Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things I am proud of..

Some Tags are just meant for you, like this one. This tag is started by IHM. When Ugich Konitari and Deeps tagged me, I commented on Ugich Konitari's blog saying that I would take it up as soon as I complete my Delhi trip series. But no, the super excited me could not even stick to her word for more than an hour. 

I have always been a tomboy most my life. These days, my clothes are more feminine and wardrobe has only a couple of loose tees. My shoe collection has a couple of "Matching" chappals with Indian outfits and I cook! Sigh!! But this tag is all about most of the things I have been doing and getting those annoyed looks from people around me. Enough of blabbering I guess. Let me straight away take up the tag. 

In this tag, you are to list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.

Here it goes:
1. I love to play all kinds of sports. Football is something I enjoy playing during monsoon (well, who doesn't!). During my school days, I loved playing football in the rains, sliding in the mud purposely and get dirty; when my skin burnt while taking a hot shower, I realised where all I had got bruises. More the bruises, cooler it is.

2. Pardon me, but I have to write this in hindi, so that you get the exact feel of the ermmmm act. Hum 4-5 friends ne mil kar ek ladke ki pitai ki thi. I was the only girl in the group. That guy was bullying all the juniors all the time. shaana ban raha tha, to usko dho daala :D

3. I have jumped walls, dividers near churchgate station, climbed on tanks, water pipes, jumped from the first floor for fun and sprained my ankle.

4. I have drunk thums up 300 ML bottoms up in seven minutes. My eyes were watering for at least half an hour after that. My competitor lost to me and he had to sponsor my contribution for the next day cricket match.

5. I played cricket with guys at least five years elder to me. I used to be a fielder usually at mid on, I had an amazing aim and number of run outs under my name. Though I never got to bat and bowl (as I was a girl), but my run outs were considered (obviously).

6. I am the son for my father in law. If he has any work, or he wants to discuss something, or even if he wants to go for his medical check up, he takes me or consults me. I am aware about everything that happens in his life and not his son. Needless to say, my husband is very proud of this fact.

7. I have attended almost all the weddings in shirt and denim/formal pants before marriage. That's the dress code for guys right? 

8. I always played male character in school plays. Especially negative characters. One of the characters that I enacted was that of Naththuram Godse - the assasin of Mahatma Gandhi. He was the lead character of this play and I won too. (a bit of show off is allowed right?)

9. Now, one big confession. In my school time, just for the sake of it, I once went in the men's loo!

10. I am a woman but I walk like a man. I have zero elegance in me. My accent is typical Mumbaiya tapori one when I am around people whom I know very well. Only one thing makes me a real female. I am not interested in females. I am very much straight!

Now I tag Insignia, Guria, Shilpa Garg, Gayathri, Dhiman, Nazish, Merlin, Panorama, Holy Lama, Destiny's Child, Harini and whoever wants to take up this tag.


  1. This tag is doing the rounds like hot cakes!! Very very interesting!! And insightful too. Hence proved...Neha is a TOMBOY!!
    Cheers :)

    Thanks for tagging, will take it up!! :)

  2. :-P :-P

    Welcome to the group, the tomboy group :-P

    I dont like fizzy drinks. I can drink half a glass of cola in about 5 hours and you took 7 mins to finish 300ml!!!

    Otherwise all same same :D

    And you tagged me :-o mmm..thank you :-)

  3. What to say?
    I thing I'm blessed to be born as a guy :D
    But well, there's nothing much here to tell except that I second what Shilpa told and u accepted, Neha - the tomboy :P

  4. Cool!! You are getting more and more interesting! :D
    But darling, a couple of things aren't what our gender isn't supposed to do... We can very well play football and jump over walls and climb trees!! Can I jump, "Me too, me too!!"...
    But as far as tagging goes, "Why me?!"

  5. Goodness, I came here to tell you that I'd tagged you with the gender stereotype tag and you're already out with your take!! Shey!!

    Ok,now let me go and read what you've written. Will be back to comment :)

  6. @ Deeps, lemme mention that you tagged me too :D

  7. Loved this tag, Neha!! Point no 6.high5!! I'm a son to my pa-in-law too..or rather used to be. Now he is based in Bangalore. But we are the best of friends. I mention him in the same breath as my dad, 'cos I'm as close to him as I'm to my dad.

    Mujhe senti kardiya yar tumne!!

    Anyway, really enjoyed this tag of yours :)


  8. Tumne ek ladke ki pitaai ki because he was bullying the taali!! Bravo, girl!

  9. hehehe maa kasam...tapori hain tu toh :P

  10. That was such a fun read :)

    You beat up a boy. LOL! And went into a men's loo :)

    Loved this tag. Am having so much fun reading it everywhere.

  11. Hahaha...its only u who can do all these stuff :)
    My god u seriously entered men's loo...pura mad:)!!
    Good to know that u r very much!!:)

    Well answered neha :))!
    Will definitely try to take up this tag as soon as possible !!

    take care

  12. Ha ha ha! This was a great tag...feel like i got to know you a little better! Loved this post:-)

  13. wow! amazing yaar... weddings in formals, i never did that... cool!!!
    i have never taken up the tags thing, but now i am tempted to go ahead :)

  14. I jump over walls and love to play sports too :P.

  15. am sure goin to take this tag... though i know yu hav'nt tagged me :( !... i know most gals wanted to play futball ....cos they like to'nt it :)

  16. Ladke ki pithai akele karne mein jyada mazaa hai. Did it in class V b'coz he took my monkey cap.

  17. After going through this post I can only say-Neha baby you kick some major ass. :P :P

  18. Thanks for writing in hindi(point 2)...exact feel aaya !

    Men's !Kaisa tha ???

    Your tags are always fun to read.

  19. Interesting and i liked that cricket wala....

  20. Son to my in laws,that impresses me the most.
    You may just be setting an example to a lot of girls.
    Also, you sure were a tomboy.

  21. Son to my in laws,that impresses me the most.
    You may just be setting an example to a lot of girls.
    Also, you sure were a tomboy.

  22. Haha! This was fun reading, Neha!! ;)

  23. That was really nice .. loved the second point DHO dala.. WELL DONE .. acha kiya bully's need to be DHOED...

    and cricket wah wah .. jumping barricades ... going ot weddinngs like that .. man you are GREAT

    and nwo bowing

  24. Waah..aap toh badi 'toing' nikli! :D Amazing post was fun knowing the tomboyish side of you...

  25. It was nice knowing more about you Neha :) Men's loo? wow! you are a typical tomboy then :)

  26. Hey quite an insight I must say.. Enjoyed reading it.. :)

    //Going to the men's loo just for the sake of it// a very honest confession.. LOL..:)

    Fist fights and cricket go hand in hand.. ..:)

  27. Son to my in-laws... Ditto girl... I mean SAGS :P

    Seems that all of us have jumped walls and played football and wear comfort clothes,... Loos, omg!! in spite of the stink :D

  28. @ Shilpa, lol..thank you for the certificate ;) I will be waiting for your answers :)

    @ Insignia, I have always been in the group by default :P I cannot stay without thumbs up/coke..waiting for your answers if you are gonna take up the tag :)

    @ Pawan, I know!!! you agree too :P

    @ G, I have always been super interesting ;) I am talking about the scene 20 years back..that time, these things only boys did :) not compulsory to take up the tag btw :)

    @ Deeps, awww, senti to me bhi ho gayi thi re while writing this point :) mast pitai kar di thi uski..swollen face ke saath retutn hua tha - no stitches or anything though :P

    @ G3, hahahaha..thanks :D

    @ Smitha, men's loo was something I never told anybody :P yeah it's fun to read it everywhere :)

    @ Nethra, :D

    @ NR, you underestimate me still :P yes, I entered men's loo..waiting for your answers now :)

    @ Saroj, there is still much more to know about me :))

    @ sm, thank you :)

    @ Kanagu, :P

    @ Jesson, welcome here and thank you :)

    @ Anu, I had almost stopped getting invites and was getting very few shaadi ke rishte in weddings :D

    @ Harini, lol :D

    @ Hary, take it up na..kicking is our specialty :)

    @ Holy Lama, lol :D

    @ Sammy, oh yeah babes, I indeed do that :P

    @ Kavita, only you appreciate me no matter how I am :P hindi rocks na ;) men's loo was stinking, dirty and privacy at all!!!! :P

    @ Mahesh, thank you :)

    @ BK Chowla, thank you sir..examples - well many girls these days share wonderful rapport with in laws :)

    @ Parth, thanks :)

    @ Bik, I know..I hate bullies..thank you thank you thank you :D

    @ DC, thanks girl :)

    @ Avada, thanks girlie :)

    @ Sushobhan, thank you very's loo experience was yuck :P

    @ PNA, great :)) and yeah loo was yuck to say the least :P

  29. lolz.... ladke ki pitayi ki? bechara! I kinda knew u were a tom boy(or rather are a tom boy) but it was nice getting to know more about u here... it was a lovely read... cheers!

  30. neha ji..u mischievous girl..:) keep up the cheers buddy:)

  31. LOL I was grinning while reading this tag... I agree with Bikramjeet above, neha tussi great ho :)

    "jumped walls, dividers near churchgate station, climbed on tanks, water pipes, jumped from the first floor for fun" You have no hope for redemption - you are a sinner against gender stereotypes!!

    Sinner just like you have created a group for sinners against gender stereotypes or SAGS here, Sinners Against Gender Stereotypes (SAGS)

    It would be great if you joined too and shared the link to this post so that other sinners can find some solace in knowing if they played cricket, you jumped from first floor. ;)

  32. Shail RaghuvanshiJuly 3, 2010 at 1:13 PM

    That was quite an entertaining read Neha. Keep it going!

  33. Come on now, Neha, tell me something I don't know. :D
    Except the 9th one, I knew almost all. :P
    This tag is easy for girls, isn't it? Could be difficult for us. :P

  34. @Karthik your question is answered much better here by Liberal Cynic,

  35. Wow, now isn't that an imporessive list! Mine pales in front of these a first timer in your place, will frequent more often...

  36. 10. I am a woman but I walk like a man. I have zero elegance in me. My accent is typical Mumbaiya tapori one when I am around people whom I know very well. Only one thing makes me a real female. I am not interested in females. I am very much straight!

    Hmm. So your husband married a tomboy. Is he straight? lol

    No offence pls. Couldn't stop myself from cracking this MPJ..


  37. You are THE coolest tomboy I know, honestly! Your list is incomparable to any list I've read so far. Going to the men's loo? Ladko ki pitai karna? Wowww!! :D
    You looked so fragile that day, I wouldn't have dreamed to read this about you. Way to go girl! :)

  38. Are you kidding me?? 300 ml, wo bhi soft drink, in SSSEEVVEENNNN minutes!! and still the guy lost to you!!!

    Kaun tha wo, pope john paul??