Monday, August 16, 2010

Anything for a Tee

We all love to dare errrr wrong people, don't we? Especially when wrong people happen to be well known faces in a not so small yet not a huge world. Well, I do the same. I dare people, with a style :P One such occasion when I happened to say the truth in one of the mail chains that we were having on facebook. Now, those who are regular on Indiblogger forum will know how erm, punctual Renie is with his updates regarding Indirank. The blabbermouth me simply made a statememt - "Renie is always late". 

It would have been boring if this merely remained a part of private mail chain right? Sourav thought so too, and he updated in his status about my statement and tagged Renie there. Ah, the battle of  hurt egos in the fun way, Renie's promise of not giving me the tee when I attend the Indimum meet, Sourav switching the sides and going on Renie's side and the long wait to get his gift thanks to the fact that "Renie is always late indeed :P" OK, didn't I mention already that I love to take Panga with well known faces around? 

August 15 was the day when Indiblogger was celebrating three years of success, and they celebrated this day with Mumbai Bloggers. The meet took place at Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu. The shy me reached there at my geeky best with a simple tee, denim and specs on (zero number one :P). After the basic process of registration, took a seat and looked around. Darn, not a single familiar face! I knew that Sid was attending the meet - the only person I knew and interacted with, but he was running late thanks to the live twitter updates showing on the screen.

Viyoma and I happened to sit next to each other and started talking. There were discussions about our blogs, bloggers, what we do and few other casual topics. The meet started half an hour late, with the Indiblogger team introduction, sponsors' speech and our introduction. We were given 29 seconds to speak about ourselves and our blog. I was dreading this moment the most as I didn't know what to say. I mean, "Hey, I am Neha, the coolest blogger you must have ever come across. Do visit me at blah blah blah. Follow me, leave your comments and I will follow you back. How cool is that!!" I discussed this with a friend about my wish of not introducing myself. He came up with a greater suggestion - Please promote my blog!

Few people gave pretty interesting intros, while few were pretty simple and promotional ones. Anyway, out of those 100+ attendants there, do you possibly think that they will remember your blog url? But well, what else they could have said in 29 seconds anyway! I introduced myself as a lawyer and purpose of attending the meet was to get the free tee. Surprisingly, quite a few people remembered the "lawyer". See, certain things always work!

Cutting the crap about sandwiches and one of the most horrible teas I have ever had, the boring debate with one celebrity (No, I would not name her, as my blog is too famous and I do not give free publicity to ANYBODY for that matter!), movie screening and the thank you note, the meeting came to an end. The best part was - I didn't not realize at all that I was attending the meet for more than five hours! That puts it into an interesting and entertaining meet category if you ignore the debate that got damn serious.

I met many bloggers there, few I knew and few I didn't. There was Anuradha whom I wanted to meet for a long time, Two Ankits -Ankit Part 1 and Part 2 - both Cricket bloggers and gave me good company in the second half of the meet (remember the debate?), Arcopol - the guy who works with DNA and needs a lawyer :P, Soaham who read my post on Youngistan Ka wow that Indiblogger people rejected :P, Parth who is a well known handwriting expert and is going to study my handwriting soon, Sid whom I finally met, Neha whom I could not meet :( but there is always a next time, the real person behind Magiceye whose photography always leaves me in awe and it was wonderful meeting him, Mohan - the most famous blogger present there, Miilee whom I interacted with on twitter post the meet, Arif who wrote the sweetest comment on my poster, Vineet who was too busy to meet me and Renie came to my seat specially to meet me :P and many more. 

We all were given a free .in domain if that can make you feel jealous, we were given posters so that other bloggers can scribble on them about what they think about the great moi. I was so scared that my poster will remain blank till the end; but the bloggers are indeed generous. Or the lawyer tag helped there too? hmmm.

Now the tee that actually made me attend the meet.

I am too lazy to hang it in a hanger and click, so bear with this picture for now. 

And there is the poster as well, that people signed on :)

All in all, it was a wonderful experience to meet (and not meet) many bloggers under one roof whom you had only read so far. The pages have now got faces, and I have never ever got so many things for free in one day including the TEE :D


  1. It seems your poster was signed by people with bad hand writings! I hardly could read any of what they had written! [or were they trying to hide the real message?;-P]

    I saw that status update of Sourav... My my!

    I can see you did free publicity of your profession, instead of ur blog :-) Remember to bill all of them ;-)

  2. Domain ke liye kuch bhi karega .... I think I will push myself to attend a Delhi meet

    The Tee? Ermmmm okay hai!

  3. Totally agree that the debate sucked and I also agree that I did not realise I sat through 5 hours of something. Last time I sat through 5 hours of something was...well...some test match probably :P Good writing and thanks for the memtion there

  4. 29 secs for an intro!! Why 29?? Sounds different and interesting though!

    Cool Tee and a free domain... wow!! I want to participate in one such meet too!! Sigh... no such thing here in our city! :(

    Agree with Debosmita, very bad handwriting!! :D

  5. Is it too late to sign your chart now? :)

    You're absolutely right. People are not going to remember not only just blog names, but people's names as well. That's why saying something unique is the only thing that will stick in the end. And I too am turned off by self-promotion.


  6. First things first. I feel that Tee is over size for you. Dont you think? :-)

    And I am glad you had a decent time there; meeting and interacting with new faces is always fun!!


  7. aha so finally vakil sahiba came up with the post and yup it was as interesting as ever...

    ok i am not sure if the rest of the bloggers got the right size or did renie get back at u with an over-sized tee that could possibly fit 2 or may be 3 Nehas in it?! :P

    and yup, i am so jealous that u guys got the free .in domains! not fair not fair... am gonna protest about this to Renie...

    but u kow what we had 30 seconds of fame.... one extra second of fame... ha ha ha :P
    but i agree with u, who the hell is gonna remember the URLs ya... luckily Sensible Bakwas was something everyone remebered... i mean before the meet I had like 58 followers and by the time was back home they incresed to 68... so i guess the name did work. :P

    anyways i missed out on this meet and now i feel like kicking myself... but glad u had fun :)


  8. yeah seriously! 5 hours just vanished...

    and i came for the TEE :P :P

  9. i am waiting for the bloggers meet in pune...I am sure they will come up with one...and then I will make u jealous :-p

  10. It would have been my 1st ever Indiblogger meet and I have missed it BIG time, I think (read it, missed some followers :P)...
    Neha, can you do a favour? Can you please pass on your over-sized tee to me as it would be of no use to you? :P

  11. So we did manage to coax you into coming for the blogger meet!

    regret not having met you, but thanks for rubbing it in!

    Another blogger meet?

  12. lolzzz thats a nice intro you made :P no wonder they remembered the lawyer...

  13. I couldnt attend the meet, i hope for better circumstances next time :/ :(
    I am so curious about what happened in the debate...
    and freebies are always cool.. :p

  14. So the lawyer is finally up with a long review after talking about copyrights in her intro?? :P :P

    So, as usual..jhakkas post, enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the kind mention!

  15. It has been a wish of mine to meet many bloggers..:P

    Lucky u've got to meet em..
    @Insignia! i feel the same..over sized it looks! Did u try it on?

  16. I am flattered to the core!!!!
    "Mohan - the most famous blogger present there!!!"
    Good to have met you in person Neha. We had a great time networking with fellow bloggers for sure. Look forward for the next meet :)

  17. sure was fun meeting up and putting faces to names!

  18. Wow! that was nice..couldn't attend, had other commitments..would have loved to meet u :))

  19. @Shilpa, @Debosmita maybe bloggers have bad handwriting due to lack of practice(typing comments digitally mostly) ...
    Tee, domain sure a lot of take-away and yes indiblogger meets are fun specially when you get to see the 'faces' behind the interesting blogs :D

  20. For me meet was a sure shot success. Well arranged. Enjoyed your blog. God bless.

  21. Hey Neha, that was nice, and thanks for!! That made me read the post twice u see!!!

    @ Tavish..better kick urself, somebody said, they will make it!!

  22. wow Neha... A tee, an individual domain and the some free pubicity for the profession.. great :)

    I just hope something like that happens in a meet for me :D :D

  23. Sounds like you had a lot of fun there! Enjoyed reading this post.
    Here in Oslo, its blogs written by teenagers that are the most popular. Am glad to know that Indian bloggers are treated more seriously.

  24. nice... im sure such a meet will never happen in mysore and i wont be able to attend any.. anyways, good for u di..yeah, ppl do tend to remember u by ur profession or place and odd. keep enjoyin :)

  25. you must have enjoyed lot
    thanks for the pics.

  26. Wow! I wish we had somethign like that here in Cochin. I can imagine the excitement of meeting people you have only read...the tee looks cool too! :)

  27. Haha.. indeed... A lawyer whom I can never forget.. interestingly after the meet I culd remember Neha and Lawyer, and infact I was trying to find your ID... cos this one time @punkpolkadots was looking out for one as some freakin store in bangalore had took her photo and put it on their ads...violating but obviously the copyrights blah blah n blah... anyways... yea nice blog.. n yes... like the part about Renie never being late..hehe....


  28. @ Debs, cmmon, click on the will be able to read the comments..I know you cannot read good stuff written for me :P but still, try hard :D I am gonna bill them all girl..don't worry :D

    @ Ritu, attend's fun..I love the tee :)

    @ Soaham, debate got too serious, that's that..I am not a good listener when it comes to casual meetings..:)

    @ Shilpa, ask Renie why 29 seconds :D next mumbai meet, come and can stay with me :)

    @ Kima, oh well, you can write it here as well :) I am too shy to publicize anything that way :D

    @ Insignia, haan, the tee is too big for me :( but I love loose tees :P I did have a good time there :)

    @ Tavish, thank you very much..haan re, 2-3 Neha to aaram se fit ho jaayegi isme :P ab kya Sourav ki tarha tu bhi royega kya? :P :P your blog name is pretty unique, so people will remember it easily..Neha is so damn common! make it the next time around now :)

    @ Neha, ye naam ka kammal hai kya? :P

    @ Shahid, you could have attended this one too..mumbai-pune kaha dur hai..

    @ Niket, ah followers..well, maybe..but you surely did miss meeting wonderful bloggers..noooooooo, I have worked hard for the tee..i won't pass it on to u :P

    @ Vinni, well, yeah, finally you guys managed to convince me :P next meet for sure :)

    @ Rajlakshmi, :P I am good at PR you see :D

    @ xyzandme, erm, curious to know about the debate? wrong blog buddy :P

    @ Parth, lol..thanks for your generous words..glad you liked the post :)

    @ Madhu, yeah, I got to meet wonderful people..I tried the tee..I love loose tees.. :D

    @ Mohan, oh that's the WERE the most famous blogger there :) I am looking forward to the next meet too :)

    @ Deepak, it was wonderful meeting you :)

    @ Pushpee, there is always a next time..we will meet up for sure :)

    @ D-man, ah, so nice of you to take my side for a change :D yeah the meet was indeed one is in Bangalore btw right? :)

    @ Sailin, I didn't meet you there..but yeah, it was a success indeed :)

    @ Viyoma, oh you were the first person I met there :)

    @ Kavi, nothing can beat our meet, trust me..when are we meeting next? :)

    @ Kanagu, just keep your fingers crossed :D

    @ Saroj, bloggers are treated damn seriously in India..I am sure you would have enjoyed this meet.. :)

    @ Chandana, there is a meet in Bangalore this month..attend that na :)

    @ sm, yeah, really enjoyed it :)

    @ DC, yeah, it was indeed wonderful meeting everyone..I wish it happens in or around Cochin soon :)

    @ Srinivas, I was not tweeting, so you could not have found me there :) ask that person to contact me now :P and Renie is ALWAYS late and not never late :D

  29. Please organize another meeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttttt!!! :-((((

  30. Probably the only post on #indimum that mentioned me :P

    And yeah, thanks Neha for making me Part I.

    Would you believe it, I came for the meet and left with out the Tee.

    And I can not believe that I actually wrote my blog URL on that poster of yours, I hope you had asked for it, though I am used to being a whore for promotions. This statement is a proof for that :P

  31. Hey, lucky you!
    With a cool custom domain you must have felt blessed!
    And adding to the glory, your blog deserves it tough.

  32. Great that you had a great time but I cant help feeling a little Jealous.

  33. Knowing that the great Mohan really exists was a high point for me too.

    And I didn't get the tee. Living in a suburb surrounded by real ones I didn't know that there was a 'celeb' there.

    But I did hope that there would be samosas

  34. will ask u in gabbar style:

    yeh tee-shirt mujhe de de nehaaaaaaaaa :)

  35. Nehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :p

  36. Hi! neha,
    nice to know you had a wonderful time & thanks for sharing...its always nice to meet people whom we know thru words.

  37. Ooooooh I am soooooooooo J :-) Keep the Tee and give me your Domain, no Neha??