Friday, July 30, 2010

Bloggers' Comments

A lot has been written about this topic. But it is always amusing to read the take of each and every person on this particular topic. I am going to write  about the same things, but I know a few will really enjoy reading this post :P

This morning a blogger friend K and I were discussing about comments that we receive on our posts. Now, K and I have many common readers, so it won't be a problem for many of you to guess who I am talking about. K is a master story teller. Most of his readers love his long and intriguing stories. Now you know whom I am talking about? :)

Like always, our discussion revolved around the comments a few bloggers post. He usually gets comments like - excellent story, great narration, you have a way with words, that was some twist, I didn't see that coming, you are brilliant like always and blah blah blah. But nobody will comment on the characters, their traits, shades, etc.; nor will they know that there is supposed to be a hidden message in the story and as a reader you are supposed to decipher that! Poor K! He very sweetly replies to all. Moreover, he does not even mind those comments. When I pointed out these things to him, he simply brushed it off saying that it didn't matter to him. Well he is too nice.

I have experienced such things on my blog too. One of my old posts that was supposed to be a funny one on projectophobia and lecturophobia, people read the title, saw the image and read last two lines of the post. Quite a few comments I got that said - don't worry, you will be fine; take care; it happens with all and such! From that day onwards, I knew that i lacked sense of humour and I could not write funny stuff!

Then came another post on toilet plant. People took that seriously too and they even googled about it! I hope they were sarcastic, though they didn't sound so. Or maybe I am dumb.

Then there are few, who will say very nice post even when you mention about the death of your favourite pet! I am no animal lover, so it has not happened with me, but I have read such comments on many blogs. They are "nice post" bloggers. In the morning they copy these words and paste them on 100 blogs they visit.

Well there is no rocket science behind posting such comments and not reading posts. You will find many bloggers here who are hungry for comments. They just want people to come on their space and say nice things all the time. Thus they are nice with them too. And mind you, they are the normal sorts as most of the people do it. few of us are dumb and abnormal who do not post a comment until we really like the post or we have something to add on that topic.

Coming back to the conversation with K, he asked me to read one of his posts as majority of the people did not get it. There too, I found similar comments which were posted without even reading the whole story. Now i will wait for K to confirm whether I have interpreted his story correctly or not. I found only 2 comments which gave me a hint that they had deciphered the correct meaning behind "parallel" stories and they were actually not parallel! :P One of the person reads me regularly so she will get the hint. :)

Oh too many codes in this post right? Let me wrap up this post on an honest line - I find many comments fake ones. My regular readers are very good people. They will not leave a word behind if they do not like my post. But I know they read me. Comment for me is just another way of communication. And communication does not mean replying a "thank you" for a "nice post" comment. 

Ah, I can hear many voices saying - ditto, I go through the same thing!


  1. That is it. No more comments on your post...hahahah

  2. Aaahh! You can say it again!! I guess, one should truly refrain from such generic comments and commenting without reading!! It's terrible to find that the post has not been read!! :(

  3. ho my god..

    even comment to become a topic now-a-days..

    regarding comments abt story writing - NO COMMENTS!!

    (BTW.. Neha - at times writing comments is a challenge for me.. and at times me use to think over the commenting a day or two and try to improve that.. but too much reading at times ends with the regular word - "PRESENT SIR..")

    me enjoyed this post through it revolves around you and k!

  4. You know what I get reminded of. :-P

  5. Oh I have one more 'other' category to add. Few bloggers keep nagging until you comment on their post.

    I dont comment if I have not read the post completely. Its no fair to comment on half-read posts. And there are posts which I dont feel like reading at all. Yet, they nag until you drop a comment :-S

  6. I'm sure I'm not counted in the 'nice post' bloggers ;)

    I agree with you Neha..people most of the times just scroll around the post and sometimes even take the cue from the comments on the post and make up their own comment ! Sigh !

    But that's the part of the blog world and you can't eradicate it :)

  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh! I am scared to comment...& say you are actually very articulate obviously quite funny(not subtly)!!Thus leaving things unsaid!:):):)

  8. I've an example to share..I recently did this post on WP blog

    read it and you'll know how readers don't read fully and still comment

  9. ohhh !!!! that means commenting on your post is risky...
    no comments....
    sorry i was a bit bzy.

  10. Well you are right i guess most peole di it si they can have people cone to there blog. I know what you mean . The same goes for followers to so many people start to follow you but are we sure they all visit you i have seen it so many follow me but its a few who come so y follow if u not interested.
    I like havjng comments well thats me but as u say i hope i am not the types who wdite for the sake i keep feeling that i write too long comments
    And regarding comments for something sad ah well you already know about one such epusode on a competition blog some wrote the same on the article too as comments.

  11. This is the first time I visited your blog...I would like to share something with u..

    While I started my blog, one of my friends wrote this to me "one piece of advise on how you can gain visitors to your weblink- try visiting others weblogs and drop in your comments. this in a way obligates the other person to take ocassional visit to yours".

    So this is how many of them think, this might be one of the reasons why they leave comments without reading the blog.

    Don't think that I'm playing the same trick....


  12. LOl that was fun.i do make sure i reply back to every comment i get.Blogging ethics u may say..:P
    But yeah there are a few despo's who dont comment till i do..:P :D
    thnaks for dropping by my page!

  13. every blogger knows importance of comment.

  14. I'll speak for myself here, coz I really don't know what others think / do when they read blogs / post comments. I follow just countable blogs which I think I can relate to and post comments only when I'm on the same page as the author is.

    But like you said, I understand there are a lot of people fishing for comments, albeit can't do much about them, can we? Hope they take a hint from your blog;D

  15. nice post :P

    Ok that was me at my nutty comment... dont mind :).. well Neha.. let me know how to handle comments like this plss.....i personally most of the time read.. but never comment.. lazy me..well yu at least shd be happy, check my blogposts... bcos they are funny.. all i get is a "ha ha" , " funny" , " nice" .. thats all :(... first i thought..Oh its funny.. then i understood... neverthless.. I write for me and some regular readers like bindu, yu :)... tak care... keep bloggin!

  16. Looks like this has become the order of the day...categorising and analysing the comments received!!

    Wonder which category you will put this one under?

  17. Now you know why am never the first one to comment:)
    I need time to read the post. I don't post a comment just to post a comment.
    And you know what, I am not even part of this race of getting many comments. I have a few regular readers( you among them:))who leave their comments on my blog and am happy for that.
    Personally I don't leave a comment if I haven't read the whole post.
    And well, maybe am sometimes slow on the uptake and may not decipher the code in the post...he he he.

  18. By the way, I like the new look of your blog:-)

  19. The net catches all kinds of fish. Eat only the ones you like, let others swim:)

  20. I usually read all the posts and comment accordingly. If i dont understand, i add in the comments kii i did not understand anything. But i made a serious blunder 2 days back. I was reading Hary's blog. It was around 2 at night, he had written about his friend gokul, i thought he had written about himself (wonder how the name gokul missed my eyes)...i liked the post and said that the post is nice, but u look different in the pics. Bas aur kya? mera itna major popat huva kii main sharam se pani pani ho gayi :P

    Lesson learnt: Never read or comment until u r fully awake :P

  21. Strange! Nobody talked about the blog theme change :P or I am late to detect it? ....Achha template hai...
    Coming to the post .... Nice Post ... Keep Writing ;) ....
    aur kuch bolun :P ...

  22. With the honesty of the post,an excellent template has gone unnoticed.
    I tend to agree with you on your observations about comments but I think such cases are restricted to fresh bloggers who are frustrated as it takes time to build up dedicated followers.
    I can talk of myself,I comment only if and when I understand the post and the msg behind it, be it serious or or funny.
    If any one finds my comments as "routine", please write about it.It may help improve the quality of blogging and may bring in better posts.
    Neha, it takes a serious observer to write such a blog.
    My best compliments

  23. First of all : wonderful layout but 'tis too white.

    And instead of commenting on this post I'd link you to another blogger's post. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading.

    P.S: Karthik is really sweet! :)

  24. Firstly, I love the new look.

    Secondly, sometimes i need up repeating myself (well most of the times actually). I really dont know what to say sometimes. But if i comment, i have read the post. Otherwise i dont comment or wait till i read it :P.

  25. Well G3, amongst all my bloggers I like yurs ,Neha, Chriz and Bindu the most...and no wonder I made a comment as its unusual of yu :) ... its not expecting but then yu feel disappointed when they assume wrong.. anyways I know if not for a reason yu wont comment it wrongly :)!! just take a look at my post.. there are so many who thought its me... wonder who reads my blog :(!...

  26. We'd juuuuuust discussed this and you've already written about it?! Lol.. That was fast! ;)

    "You scratch my back and I scratch yours" is the funda with most of them. Can't help it.
    I'm fortunate that I have a few wonderful readers. But the things you've mentioned about cosmetic appreciation (read back scratching) usually happens during contests like Blog-a-ton.
    Either ways, as I've always said, being read itself is a huge compliment, let alone a comment. Therefore it's kinda ok most of the times.
    But when you get a "Wow! Brilliant dude, awesome dude, blah-blah dude" within just two minutes of posting a 6000-word story, it's really irritating.
    You know what I'm talking about, don't you? :P

    No matter what, we can't really follow your ten commandments now, can we? :P

    That was sweeter of you to say. Thanks. :)

  27. Thanks Hary...i was feeling really stupid :)...a blogging lesson well learnt!

  28. I guess even genuinely commenting 'Nice post' on this one would be an anticlimax of sorts :)

  29. You are right it's kind of irritating actually. My friend once visited a blog where a lady wrote abt the joy of her first pregnancy and how her world came crashing down when she had a miscarriage. And one silly blogger who might have read just the first para, left a comment 'Congrats!'

    I read K's story twice this time. I could sense his disappoinment in most ppl not being able to see the point...

  30. It actually depends on the person..and i too hav come across many who r just greedy for comments...they believe the more comments u hav u seem to b more famous in blogging world:)!! U dont come in that category Neha...lolz!!:)
    I hope m in the"very good ppl " list of!!!

    take care :))

  31. Ha ha so true. Genuine comments will help the blogger. People forget a simple fact-To become a good blogger, you need to write well. At least attempt genuinely. :) All the advertising is waste if the blog isn't worth a second read.

  32. No, no. Don't worry everything will be fine. Such things happen!


    You have a way with words!

    OR post!

    I seriously couldn't think of anything better than those. First time here, and what a warm welcome. Now I know the secret art of commenting on blogs! :P

  33. In my case, I dont usually have anything to add to the post, unless there is something that I can relate to.. Normally I leave a small comment like nice post, just to let the blogger know that it was a good post.. On posts which I dont like, I dont comment :) But some people expertise in writing long comments.. I really wonder how they manage to do that for every post they read !!

  34. you are a blog and blogger's mind analyzer Neha... :) :) you keep on churning out posts on these lines..

    At times I will read a post and I don't feel like anything to add so I will comment nice post to let them know I have read that post...

    for stories... for some strange reason I can never relate to a person in story... esp. in short story... in movies its ok.. so I find that its a word of encouragement...

    if I find their narration is good.. i will mention that...