Friday, July 09, 2010

Delhi Trip - Part 2

This post is a part of Dehli Trip post series. To read Part 1, please click here.

27th February, 2007 - Delhi, here we come

Early morning, we reached Mathura Station where train halts for the maximum time. Our morning started with good tea served in kullads (clay pots). Now mind you, this was the very first "nice" tea we were having since the journey began. Tea available in the train - masha allah - You do not know whether to call it tea or a flavoured water in gray colour (no exaggeration at all!).

The most disgusting thing for me is to brush my teeth in those general wash basins where people watch dirty hands - yuck. I bought a Bisleri; a better, safer and more hygienic option! I had around three kullads of tea in one go. No, the tea was not extra ordinary, but I was not sure whether I would get another good cuppa in those seven days stay or not!

Train journey came to an end and so did our eventful endeavors as an audience. Now there were better things to look forward to. We were scheduled to visit "formal" places in the morning and "interesting" places in the evening. We were taken to the hotel in Karol Baug Area. Now, the hotel part surprised us the most. It was day time, we checked in and we were taken up by the elevator to the top floor. Then we were asked to follow the staff so that we find the right way to our rooms. Strangely, after coming out of the elevator, we were made to cross the corridor, take stairs again for one floor, take another elevator and we are in a different premises altogether!

We didn't have much of time to wonder about the hotel. We changed into the boring formals and went for the visit to small courts. There were many high profile cases on board along with petty crimes. The court room we were in had one of the most famous Judges. This Lady Judge was known for disposing off 40 cases each day! Phew! after attending L. K. Advani's brother's case, and hearing about Rahul Mahajan's case and few more cases, we went to see the Akshardham Temple.

Now, if you are fond of architectural beauty, then I am sure you will fall in love with this  place the moment you see it. It's huge, crowded yet calm. There is some kind of pure fragrance in the air, a mixture of sand and sandalwood, something very raw and soothing and cannot be explained in words.

After taking a wonderful tour of the temple, we went to see the fountain show. Now, many people are fan of such shows, but not me. I find them all in the same - different size of fountains and different colours of light - a perfect synchronization with the music playing in the background - but that's that! There is nothing else to see for the next 45 minutes. Anyway, it's still "interesting" for many (I don't know why or how!). 

Cutting the crap short, the next event was that of a boat ride. And I must admit, I have never ever seen such an amazing set up in my life. Now, I am not so good with words, so i will paste what Wikipedia has to say about it:

Boat ride

Named Sanskruti Vihar, this ride takes visitors on a journey through 10,000 years of Indian history in approximately 12 minutes. Visitors sit in specially designed peacock shaped boats that make their way around an artificial river, passing through a model of Takshashila, the world's first university, chemistry laboratories, ancient hospitals, and bazaars, finally ending with a message expressing hope for the future of India.

None of us wanted the boat ride to end. We were transported in the different century altogether. Hungry and tired, we returned to our hotel. The scene that we saw there was one of the scariest and most frightening one. The restaurant was full of social workers from all over the world. There were around fifty of them with men from around the world too! Our travel agent was not contactable and it was 10:30 in he night already. We didn't know what to do. We didn't want to stay there for another minute. A friend of mine had come to visit me. Somehow, we managed to cancel all our bookings from there and booked another hotel. Luckily we got a decent one and by midnight, everything was settled.

All of us were scared with the mere thought of that nightmare. So what if police had raided the hotel. What would we have done then! Nobody felt like eating anything. Ermmm, except for me and my room mates. Now, if you have a friend visiting you, witnessing what you went through in past one hour; and to cheer you up, he gets the yummiest cake and burgers, fries etc. Which person will not feel hungry? :P

Now we were not so selfish too. After finishing more than half portion of the cake, we gave it to others too; to cheer them up.

But the hotel incidence still frighten us. Whenever we discuss it, we think of Delhi Jail and arrest and no bail!

PS: Part 3 will for sure have Supreme Court and maybe Parliament Visit - My promise :)


  1. i rem u mentioning this incident to me about the delhi trip :)!! I understand it must hav been really scary...!!

  2. even after so long , you remember everythin so precisely di ? Great ! Nice write up . ↲Chandana shekar

  3. Nice post, Neha. Delhi is quiet a city:-)

  4. Hey Neha... nice to share some trip..waitin for the part3 as it luks more informative... I have been to delhi once... very good trip comprehensive trip it was, and lengthy one too... Ya.. my transit enroute to London

  5. you must have enjoyed trip lot
    you remember all the details

  6. 3 kullads of teat at one go!!! Hmmmm...

    Your description was vivid, and where you couldn't express, you took help from the Wiki. Thats a smart one!! Now why don't I get such thoughts!!

    I do recall you talking about the hotel nightmare!! Did you guys leave the travel agent in peace? Is he not supposed to take care of all these?

    Anyway, glad that you had a friend to help you out.

    Now!! you are teasing us by making us wait. I want to tour the Parliament and the SC!! Fast!!

  7. Just came to know what I missed on Delhi trip. Maybe next time.

  8. A mixed reaction to your trip?
    Akshadham and boating, both, are a unique experience.
    Without being offensive,there are hotels in Delhi which are not so "comfortable"and some of these travel agents choose these as during a certain lean period those are cheap.
    However,so long as the trip ended well it should be ok.
    Which Courts did you attend?Patiala House?

  9. Agree completely with the description of tea in trains :D ....looking forward to part3....

  10. @ BK Chowla, yeah, we visited Patiyala house and small causes courts..the Lady Judge name was Karuna Law..very dynamic lady I must say who disposed off cases pretty fast..Hotels - well, I know your point..:) the hotel was the only hick up..otherwise rest of the trip was fantabulous :)

  11. Hi! Neha,

    Thanks for sharing,reading ths makes me long for the boat ride.

  12. Very apt description of tea in trains!! Well,I'd never ever touch it!! And neither the Kullad tea. (I know, I might be missing out on a lot!!)
    Akshardham is simply awesome!!
    Ooops, the hotel incident is surely scary!!
    Looking forward to Part III.
    Cheers :)

  13. nicely written! i hate train journeys too

  14. nice write up...train journeys are great fun down south...the stations are clean and the food safe. I haven't traveled to Delhi/North since the 80' I wouldn't know

  15. You seem to remember everything very clearly as if it all happened just yesterday. Maybe the hotel incident was terrifying enough, though the rest of the trip went well!

  16. A nice one indeed!. By the way which was that infamous hotel?.

  17. Nice post!! If i could have known you were in Delhi, would have surely met you with Siddharth.

    Do let me know when you come next time.

  18. I was a regular at the court rooms of Altamas Kabir, Katju and Dalveer Bhandari. I used to love visiting the Court room 1 of Cyriac Joseph back when he was CJ of KA HC. Haven't seen him in action in the SC as yet.

    Whose court rooms did you visit? Was any bigshot arguing when you did?

    Which college were you in?

  19. That Hotel part was both funny and scary .

  20. Akshardham Temple is absolutely Wow! I missed the boat ride but saw the musical fountain. Even I am not much of a fan of these fountain shows but I found this one really good...waitign for the next post:)