Sunday, November 14, 2010

Children's Day

Children's Day a few years back meant getting importance everywhere - in schools, in your area, on TV and such. Since I spent my childhood in a small town where people still have time to celebrate these days with children, we got a lot of goodies and chocolates on this day. In school from organizing plays and other competition, taking part in singing, elocution, drama, drawing etc activities, our teachers explained us the importance of this day, Pandit Nehru, his love for children and reason behind celebration of this day.

Now the times have changed. Children's Day is still celebrated, in fact with much more enthusiasm than it used to be in my town. Maybe the difference is that of cities. Small and Big. Umbergaon and Mumbai. But there is much more said than done here than other way around!

These days people are more tech savvy. Which has changed the way this day is celebrated. I am active (??) on two social networking sites - facebook and twitter. Since morning, at least 50% of people on my timeline have changed their profile picture (popularly known as display picture or DP) to their childhood image or they have their child's image as their DP. Sweet. People are posting status messages like - "when I was a kid, ............." - everybody is mentioning about their experiences, memories about childhood, from Doordarshan to Dennis the menace everything was mentioned in one hour.

Ah, that was some life indeed - without the internet. I started using internet in the year 1998. But it became necessity since I started working. I still remember those days when I used to check my mail once in a month and my inbox used to be flooded with at least 100 forward mails. I used to forward them further to another 15 odd internet users.

Now I cannot imagine a life without internet. I get 100 odd mails across my accounts - I have 5-6 mail accounts like personal account, official account, blog mail account, N-zine account and such - sigh! life is indeed complicated.

After digressing completely from the original topic, well, the celebration methods have indeed changed. 2-3 days back I read the tweet which said - Please join us in Goregaon when we distribute clothes to children, or please donate something on so and so NGO for orphans, or please encourage the street play by your presence. Many are uploading videos of "hum bhi agar bache hote", "tera mujse hai pehle ka naata koi", "yaado ki baarat" etc. The leading newspapers have full page image of Pundit Nehru on his 121st birthday.

But none of my neighbours' child mentioned about getting any chocolates from anybody, or organizing any event. Rather, my adult friends on twitter are more excited about today's day. #whenIwasakid tag is doing rounds. Each and every person (including me) has tweeted about it to make it a trending topic! Those who are not on twitter will not understand this, but those who are regular on twitter, to them, a trending topic started by them is everything.

But I just have one simple question - do we require a specific day to celebrate any occasion? We celebrate Woman's day, Teacher's day, mother's day, father's day and 100s such days. The hypocrite me thinks that except for birthdays, we should not have special days for such things. Celebrate humanity each day!

But, we will continue to have such days. so Happy Children's day to all of you who are age wise adult!


  1. Happy children;s day Neha :)

    Its obvious that we have that child hidden within us however old we grow. Maybe that child within each of us are unleashing themselves on facebook and twitter.

    I also think that we dont need one single day to celebrate our life, our humanity and our childhood. Mother's day, Father's day, Valentine's day, Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya are all for business.

    We dont need one day in a year to make children happy, or to show the women in your life how much she means to you, or to show the man who supported you..

  2. Absolutely right.I agree with you.We prefer giving our old clothes to the blind school on any such DAY, be it children's ,be it Rakhi.
    Surely, from our days, children's day has changed and so have the children.

  3. Good one, time has been changed now, so the Children.

    I too agree that we should celebrate humanity each day without any bias.

  4. The birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru...has an interesting twist these days !

    Trending topic ! :)

  5. Happy Children's Day to you Neha. I think it is not necessary to have particular "day" dedicated to someone. It should be with us throughout the year.

    What is the connection between Nehru's birthday and children? Is he the only one who loved children?

  6. me too tempted to echo your sentiments..but then i thought neha..if they celebrate let them do..let the world have its way..of late, i feel v cant do much to change the world..alll v can do is to change ourselves n adjust...:) tc buddy

  7. I remember Children's Day as the day when we could wear a dress of our choice to school. When we were in primary school we used to be excited about not being in uniforms but as we grew up (by the time we were teens) we hated the day for the same reason we used to love it. From 'wow! new clothes' it went on to 'heck, what do i wear now?'. How times change :)

  8. Oh yeah these days the way we celebrate has changed so much and I am so addicted to Internet, that I am not even resting my broken hand :D I like the idea of donating to children or doing something good for poor children on this day (though couldnt do anything this time).

  9. "Celebrate humanity each day!" Agree with you wholeheartedly!

    I wonder if today's children hold as much significance to children's day as we used to when we were small! Like you said, the adults seem to be more upbeat about celebrating the day than the young ones. Strange, na?

  10. Life is a celebration, as Osho said.Still,we live in the frame of time.Days are part of it.

  11. Belated Happy Children's day. I used to have so much fun on these days at school. Times have indeed changed but everything isnt lost yet. My school still celebrates it the way it did. And my cousins Kids were given chocolates in school... they did dance and drama's too :).

  12. happy childrends day
    dil to abhi baccha hai

  13. yes, ideally, every day should be humanity day but till the time that ideal is achieved we need such gentle reminders so that at least one day in a year, the otherwise neglected can be pampered.. :)

  14. True enough....but the ambiguity is that children don't behave like children nowadays...they grow old soon enough....hence lack of enthusiasm for Children's Day :P

  15. Neha, the thing we forgot to celebrate each day and these days are reminders to us that we should celebrate.. :) thats the way I see it.. :)

    Also I see the kids were too intelligent and matured even by age 10..

  16. Very true... Celebrate Humanity Each Day!! Yes, yes, we must!