Monday, July 12, 2010

This Strange world of Blogging

This strange world of blogging! You find people here – the virtual one, with virtual names, sometimes weird ones too. Names that amuse you, names that make you wonder about the real person behind them. As the normal human nature goes, you usually tend to imagine a person behind those wonderful write ups that you love. Usually we end up visualizing the blogger as “good looking” one and never an ugly face as we are so very fascinated by their writing style or their sense of humour and such. Well, a person with such an amazing talent can never be NOT good looking right? But sadly, I am not supposed to write on their good looks (if at all they have any), but about this very strange world of blogsphere!

I have been blogging for more than a year now. I cannot call myself a great blogger (ah, the modest me!), but I have observed enough about the blogs and bloggers to write this post dedicating to them.

Now call this weird trait of mine, rather, a weirdity as a fellow blogger puts it, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Anonymous Identity of bloggers. Here, people call themselves lonely heart, crying eye, running skeleton, stupid character and what not. And they all are proud of these names. Call them by this in real life and see their reaction! Don't sue me if they beat the hell out of you.

There are few who have decent names too. They don't want to reveal their identity or they can relate to that term really well. Few among them become really popular bloggers. But people know the pseudo name of the person. Popularity is yours but the name isn't! Hmmm.

Usually, people with anonymous identities have a Personal Blog. There, they usually rant. Rant about work, family, husband, boyfriend, friends, loneliness, crowd, food, roads, potholes, moods, happiness, sadness, jealousy and every possible emotion you can think of. They rant and we read. Sometimes we enjoy the rants, other times we leave a comment in spite of not liking the rant at all, as we need their comments too! 

 Somehow, I have always enjoyed reading General Blogs that usually concentrate on day to day observations, regular topics, photographs, general people, small joys of life that we tend to overlook. Such general blogs include Travelogues, Review Blogs, Fashion Blogs, Photo Blogs, Short Stories Blogs, Food Blogs and such kinds. Now “always enjoy reading” is a very relative term, for I somehow lack patience for the reviews, fashion and recipes. I love to read posts on observations, cities, cultures, or even geek stuff for that matter as I can really relate to it. Geekdom fascinates me the most; as I belong there.

I have even come across Political Bloggers, Social Bloggers, Tech Bloggers, Sex Bloggers – oh yes, there are plenty of them who write about raunchy stuff on a public blog and you will faint after looking at their popularity and if you love to receive plenty of comments and want hundreds of followers, you will get tempted to start such a blog too. A sacred form of Sex Blogs is Mushy Blogs. Here, the love and affection have been portrayed beautifully. Even an unromantic person like me can read one whole post. Rest of the posts do get too monotonous for me, but still, even that is an achievement.

One lady whom I regularly read has a blog for her son – A Mommy Blogger I call her. She writes about her experiences with him, his growing up days, the first word he said, the first sentence he formed, the first friend he made, the first letter he wrote, the first competition he won – each memory, each and every memory is preserved in her posts. Some bloggers even write from the child’s prospective – it reads as if the child has written those posts; his perspective, his perception, his feelings and emotions.

Professional Bloggers – the luckiest of all. Geeks like me blog for free, and use the free space to vent out. We do not care about hits, Adsense, Alexa and Page Ranks, SEO, number of comments, number of subscribers, followers and fans. But Professional Bloggers make their passion a business and earn out of it. No wonder they are successful. And we let our passion be just a passion, no matter how popular our blog is numbers and readers wise. We prefer to be called a geek in spite of being tagged as Blog Celebrity.

Blog Celebrity reminds me of Celebrity Blogs. Various film stars and celebrities blog too. Their language is so lucid, their description is so vivid, and their posts are very long and make a good read. Blog is updated pretty much regularly, around 12 to 15 posts a month. They will have two posts in five days even though they might have travelled through four countries in those five days! Now aren’t they amazing? And they write so well, that you sometimes feel that it must have been written by some professional blogger! Multi faceted personalities in its true sense, don’t you think?

Ah, the list will go on and on. Even Teenagers blog these days even before they enter college – they are that talented. They even advice geeks about how to blog and make money. You even find online magazines - free as well as subscription ones, Group Blogs, Contest Blogs, News Blogs, Campaign Blogs and such. Group blogs bring in like minded people under one roof, while contest blogs bestow you with name, recognition and erm virtual prizes (sigh!) while few of the campaigns on blogs have been very successful.

Now it’s time for my favourite category of bloggers – crazy for comments, followers and numbers. They go into depression if nobody reads their post, they comment on other blogs and posts so that others come back and comment on theirs. One of such bloggers once asked me about the secret behind getting a lot of comments. She wanted a lot of comments and she thought that a geek would know the answer to her question. She wanted me to advice her on how can she get a lot of comments. Time for another sigh!!

Now I think I have the answer for her question. I am in an advice mood as well. All you wonderful bloggers, who think that receiving comments on your post is a difficult task, or you do not have many readers on your blog, here are ten golden rules for you – Ten Blog Commandments. Use them and see how far you reach in the world of blogging and become a blog celebrity:

1) Choose the topic that has some kind of discriminating factor.

2) Blog hop a lot and leave an “over the board” comment on others’ post. They are bound to visit your page after you have left many praises on their post. If the post favours them, they will praise you back and may add you in their follow list. If they dislike your post, they will still leave a fake comment praising you.

3) Agree with your readers. But ask them questions. They will come back and reply again. The number and length of comments will keep on increasing.

4) Do not write a new post for the next seven days.

5) Publish your post at all possible networking sites.

6) After three days, once the traffic starts decreasing; blog hop again, leave a nice comment, call the blog owner intelligent, leave your post link and ask for his/her views on it.

7) After another day, follow step two again.

8) Next day, follow step three.

9) All this while, you only keep posting anonymous comment on your post that is opposing and replying to others. Enjoy the game being played among your readers.

10) In those seven days, think about your second topic and mention it in bold and capital letters in your comment form and other social networking sites.

Do this exercise. I am sure you will get more than 100 unique hits per day. Activate Adsense and earn money. Moreover, you will be considered as one of the finest bloggers. Additionally; add all your readers/followers as your facebook friends. Now you are secured that they will always come back and read your post and comment as they are your "friends" now.


  1. If I want to know what blogging is all about, the rage and the addiction, it will be from from none other than you. Obviously. As always you never fail to amuse and scintillate!
    And I can replace all the ten rules you wrote for one: Be Neha! :D

  2. My My!! Exhaustive is the word.

    Blog after sometime becomes an integral part of our life. People do use this medium for lot of things as you have mentioned.

    I had come across a blog which was one stop shop for all your Hindi music, starting from 1930s. That poor blogger went on to edit something and he lost it all and could not recover. I lost my one stop shop.

    Few rant, complain, crib, few write to spread happiness, few write to share what they learnt. Its nice when people take time to read and comment genuinely, not just for the sake of commenting and leaving a mark behind so that he can get visitors.

    I liked the pictures :-) Says a lot

  3. @ G, ah, now my real views about bloggers ain't hidden from you right? be Neha? :P c'mon, who would want to be a geek :D

    @ Insignia, exhaustive indeed..and tiring especially when you do not sleep through night and you have to write this :) Music Blogs - I have never come across one yet..but poor chap!! most here leave a mark behind without reading the post just to get the comments back..thanks girl..glad you liked the pictures :)

  4. Agree with G :) One just has to be Neha :D Hehe.. as usual rocking post.. and again you pulled the invisible legs of anony bloggers :P

  5. A wonderful review Neha, in your very own wonderful style!
    I am taking home some learnings from the 10 commandments!! ;)
    All the best for the contest.
    Cheers :)

  6. hmm as usual superb , you know everytime i read a article on your place , i learn something more..

    and this review indeed is wonderful.. the agony bloggers BEWARE

    all the best for BPL.. I am sure you gonna rock this time GO FOR IT GIRL chakk de fatteeeee :)

  7. PHD kar rahi hain kya social media par :)

    but nevertheless, it was very nice...informative.

  8. i see that the 10 commandments of blogging were written in a sarcastic way...or were you serious about them??

    neha you are such a geek!

    i left you this question and praised you...

    see i am already following your rules..! :P :P

  9. @ Avada, started the butter troupe here as well? ;) now now, you anon bloggers always amuse and interest me..all my favourite bloggers write posts under the shield of anonymity :)

    @ Shilpa, thank you..but I liked your post more :P thanks buddy :)

    @ Bik, learn something from a geek when it comes to blogging? c'mon! rock or not - I dunno..who cares right? ;)

    @ G3, lol..nahi re..dry topic de diya, to thoda interesting bana diya :P

    @ Aparna, you found them real or sarcastic? ;) lemme hop over to your blog :D

  10. That was one detailed research on bloggers! You missed my type-the lazy ones. lol :D

    Well written!

  11. Nice post..n very well written as always!! U have done a good research as far as blogging world is concerned:) !! Nice pic :)!
    Even i know i such blogger who is hungry for comments...may b its something what makes them happy..some r like that!!

  12. col..lots of pointers Neha..some of them I had missed.
    Now I know how to get more comments on my blog :P
    heheh fundu post :)

    Good Luck for the contest.

  13. Your points to increase more visitors and comments are really intelligent and nice. Hope you will visit my blog in return to this comment and even if you don't read the "MahaBharat" I have written there, you will "fake" praise that with a comment. ;-)

  14. The final post has turned out to be to be a really fun read :-) And I once again say that yours is one comprehensive post on blogosphere :-) Neha, your brand of sarcasm is my favourite ;)

    This was a 'cool' roar from you, Tiger :) Let me tell you something here - I think you play a very important role in binding our team together :-)

  15. I agree with Shilpa I am taking home a number of things and also very Nehaistic post with sarcasm and all... and liked the hints :P in para 10, 11 ....

  16. There are two ways of blogging...

    1. Blogging as an end in itself
    2. Blogging as a means to someone's/something's end.

    Your 10 commandments are very much apt for the first one.

    PS : I know very few bloggers who follow the second one.

  17. Enlightened. Kya funda hai boss. Bilkul solid.

  18. Awesome!! Neha's 'Commandments' should be every Blogger's Bible :-)

  19. Neha at her usual best.Cant figure out as to where do you pick these topics from.It needs a lot of research work.
    Now, it gives me an opportunity to figure out as to where do I fit in as not so successful blogger.May be you should help me analyse this.
    Very nice post, neha.

  20. What an absolutely fun post!
    It's got an interesting description of all the nuances of the blogging world with tips on making it big too.. hehehe! :D

    great work tiger!

  21. Such a thorough analysis, Neha! Reading blogs is one thing, categorizing them is another. Your observation is damn good. ;)
    It's better not be a celebrity blogger than follow your ten commandments. Following them is such a pain in the neck. :P
    Are there people who follow those?
    If someone is really desperate to get more comments, following those commandments will surely make them successful.
    I'm impressed with this post. Soopar. :))

  22. Super post. Such a thorough and deep analysis on a topic that, at least in my opinion, is very difficult to write because of the wide array of things that can be covered. But the way you've handled it, covering almost everything, 'educating' your readers, and sprinkling everything with a bit of Neha brand of sarcasm, is simply fantastic. And knowing how much you had to stress and sacrifice sleep to write this, it is just, bloody, brilliant. Two thumbs up tiger. And a warm round of applause.

  23. @ Aditya, lazy ones - there are plenty of them around me..I did miss them na :P

    @ NR, thanks..I think I know whom you are talking about :P

    @ LP, you know the trade secrets indeed :D

    @ Shankha, errrr, I already said na that I am a geek :P

    @ Nalini, thank you :)

    @ Debs, thank you very much..comprehensive - I hope so..sarcasm, I know I rock there :P this time I didn't help the team a bit :( you guys are rocking and lucky to be in the same team as you :)

    @ D-man, thanks..Nehaistic - I love the term..let me make a label of it now :P

    @ Mahesh, hmmm, interesting points..I believe in blogging for myself..I enjoy that arrangement more :) which category you will put me in? be honest please :)

    @ Holy Lama, thank you :)

    @ Pal, thanks girl..hugs :))

    @ BK Chowla, thank you sir..this topic was given to me..otherwise I usually write about things that leave me curious..thank you for your generous comments :)

    @ Rashmi, thank you girl...ready to be big now? :P

    @ K, thank you..following the ten commandments is ewwwwwww :P thanks buddy..glad you liked the post :)

    @ Sudhi, to readers - well free gyaan batne ka :P thank you re..still I feel bad as I couldnt contribute much to the team :(

  24. nice article
    you covered nearly all points.

  25. Hey Neha...

    Very honest question i would say... Again very few can ask it :)

    Let me clear my intention.

    I cant categorize you, simply because i dont know what are your "ends".

    So, once you are very much clear with the ends, you will get an honest answer for yourself.

    What all i guess you are pretty much sure why you are blogging as you said, "I blog for myself". May be i think myself is end for your blogging activity

    I wrote in FB,

    " There is a substantial difference between blogging and writing....
    Some write to blog and some blog to write."

    PS: When is your next fiction ?
    PPS : I want to read something on PILs or anything related to Law.

  26. Great yaar...

    Funny and sarcastic the usual neha way!

    The 10 commandment are awesome indeed... Soon you gonna get hits from all over the globe!

    Hoping people get the sarcasm in them in time!

  27. Nicely reviewed! Liked the 10 commandments. I should try and not blog for 7 days... =P Let's see how that works. Unfortunately, too addictive to wait that long sometimes. Good luck with the contest!

  28. thats absolutely a wonderful post Neha on blog and bloggers :) three cheers :)

    and you can't leave sarcasm.. :D :D what is the good thing about yours is everybody can enjoy that :)

    And I am wishing the best :) and hopefully will move to final :)

    Hail tigers :)

  29. You know i should start following the ten commandments of blogging and see how well my blog does.

    I liked the whole review of the blog world. Great post :)

  30. @ Mahesh, ummm, not only myself..I like to blog as it refreshes me..I read blog as I like to read..anyway, no matter what, I am happy blogging..without bothering about beginnings and the way I blog to write :)
    PS: Fiction - I cannot write much
    PPS: Legal topic - I dont feel like as all the time i m doing legal work only :)

    @ Saurabh, thank you very much..hits all around the globe - nai chahiye :P oh yeah I hope people do get sarcasm this time around!

    @ PB, exactly my sentiments..thanks girl :)

    @ Kanagu, thanks..ah by now all of you know me right? tolerating me for so long now :P let's hope we make to the final :)

    @ Harini, no re girl, don't follow..not worth the pain :P

  31. An exemplary satire...aka Neha Signature Ishtyle!!!

    am still smirking...

    Love the 10 commandments, no wonder am still at the gates of the blogging world, will now religiously follow em ;)

    Super Stuff, Go Tiger, Roar!!!

  32. Well, that's too many blog categories ... I might have never been able to come up with so many categories :D ... I wonder in which category my blog will come in :D ...

    I skimmed through a few of your other posts ... I really liked the free flowing writing style that you have ... makes it easy to read, no matter how long the post is ... and no, I'm not praising you so that you come to my blog and write a fake comment :D ... take care!