Friday, November 26, 2010

Year two - 26/11

It marks two years today! City of Mumbai still remembers the whole incident very clearly. Only remembers! The 26/11 Terror Attack! Not only on Mumbai but on the whole country.

What exactly changed after 26/11? Many things actually. We now have more number of non-working metal detector doors at major railway stations, more number of corrupt officers - a few of them are directly related to the terror attack. One officer was caught for making cheap quality bullet proof jackets! More number of sacked CMs for one state, more controversies, scams and  corruption. But the lag in security system still remains. Each day a new scam comes out, each day people wake up, crib and move on. Some even blog, but that's that!

Yes I feel angry. Not only for or on this day, but whenever I remember this day, whenever I pass by any of those areas or whenever I see somebody being negligent or security systems not working properly. 26/11 and 11/7 are the two days that have affected me the most. Like lacs of Mumbaiites, I too commute by local trains - in the same first class compartment which was targeted in the serial bomb blast four years back. Maybe it affects me more as I knew a few victims personally who lost their lives in these attacks!

But what have we done? Quite a few pay tax (the only good thing I guess), we go to work and come back, we do not pay attention on our surroundings all the time, we do not check the area below our train seats or luggage rack, most of the times, we do not bother to report to any suspicious parcel, we abuse cops standing in the middle of the road at the time of naka bandi as they increase in already pathetic traffic, we still don't oppose those who give/take bribe in front of us, we still keep quiet when our state CMs keep changing all the time, we still encourage our children not to study as we can get them admission through paid seats - the list will go on and on.

People around me always tell me that I overreact to things, or one person cannot make a difference as we will never be able to convince Mumbai people to be alert in this face pace city and busy lives! Time kaha hai humare paas? Or the excuse is - why do we have a Government then? Why do we elect them and give them power? But we so easily forget that 20 odd years back, they were like us only - the same chalta hai attitude, the same busy life, the same question too - how will one person make a difference?

Yes, we cannot make any difference - not as voters not as leaders. We can only crib and cry, see people dying. So far as our family is safe, who cares! And if we lose someone from our family, still we keep quiet to safeguard other members of our family! Proud to be an Indian!!!

And yes, I am very angry. Angry on each one of us for being us. If this post has offended you, then kindly leave  this page rather than posting abusive comments!


  1. I dont think I have anything to add here. As I commented on your previous post on 26/11, I am not proud of our resiliency. I dont want to flaunt it. "We are strong enough, nothing can affect us" attitude has made us mere lesser mortals.

    I saw that in Bangalore after those serial blasts. There was panic and tension, but by 3 PM that day, everyone moved on, deliverable, deadlines, money, commute, traffic, getting home........

    We have thse problems to fight against, fight for our basic rights and for our standard of living.....and yes madam! these bomb attacks cant stop us from fighting for drinking water, commute and electricity! Can it?

  2. Very well written post. No, you do not over react. It is natural to feel that way. I feel that way. I still remember 26/11. We were on a vacation to India and we saw the whole thing in a hotel room in Guruvayoor, Kerala. Still in our mind. Will always be.

  3. Indeed there are enough reasons to be upset/ angry.
    At such times, it is really worthy to appreciate and acknowledge what Sr Unnikrishnan is upto (hope you read abt his Cycle Ride from India Gate to Gate Way of India)

  4. I share your sentiments. Hyderabad is same too after the blasts here. Now, I feel even more frustrated with my city with this Telangana thing coming up every now and then. I dont like our chalta hai attitudes one bit.

  5. Unforgettable days. I hope never to relive those times !

    Hopefully !

  6. Well.. I am party with you in this, I mean yes, i agree that people still are ignorant about everything, yes.
    How many times has someone stopped at red signal, just because it is on? None, they zoom past it,

    The system the officials or the CM are people from the same system. We get the leaders we deserve, not the leaders we need.

    But call me hopeless dreamer, I think the system still has hope, not all is lost. It may take maybe next decade, or another 4 decades but hope is there and the dawn is coming, it took 40 years for us to form this system, it might take some time, maybe even less but one day people will remember that some blogger wrote a cribbing post that changed the world. Lets...wait for it. :)

  7. Me too am very angry.But i feel our chalta hein attitude is the result of various survival issues we face on a daily basis. Most Underprivileged Indians, which make more than 3/4 th of the population, struggles to meet ends. An Average Indian Supports large families( not just the children, we Indians have to take care of our elderly and ailing parents cause they failed to make a retirement plan for themselves), Hyper inflation, absolutely ridiculous real estate prices, no seats in educational institutions for their children, saving for retirement, unforseen medical expenses etc take away all their life time and energies. What will the POOR GUY do?Will he think of surviving or think of the condition of the country?

    But i guess we are seeing a change. newer Generations are farsighted and with a clear vision of the future. They are independent and organised as far as finances go. I feel the only way forward is education and improved lifestyle. Only if people are free of poverty and other issues related to poverty( illiteracy, health are all related to poverty)will we see a revolution in this country. Nice post. TC:)

  8. and I Salute the martyrs of 26/ cousin is one of them, so the day is very special to me too, though i dont live in Mumbai ( or India).Thanks Neha.

  9. We in India,have very short memories.Today our PM declared he would do everything to bring the criminals to justice,and asked Pakistan to hand over the criminals!He also added India would never heed to terror! What more do we need! We can sleep in peace now!

    Ajmal Kassab has requested for a review of the case.He is being fed and maintained in security at the expenditure of poor Indians.There is repulsion among the public about the attitude of our government.Impotent old cowards,who would even sell the nation for money and position.

  10. very well written

    still Ram Pradhan Report is not produced.
    Do not know about intelligence dept, people rape girl, appoint lawyer and they do not know where is culprit.

    Still waiting when Kasab gets hanged till death.

    Our farmers are crying as lost crops because of rain and ministers got time to visit kasab.

    people got time to debate on SRK song and dance not on missing jackets or faulty machines.

  11. I am angry too neha...and right now I am angry with RR patil for asking Kasab if he is comfortable in the prison and if he is getting food on time.

    I am angry because Tukaram Umbale's killer is having a good time in the prison and he will live till he dies a natural death all because he is being given a chance to fight his case despite being captured in the photographers with a gun.

    And finally I am angry because people yell at the security guards in the malls because they don't want to open their bags and show the contents or they r getting late all b'coz of these 'stupid' checks.

    But on the positive side: I feel the police force is doing a good job.

  12. its the same way I feel Neha and I am looking out for opportunities to do what can I do.. lets see...

  13. salaam mumbai...the greatest city with the most enterprising people in india.

  14. Share the same sentiments. Some hours of discussion about the tragedy and we're dome with it. Why are we so thick-skinned?? Shameless?? I hate to say this but I can't deny that I'm one among the non-reacting Indians..

  15. Good post, Neha. It made me realise that this year I totally forgot about 26/11. I can understand that Mumbaikars can't forget easily though.

    India being such a big country, it will take very long for things to change. But we can still hope. corruption is our biggest challenge.

  16. Very well said and the questions are very valid and apt too!
    There's a lot that needs to be done...when and how needs to be addressed!