Thursday, September 02, 2010

Anything for Fame

I am too late to blog about this topic, I know. Blame it on my busy schedule, laziness and no mood for being politically correct (am I otherwise?), but I somehow kept procrastinating to blog about it. In the meanwhile, another blogger blogged about it, but that blogger wrote "not so good and not so right" things about our e-magazine N-zine, but more on that, in another post. Thus I am not going to tag/mention that post here :P 

Alright! I cannot be politically correct!

Now, since I do not have a "pseudonymous blog identity" or a "nome de plume" for my blog, I can be easily tracked down on social networking sites. Many bloggers add me whether they read me or not. There is a purpose behind adding bloggers to the facebook list. As per the latest trend, every blogger must have a fan page for their blog on facebook. OK, let me be honest here. Even I used to have one, when I wanted to keep my blog and my personal account separate. But slowly, almost everyone learnt that I blog, thus I deleted it. Back to strangers and non-readers adding me as a friend on facebook, so that I could become a "fan" of their blog. It was still fine with me so far as they were only sending me the request. Things became irritating when some started spamming. To an extent that I had to remove those users from my account and block them. So if you happen to read this post and you are the one who is no longer on my friends' list, you know the reason now! 

The fan page thing was still fine, for it never tried to do any harm to me or any other person, if you once again ignore the controversy created by a 16 years old "young professional advisor" blogger on N-zine group page which made N-zine a big hit and me a bit more famous thanks to Techgoss article :P A month or so back, I got a friend's request from someone called "We Blogger". There were a few common friends and I am too shameless when it comes to using the block button on facebook to block unwanted people, I accepted it, albeit reluctantly. After five minutes, i got the request to "follow" their fan page. :Sigh:

This fan page was the most unique one when it came to the content. They offered to "review" the blogs, "interview" the bloggers and "blogroll" them if you follow their blog! Since beginning, they were way too secretive about their real identity. After promising big things, they finally launched their site - on a domain - a free domain service provider. Bloggers blindly followed the blog and in no time, the blog had 200+ followers. Many prolific bloggers even gave an interview. Now the interesting thing here was that the questionnaire of the so called interview was copied verbatim from the Blogadda interviews. Blogadda has a better name and reputation and is a bigger and more transparent brand than Web Logger/We Blogger or whatever the real name was! When someone from Blogadda pointed this out to Web Logger people, they simply blocked the person stating the reason that he was spamming which was an utter lie!

I witnessed the whole thing. I felt there was something wrong happening out there. Thus I posted a comment on their wall, which said:
Well, I am surprised! you guys are asking everyone to "Follow" you so that you "Blogroll" them! you are skeptical to reveal your identity - fine, my problem with anonymity is well known around blogsphere, but to each his own and I respect that. But when you "add" bloggers as friends, review them, interview them and still do not reveal your identity to them? hmmm

I read your interview questionnaire. Blogadda's spokesperson was right. It is almost same as blogadda. their company matters to them as much as WeBlog is important to you. I am sorry to be blunt and rude, but you guys are here to make money at the cost of other honest bloggers. Be upfront about your intentions.

I am sorry, but I cannot associate myself with you in any manner.
My this wall post was deleted within five minutes from the page. They sent me a mail after deleting it as I unfollowed their fan page and removed them from friends' list. Their explanation for anonymity was pretty simple one. They told me whether I asked about the identity of people behind google, yahoo, facebook etc. before joining those sites! I guess I am better off without knowing such "famous" people like Web Logger!

But for me, it all comes to one thing - what all people do to become famous in the virtual world which according to me is nowhere close to the real one. They defame others, create a false impression, create unnecessary controversies, misquote others, write on sensational topics, try to gain sympathy on blogs to increase traffic or to make another venture popular (as I mentioned earlier, more on this, later. Promise ;)) and such countless tricks! I wish a fan page or a "blogroll" could make you so very popular and rich that you could retire next year! But wake up people, it does not do so!! All it does is encourage a few stupid bloggers like me to give you a bit more fame and name. But I am smart too. I will not give you a linkback :P Nor am I so famous that if people google, my blog will come first. So there you go!

Do click on the links in this post. They are one of the ways to make me famous :P Like the title says - Anything for Fame!

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  1. I know the We Bloggers :-P

    It seems anyone and everyone takes up blogging to be famous. They expect and spam people to follow them, become their fan and gain fame!

    I am averse to all these. I dont have time or the inclination towards such things and its done me only good :-)

    Genuine people who like your words always keep reading you no matter what!

  2. I never added WeBloggers profile/fan page because of their secretive attitude and their high-handedness and it felt worse, when I found out pretty recently that the "famous brains" behind not-so-unique concept were actually bloggers we already knew.
    Blogging has ceased to be simple. Really.

  3. I think even I got an invite from them... Din even care to read further.
    I don't need anyone to blogroll me, review me or interview me.
    Better off without that...

    Main to currently planning to even delete many bloggers who have added me on FB but all they do is post links. Fed up yaar. Its better to keep blog and social networking alag alag

  4. Heyyyyyy! U locked horns with them too! WOW! And even BlogAdda? Amazing! I didn't know that!

    I wrote abt them on my blog too a few days ago... they banned my account as well as Dad's. Chk this post...

    And then I did a Special Review on them in the Lounge. They actually had the nerve to leave a comment on that post... so they could get in their link that way!

    Yes, u guessed it... just like ur post, I also didn't link back to their site anywhere! ;-) :D

    Anyways, the latest update on them is that they are adding 5-star reviews for their own site on Alexa, and also indulging themselves in fake testimonials! Pretty neat, right! ;-)

    Hey, if it's okay with u, can I share the link to this post on the Lounge's FB page? Will tag u of course. (@Neha...)

  5. We all have our own reasons to be in this blogger-world.I have gained a lot from this world-- great friends and good quality stuff to read.I am more than happy with this and not looking for more.

    There is no harm in seeking fame and money if one wants to -but not at the expense of others.

    These friendship requests are very annoying specially when even after you accept the request it is not acknowledged by the requester(a simple 'Hi' would do).Just two days back i got a request from a blogger i don't know--i accepted the request-next day i received a fan page like/follow request-i accepted again.Out of curiosity i checked the new friend's profile,to my surprise i had no access to the wall of the person.Now,i think that was really rude.

  6. I had almost walked into their trap and realised my foolishness when I saw the form that I had to submit.I never wrote about this earlier lest I am branded a nut.
    But, surely there are genuine ways of becoming famous.

  7. Blogging has become like a political field isnt it ? :D

    Dil se post! Anything about chaiwalas ? :D :P

  8. I am not sure if i have stated my opinion to you previously ! But here it is..atleast some part..

    that i have noticed in the past, people going for 'comments' or 'hits' etc on the blog ! to me its plain silly ! Atleast, from my perspective, when i write and converse for the joy it provides ! Not for the 'numbers' it begets !

    Ultimately the onscreen life, imho is a reflection of the offscreen life that we lead ! Virtual reality reflects reality ! :)

    Glad that you have disassociated from what is false !

  9. ooops i guess i am also in there page, like you i just added, the facebook page i have out there is Just there.. who so ever send a request i just accept..

    I did not know they were like this , I guess i shud go and block them ..

    I get so many be a fan page, I dont even remember if I have one of those pages, I should go and check I guess..

    they did review my page and said something about layouts etc .. TO be true i really thought they were good , i did not give it a second thought..

  10. Was blissfully unaware of them since I don't use facebook and I had to read the post twice to grasp the contents.

    People will be online what they are offline. If they crave approval offline, they are going to crave approval online with varying degrees of desperation.

  11. well the only reason i used to add some unknown bloggers was to read and get to know more of blogger buddies as I have now...but am getting second thouhgts abt that now!..!

  12. Wow! This was enlightening!! I didn't knew about the concept behind this We Blogger!! :P

  13. I didn't know all this about bloggers but now I know. I am lie and acpt requests easily but now am more choosy. Thanks for the info:-)

  14. I do not use them
    I like your new website name.
    simple and easy to spell.

  15. What a co-incidence, Neha! I deleted weblog and some other pages similar to it from my list only yesterday.
    One thing that pissed me off is that they "we'll blogroll you" as if they are doing a favour.
    Blogadda and blogaton are enough for me. :)

  16. I do stand and clap for you, for being one of the foremost whistle blowers in blogosphere ...
    Keep ripping apart the masks of anonymity ...
    I really appreciate it

  17. That's info. But then, I hardly use any of the other social networking sites and so for now, I seem to be away from intricate blogging:)

  18. You know, Webloggers sent me a friend request and I rejected it, saying I only accept requests from REAL people whom I actually KNOW. They replied in such an ARROGANT manner, saying they are so famous, just look around and I will realise how much is going on in Blogworld with them.. blah blah. I'm glad now that I held my ground!!!

    Newbies like these simply want to pillion-ride on the fame of existing bloggers so they can become popular themselves.

  19. Haven't heard of weblogger. Not very active social networking sites...

    But whatever it is, ultimately it all comes down to all efforts go into waste if these fame-starved people have nothing worthwhile to say.

  20. I had them in my account. All most all my FB blog buddies are in their lost so well i added them blindly. But that was it, I never bothered to register nor bother to visit them. I use FB to interact with friends and keep in touch... things like we blog or what ever dont attract me. But anyways I deleted them now :P.

  21. Thanks for this blog. Really. I never knew all this was happening. I had accepted the friend request by those Weblog people and joined their fan page too. But never checked out all this time due to shortage of time. Im glad if i get time to read my fav blogs, forget the new ones. But this was enlightening. I removed that from my friend list on facebook.!! Thanks 'di' :)