Saturday, January 08, 2011

Mumbai Winter

It seems like I have been away for months! I have not read any posts, nor posted anything new in a long time! My excuse for not doing so remains the same - busy times. I was busy travelling, my birthday which was on the 14th and examination which finally got over! I appeared for the last ever paper of my life! No more exams for me and no more writing of papers. yay :P This is it! I never thought I would get tired of studying; but I am now! Too many degrees in my kitty.

Now after the stupid blabbering, back to "sensible" blogging now! For a change, it's cold in Mumbai. Winter and Mumbai were oxymoron so far, but not anymore (hopefully)! I know it's not as cold as it is in many parts of India; but we sweat 24x7 and 365 days. So this IS winter for us when we do not sweat at least in the morning and evening!

Winter means all my jackets are out! I am jacket freak. I love them. I used to have a small collection which was way too huge as per my friends and as per Mumbai standards too, as we hardly ever feel cold! This was the reason my mom gave away three of my jackets! I couldn't flaunt a single one this winter! I went to 2 hill station and had only one jacket left with me (thank god!).
That brings me to my vacation n business trips. I have been travelling a lot since december mid. This has resulted into bad throat, cough etc. as I was eating outside food most times! Even when I had cold, I bathed in waterfall, ate ice creams, strawberry cream, had soft drinks and a few more things due to which I have now got a severe throat infection, cough and cold. I sound like a fata hua dhol! Now no more "planned" trip on cards.

I went to Panchgani on a business trip. There were 40 people with me, from all over the country as well as outside country. It was a wonderful experience to interact with them and know them. I am going to prepare contracts for them, and for a change, I will know for whom I am making a particular contract. Panchgani is a beautiful place to relax. There ain't many tourist attractions there. We visited a cave and table land where there are 5 hills that resemble tables. It was beautiful.

Though my trips were relaxing, but I still missed blogging! I will not say that I am going to be regular on this space even though I wish I could, or I will write posts at the same pace as earlier - not for some time at least! Busy time ahead and blogging takes back seat. I still read the posts on my phone.

Talking about people, so many bloggers have been missing these days whom I read regularly - G, Shilpa, Merlin, Holy Lama, Destiny's Child, Neha (that's me) - the list is quite long! Maybe blogging too works in phases! Hope to see all of us blogging regularly.

If you want to learn the art of blabbering, contact me. I started with Mumbai winter and ended with god knows what! But that's the beauty of blogging. You can rant here and feel good! Ah, I love this space!


  1. Glad you had nice trips and sad for your cold and cough.

    About blogging, yeah so many seems to have vanished and few who remain keep churning out stuffs which are not too good; including me.

    :-( Lets wait

  2. Ranting - one thing that makes this place worth it. Yes, blogging has its phases, too, I believe. One has to go through the saturation period when it comes to blogging. And it is better to deal it the natural way, without thinking too much about it. FYI, I've been missing for quite long, too. And it feels good to be back!

  3. Blogging has taken a back seat for me too...mainly because of tendonitis. Even though it is a lot better, I need to take it easy, or my arm acts up.

    You are right...its' alllowed to rant am doing ok take care and don't work too hard and do blog now and then. Ciao!

  4. Looking forward to read mor of your posts Neha :) You r busy and thats good :) else you may feel bored...

  5. Nsha, believe me I was in Delhi and Lucknow - one was just shivering. But let me tell, the appetite is great in winter.

  6. Enjoy the Mumbai winter :)! Enjoy my share too, will you..I'm forever yearning for winter :)

  7. Glad that the trips are coming along well and that blogging isnt being given a complete miss !


    Stay connected !

  8. Too many degrees? That is really something to talk about.So long as you do not write them all after your name,that is something to be happy about as well.
    No rules in blogging,except probably,not to hurt others.
    So,keep on.

  9. lately i think a bunch of us (bloggers) seem to have disappeared... including me... well glad to have all of yu back... as for winter... i really shud envy yu guys... i love to wear jackets as well, but in TN its hardly required we look like moron wearing one!

  10. You seem to have had a good time minus the few ailments. Those will be fine soon.

    Blogging has taken a back seat for me too. Readers complain that I am not as active as earlier, but guess you put it rightly - blogging happens in phases!

    Take care!

  11. And yes, it's freezing here in Delhi...brrr

  12. Wow! You sure have been busy!! :)
    Talking of cold...visit us here in Jaipur, where it's bone chilling cold at the moment...
    Yeah, lots of absentees in the blog world... Hope to see all of us blogging with full gusto ASAP!
    Cheers :)

  13. Lucky are the ones who have so much work to attend to and are busy. (Not that I am not otherwise).I believe ,this year Mumbai has been quite cold.
    Delhi has seen worse winter in last 20 yrs.

  14. you have been really busy..dont see you much on Facebook too these days :) Panchgani is one place I really want to visit.. put some pics of your trip!

  15. you manage it well trips and blogging.

  16. Interesting stuff you got here! come stop by my blog sometimes!