Saturday, October 02, 2010

Tweet it out loud

Two days, three posts and one discussion inspired me to write this post on Twitter - a famous social networking site. Saroj wrote about how models and actresses are inspiring ladies in their 40s to have a perfect body by using their pictures in a bikini as a background; while Sammy's post spoke mainly about the new twitter's (less) pros and (more) cons. 

I have been on twitter since April 2009. I joined it as a friend from Sydenham sent me an invite. Now, it is an unsaid rule that any invite sent by a Sydenhamite must be accepted. Nobody made the rule, but everybody follows it. So, there I was, on this site when I didn't even know what was it all about. Slowly I realized that all you have to do here is update status. You don't have to share anything else. Just write what's happening with you and that's that! As if facebook was not enough for people, that twitter started to write about "what's on your mind?"!

Now, bloggers have phases too when it comes to networking. There was this time when bloggers suddenly appeared on facebook. Each day, I got at least 3-4 new friends' requests even from bloggers I had never read or heard of. Then came the era of making fan pages for blogs. That phase is still going strong. It is a ritual to have a fan page of your blog and make all the bloggers join those pages.

These days, people follow you on twitter. You will find many bloggers contacting you ONLY to read their posts and comment. I even get tweets which is a kind of USP for their posts. The tweets say things like - "do you know why girls find Brad Pitt hot?" or "what to do when your account is hacked". Yes, no exaggeration here at all! I can send you a snapshot of those tweets and you will know exactly what I am trying to say.

Why should I drag only bloggers here? Our famous bollywood and hollywood celebs are on twitter too, that too, they are very regular there. More regular than they appear on screen. They give you information like what time they usually brush their teeth, or when their burp sounds the loudest, or just a plain and simple promotion of their upcoming movie or project! There are those who even retweet such tweets. Retweeting simply means posting their tweets on your personal profile.

Some people post good one liners too. I follow a few people who post one liners. I enjoy reading those more than about the ankle sprain of a film star. But as they say, you have weirdos in all the breeds. You will find many just tweeting profanity to gain popularity and mind you, they are pretty much successful at that.
The dumb me so far thought that only bloggers are mad about followers. But the same trend is on twitter too. Here as well, people die for followers. They will do anything and everything to please their followers. From posting cool one liners to abusing ten people to writing about sex or other provocative topics. They get dead depressed if one person unfollows them. They celebrate when they get 100, 500, 1000 followers. Some even want twitter to notify the names of those who unfollow them!

Now, if you like a guy/girl and want to stalk them, then follow them on twitter. Here, people update things like what they are eating, what's their favourite colour, which movie they are watching and which song they are listening to, how their mood is, what time they get up and go to bed - everything you will know about a person at one place.

For me, it comes to the same thing again - unless I am madly in love with you, I would definitely not like to know about your gas problem or no traffic on your blog problem. It's your choice - you can update such things and I have the liberty to block you. And I will do so soon, as a couple of tweeple have been getting on my nerves with their constant nagging about reading their blogs. I am a mean person and I will never ever read you if you are going to irritate me. Now all I am doing is praying that those people read this post :P

Now let's see how many unfollow me!! (like I really care :P)


  1. Well,I don't know about normal citizens,but the abnormal celebs,who haven't done much work on screen,are tweeting day and night....and the worst part comes when "news" channels publicize what the celebs have been tweeting...!!!

  2. Haha you hit the bull's eye. But every social networking site has its share of advantages and shortcomings. Twitter too has its own set of pseudo intellectuals trying to sound cool, Orkutiya creeps trying to befriend a gazillion girls or random people who follow you just to get a follow back and add a follower to their name. And the less said about Bollywood stars..the better. I follow none of them now.
    But the lamest part is if you're trying to change yourself to get more attention or rt-s. Losing your true self for the sake of fake online popularity is an evil.

    P.S: No one's gonna unfollow you for mentioning the truth. :)

  3. Nice post. People think they are popular if they have more followers. Why do they want to be popular? Some people do it because they like to have a lot of friends, some do because they are born naturally popular, but others do because in some part of their life they feel mediocre and need social acceptance. I think in majority of the cases, the third one is applicable.

  4. nice post.
    I am also irritated with some twitter friends, who always updating the songs now listening, food, hotel,et,...really irritating messages.
    I dont know how they get time to tweet more than 200 tweets per day.

  5. Ha ha!! Candid Neha :-)
    I find it so annoying when people update every single activity of theirs on FB or Twitter. I mean, who really cares which page of which novel they are on! Sick, really. Shows how much time and how little priorities people have in life.

  6. You are so right on about Twitter!!I am on Twitter too but I find it too much of a bother to twitter around. I am more a Facebook for bloggers adding me on FB or Twitter. Actually except you, I haven't added any blog buddy on FB:-)
    I think that if I had a 100 or 500 followers on any social media, it would feel a bit tweet more, blog more etc. and my problem is time...itna time nahi mere paas:-)
    But a mention on your popular blog again....flattered beyond words!

    Good post, Neha:-)

  7. I doubt if the number of followers have any thing to do with popularity.With millions of bloggers around the world,does it really count?
    A blogger has the right to decide what he should write.If you don't like it,just leave it.But no one can say,my way is right and write like me.

  8. I am not that much into tweets,i hardly login .I get latest blog post updates of blogger friends from FB-i find it very convenient and time saving.Moreover,i hardly get any requests from blogger frns to read their post but i do get a lot of 'join the page suggestions'.

  9. thank god me not on twitter...hey i am proud of u buddy..u say what u feel straight, instead of going round and round..u can be a good journalist....become editor...i have a cv already..hehe..take care wishes

  10. Twitter. I am not in it yet!!! And wont be as well :-D

    Its ridiculous to be stalked to read a blog; write comments and such. Some even go to the extent of expecting what one must post on social networking sites. Waste of time!

  11. Of course it is annoying, but once we are on a social networking site, such situations are very normal.All kinds get in on the network.Just make greater use of the unfollow button.

  12. I had posted a comment yesterday.It seems have disappeared.

  13. Tired of twitter? Never found it to be interesting enough.

  14. when this twitter mania started, I joined and was very active..but soon I got bored of it.. I now prefer FB where I update status once in 10 days or more. Hey Neha, remember our butter gang tweets? Really miss those days!!

  15. Laughing out loud!! :D
    Joining you in praying that those people do read this post!! :D
    Damn good, Neha!!

  16. My twitter account has been lying low for a long while now. It springs into action only when I tweet about my blog-update :).
    Yes some of the tweets are quite interesting to read and very informative at times :)

  17. hi neha

    it feels so nice to come back to your blog and comment on it.

    And acct has gone undercover since marriage. The only celebs i follow are barkha dutt and chetan bhagat..feels so bored reading 'em sometimes. Updating your brushing your teeth, applying talcum powder is just too weird.

    But at the end of all, if it's u and ur friends around, every networking site becomes useful and beautiful

  18. I hardly log on to Twitter and I hardly update. I dont know... i m just not interested in what people ate so much you know.

  19. I wud tweet if i had a account .. cant be bothered it gets on my nerves .. dont people have any more better things to do :)

    Bikram's Blog

  20. @ Anu, newspapers and news channels quote celebs' tweets these days and it is sick!

    @ Sammy, 3 people unfollowed me on twitter after this post and one on blog..and guess what? I am happy about it :P

    @ SG, I am not popular even with a decent number of followers..I prefer to have a low profile..these social sites including blogger have the norm that if you follow and comment, then you will get those back! I am better off without those fake "followers"!

    @ Jidhu, I am irritated with those who keep sending me their post links on twitter!

    @ Pal, candid indeed..can't be sarcastic anymore as nobody gets it! :)

    @ Saroj, I am active on fb as well as twitter, but i don't stay there 24x7 like most :) it is an honour to be on your friends' list..I don't bother about numbers..I just write..and that has given me a few wonderful friends like you..
    now you are being modest - my blog is not popular..I am a mere mortal here :)

    @ Dr. Antony, I totally second you :)

    @ Kavita, I don't have auto publish option for my blogposts on fb :) nor i have a fan page..

    @ Ramesh, that's a great compliment..thanks buddy :)

    @ Insignia, twitter is but another social site :) agreed totally about the stalking part..they are irritating!

    @ BK Chowla, I use block button along with unfollow :)

    @ Holy Lama, I use twitter n facebook for some time, so not bored :)

    @ Shilpa, I wrote this post keeping you in mind as we share the same feeling..and you know who i m talking about :P

    @ SM, thanks :)

    @ Deeps, if you follow right people, then yes, twitter is interesting :)

    @ Communi, great to see you here buddy :) ah, marriage restricts your social networking - I agree..but that's just an initial phase..I agree about the last bit about friends in your social circle :)

    @ Harini, hmmm, happens :)

    @ Bikram, agreed!

  21. Twitter really seems pointless to me. I mean, why should I jump up and down if someone had chicken biriyani for lunch? :p I read the interesting tweets of the day that appear in the Indian Express . They are usually witty one liners. The first and last time I logged on twitter was to create an account!

  22. Hahaha! Nice, witty post! Somehow, I hardly noticed these aspects of twitter. I'm very, very regular on twitter, and spend almost all my time there.

    Perhaps, the pet theme of those I follow is bashing up Indian media. But apart from that there are many intelligent debates (yes, in 140 characters). twitter also gives one a chance to meet people who think exactly on the same issues that you do (not necessarily having the same opinion, though).

    Of course, few tweeters are very witty and their oneliners are quite entertaining.

    But yes, I do send links to my blog posts to the tweeters whose opinion I would want. :)

    Plus, twitter is a repository of vast amounts of knowledge - one gets to converse in real time with people of varied backgrounds - teaching, mathematics, medicine, law, engineering, etc. One also comes to know of typicalities of so many cities, etc.

    I guess, I'm too much of a twitter fan to be able to see your point! :P

    Anyway, now that you're following me, I guess, you might be able to see that aspect of twitter that I'm talking of.


  23. I have a twitter account,and I haven't gone there for ages. I find it ridiculous to read the stupidest of updates. And, you are right, if someone badgers me to read their blog then I will surely not read it.