Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tweenhood Tag - a Recap

I took up this tag more than a year back. At that time I was very new to blogging. I had a handful of readers (which is still the case though :P) but somehow I felt that my writing had a kind of magic which I lack these days. Well maybe a year down I will feel the same way about these posts too. Older they become, more magical they seem. Now, I have the habit of reading posts I wrote in the past just to see what I thought about a year or so back, how I reacted to a situation, how different I am right now. This helps me introspect many things and thoughts.

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my take 12 on things I would like to achieve in my twenties…

1. I would like to write a this moment, i am exploring few subjects...will zero on one soon...

I already wrote a law book. Achieved :-)

2. I want to be the world ambassador for all kinda sports so that i can view whatever sports I want to and be a part of it.

LOL. This point came after a "who-gives-a-better-answer" point about sports. Not too practical for my 20s, but not an impossible wish too right?

3. To remove the reservation quota from everywhere (sorry for hurting the feelings of those who favour it)...but it decreases the number of seats everywhere for the deserving let's not only believe, but apply the principle of equality...

Again, an impractical thing to aim for for 20s

4. Be a part of last harry potter movie...

I wish I could have been a part of it :(

5. To be a part of our politics as an honest leader...

Work will soon be in progress :P

6. own the largest book and movie library....

As per my standard, I am almost there with around 1000+ DVDs and books

7. ok, a realistic take, which i sure will achieve before going into my 30s - to make my law firm very well established as a first step to reach on the top..:) and start an LPO..

Again, almost there :-)

8. A fun holiday to Australia and an adventurous one at NZ...

Again, it will happen before I become 30

9. spend one whole month at mum's..i really miss her n dad n bro...n post marriage the longest period i have stayed there was for a week...

Achieved :-)

10. go back to college and have a grand reunion party which lasts for few days...i miss my Sydenham days :(

I met quite a few of them recently. So, almost achieved.

11. own a property in tht place...

I don't know when will that happen as my priority has been shifted to another location for now :P

12. end of terrorism and corruption - everywhere...and yes World Peace (beauty pageant ishtyle!!!)

I SO wish to achieve it! Don't know when will that happen though!

Ah, it feels nice to have achieved a few "practical" things while I am still in my twenties. What is your wishlist?


  1. Appropriate one when the year is almost coming to an end. Nice to see quite a few 'tick marks' in there.

    Pray you tick more. Oye the vacation to Greece and Turkey? Why did you not include that? :-|

  2. Congratulations on the book !! How is it doing ?

  3. Good going. I will be happy seeing the Law Firm taking shape and of course you joining politics at the right time.

  4. Nice goals to aim for. I was expecting you would put "buying Sydenham College and run that myself" as one of your things to achieve.

  5. That's great have achieved most of the things you wanted to. Kudos! :)

  6. oh u had some deadly ambitions...glad cud finish some..;)

  7. Its great that you have achieved so many things off the list :). You have written a book! I dint know that :P.

  8. very well written
    this is year end time you achieved nearly all of them

  9. Agree on point No 3, 5 and 8 :-)

  10. Avidly looking forward to you owning that great property in Goa. Great place for a bloggers lunch , na ?

  11. hey congrats for achieving almost 60 % of what you targeted zand also on writing a book . BTW wen will we read it :)

  12. Way to go, girl! You seem to have the will, so the way is right before you :)

  13. Nic to hear dat u achieved a lot..
    Nice tag,came to know much better about u..

  14. Wow! A lot has been achieved! And wishing you the very best for achieving the rest too!
    Cheers :)

  15. awesome girl.. i am so glad that you are able to achieve many of them and others are on the way.. i went back to your link and saw your picture with your mom and liked it so much.. and when i saw the comments and was amazed to see my comment.. I still think beautiful and simple. Thanks for the list again .. i am inspired.. is it valid for things to do in thirty also..

    Take care and God Bless!!

  16. woaaa you have achieved so many of them :)

  17. if u have the will u have the way..neha has the will and.....gr8 show buddy..proud of u..