wishing you a great trip !

  3. hey buddy tooth ache? must be terrible..sure u r better now..btw, Wishing the best of 2011 for u n yr near ones too..and neha will be my gr8 honour to catch up with the prominent advocate of amchi mumbai when i visit the city in march...coz i plan march and wishes

  4. Sounds like you had a lotta fun:-) Lucky you! I have tried climbing once but it's not my thing as heights freak me out.

    Tooth aches are a real pain and here in Norway dentists can take you to the cleaners. It's way too expensive.

    So here's wishing the achy tooth gets well:)

  5. fun with pain
    rock climbing great
    sure you enjoyed lot

  6. Rappelling :) You do end up missing out on the knacks of balancing and falling down. It happened with me as well and I bruised my arms.

    Mauva? Aaaha!! Wonderful beginning for the year. I have seen only 10% of the proposed number of photos you said you have. Where are the others??

    Have a nice trip :)

  7. whoa sounds like super fun...if you didn't come to see me you could've invited me ;-)

    Mauva? haven't tasted it yet,seriously! But now that you've mentioned it I'm sure gonna try it :)

    Take care with that toothache...curse it is :-(

    Come back soon,will catch up online for rest ;)

  8. :) Looks like you had lots of fun !! Bhopal is a great place to visit, have been there once.. Rock climbing wow!
    Happy new yr girl!

  9. Seems like a fun place...must visit it sometime!

    Happy New Year!

  10. ROFL hanging there like that :P
    gal you are having so much fun :D except the toothache part :P

  11. Touch wood I never had bad tooth aches till now. The picture is funny. I would be laughing too or I would be worried :P. Have a great vacation in this hill station :). And I want pictures.

  12. Hee hee hee, you do look funny in that fall-pic! The travelogue made for an great read, can imagine how exciting the trip must have been.

    Hope the toothache is treated and you're fine now :)

  13. So r u back from MP and did u go2 ur dentist? I remember I puked after rappelling...was scared :P

    Happy new yr neha :)

  14. Hey girl.. rock climbing must be a great fun..

    You really rock..