Monday, November 22, 2010

Blogging and Me

Extremely busy times worry me all the time. Not that I have been occupied round the clock, but sometimes even when you are not too busy, certain things still take a back seat. Like blogging. It relaxes me a lot, but these days, I have a lot of other reading and researching work and this is resulting into less blogging. I do not like it, but well, I do not have any other option either.

Come to think of it, blogging plays a very important role in my life. I have made amazing friends thanks to the blogs. A few of them are even closer than my real world friends. I can talk to them about anything and everything. I feel more close to them even though I have never ever seen or met them. To an extend that these days when I have something to share or when I need to talk to a friend just like that, my blog buddies are the first people who come on my mind.

Those I speak with already know that I am talking about them :) Beauty of blogging - you write about people here and they are the one to read this too. It's so easy to make them happy here :P 

Apart from getting a few awesome friends for life, blogging has helped me in my profession too. I teach Business Communication to the students. In this, they have to study about various methods of communication. Since my blogroll has bloggers from across the globe, I am aware about their formal and informal culture at work, at home or in their social circle. This has helped me to make my lectures interesting. I keep giving them gyaan about my knowledge and they get very impressed :P 

It's always wonderful to read blogs. For, you get to know about so many things happening in the country you may never heard of, or the custom or culture completely new to you. Even in India, there are so many festivals which I read about for the first time after blogging happened to me.

I have even learnt what to disclose and how to write on a blog. I have had my share of happy as well as sad as well as angry moments here. But they all have been fun at the end of it.

Errrrr, did the last para sound as if I am quitting blogging? No this is not a closing speech. You cannot get so lucky so soon. Lack of time or not, I will find time to blog. I love doing so. It rejuvenates me completely. Well it makes me angry too when people take my sarcasm as compliment (lol), but that's fine. It makes me feel more intelligent and boosts my ego which does a lot of good to me all the time :P

By the way, a note written by me on facebook made me pretty much (un)popular in the blogging circle. If we have common friends, then you will be able to view it. Click here to read it. If you are unable to view it, then leave a comment and mention your mail id. I will e-mail it to you. It's worth the entertainment!


  1. Nice write up on blogging. It is very relaxing, entertaining, and even educational. I read posts from many countries and learning a lot.

    I did not think it was your closing speech. Looking forward to reading your many many more posts from you.

    I could not view your note on facebook. I think you have my email id. Pleasae send this to me. Thanks.

  2. I will do anything for some good entertainment. Even delurk, if I have to. Can I read that note please? :D

  3. Well written, Blogging really helps to relax our mind. So, its good to keep blogging though we don't find time :)

  4. read that note and thankfully as I said in the last post of yours..I'm not one of them asking for votes or 'likes' ;)

    life's busy at times but now that blogging has become the integral part of our lives..we just can't live without it,can we? :)

    I agree with you here-I to think of few blogger friends first as compared to real life ones :)

  5. :-) This made me happy certainly :-)

    Blogging evolves as we evolve as writers. I was just thinking on these terms last night how during initial changes we were like kids, throwing away awards and taking up tags and then we got bored of it....

    But at the end of it, we have acquired friends and knowledge which matters the most :)

    Happy blogging :)

  6. Good good, keep blogging! Yours is one of the blogs I look forward to reading :)

    As for that FB note, I read it too and super-likes it too :D. Read the comment-thread there only now..hilarious!

  7. I read yours on FB.
    In fact blogging is one way of relaxing, feeling free to write one's heart out.
    Just keep blogging.

  8. I agree with you whenever I want to share something blogger friends come first to my mind.

    Enjoy blogging! :)

  9. It is much easier to talk to unseen friends,especially if you know,you would never meet them any time in life.It is well known that people reveal their life secrets to fellow passengers they meet for first, during flight.The simple reason is the confidence it gives them in that they would never make use of your story and use it against you at some time in life later.Blogger friends are the same way.We learn to confide in them, many are so far away,and often we do not know where.It gives us an outlet to leash out our hidden secret worries, with trust and safety.
    Any time I have confided in my friends with my personal problems,it all come back to me some way or other..So I keep my worries with me and let them brew till I can't hold,knowing it is not good prctice.. I am new to blogging,but have some friends I can talk to as well.

    Having said this,I feel it is better to leave personal matters out of blogging.Once I wrote something,and got a reply," I think I know you".
    That is how life is, full of unexpected.

  10. I started my blog about 6 years back. I was a bit naive then, used it more like a facebook account. And quite abruptly (and expectedly), it ended. I resumed, got hooked to it only recently. And yeah, I've made some fine friends too, sharing with them experiences and knowing so much about the world and its ways that I would otherwise have not known!

    Wonderful to have read your thoughts on the same :) Keep blogging Neha!

  11. well written
    hope you will never stop blogging.

  12. Blogging is like wine. The more you write the better you get :). Blog rejuvenates me too :). Keep blogging and we will keep reading :).

  13. Keep the flag flying. Even when you are busy !!


  14. I guess blogging has helped each one us... in some way or other.

  15. Just like you, me too was helped by blogging a lot :) :) meet many of you whom I have remotest possibility of meeting if not for blogging... :) :)

  16. In three words, 'blogging is fun!' and that's why all of us are so hooked! :)
    Keep blogging, cheers!

  17. lawyer ji..dont dare quit blogging..coz v r all yr fans...buddy...keep the cheers ya..

  18. Blogging opened many window for me just like it did for you.
    Keep Blogging! :)

  19. Blogging world is simply amazing and awesome, glad to be a part of it!
    And glad that our paths crossed here!!
    Cheers :)