Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Socially Anonymous

Social Networking Sites - the more I think about those, the more they amuse me. Blogging is one kind of a social networking too. Here, you find many writers. A few of them are good too. They interact with you, invite you to visit their space too to again, interact with them.

As the trend goes, many bloggers have anonymous identity. They do not want to reveal their true self to people due to various reasons. I have already blogged about it. Those who remember my post - Hidden Identity will know what I am talking about. And the rest of you, do read that too (free publicity).

But these days, one thing is a trend - opening a facebook account with the blog pseudonym. Bloggers have two accounts - one is their real self account and the other is that of their blog name account. Anonymity can be socially active too. Hmmm.

Again, some pseudonyms are still fine, for they sound like a name of the person at least, even though they are the names of things or adjectives; still passable. But with the kind of names people have for their blogs, oh my! You start wondering whom you are interacting with - the real person or a fragment of imagination.

No exaggeration here people. There are some whose facebook names are like - let's start a conversation over a cup of tea (yes, people do have such names), or The depressed Disaster wants to be your friend on facebook, The Headless Love likes your status and such.

Even after adding other bloggers on their facebook, and after interacting with them nth time, you are clueless about the real person behind the pseudonymous account. A pseudonymous interaction can happen over blogs too, same discussion can happen there as well, still a separate account? Hmmm.

I am too dumb to get the logic behind these things, as my Blog name and real name are the same. I am so easily found on facebook, and I so easily reject the friends' requests I do not want to accept. I find it better than opening a Neha's Blog - Something about Everything facebook account for bloggers. Imagine managing two accounts and adding myself in my friends' list! Phew! I will be confused about my real identity.

I have been friends with my favourite blogger on facebook. She has two accounts too. Her pseudonym account is G and real one is S. Now it so happens that she keeps switching between these two accounts time and again without informing me when I am chatting with her. Sometimes, she logs in from both the accounts and pings me. I am confused about whom to give more priority as I love both equally. Poor me!!

Now I seriously hope that those of you who love to be anonymously active on these sites, how do you manage? And will you please not remove me from your friends' list after reading this post? I do love your Hidden Identity too!


  1. :P Haha.. A tribute to people like me ;)

  2. I know what it means. You know my yahoo and my gmail IDs are my name and people dont believe it. They ask me "Is this your real name?" and when they see my display picture its like "Hey, put your picture, not some one else's".

    You want to socialize with people, who are genuine then why dont you reveal your identity? If not during initial stages, at least after getting acquainted??

  3. Ha ha ha! You are so right on! I am like you though, I use my real name. My thinking is I stand for my words and for my opinions. Anonymous people may have their reasons but I prefer openess. Good post, Neha!

  4. hehehehe nameless wonders of blogosphere :P
    it seems i am so much in love with myself that i use my name and about me in every profile i have in this virtual world :P

  5. yes like me.
    sm is a shortform of my real name.
    thanks for this post.

  6. LOL! And to think that I just closed my Crocodiles Tales account on FB today :-) It was too much to handle!! But honestly, I don't appreciate when people who use a pseudo-name try to befriend the 'real' person. To me, its just being unfair!! If a person wants to know another person well, then he/she should be just as transparent as the person he/she is trying to befriend.

  7. Niceeee...i cant stay anonymous..koi bhi jaan-ne wala pehchaan lega, with the way I talk and write (esp the hindi in english alphabets)...
    waise u should have used this post to promote your G.N page :P but then u r open though G is closed ;)
    some kind of aadha-khidki open account :P

  8. Oh well... i don't maintain two accounts cos that will mean remembering one more password, i do have 3 twitter accounts tot... O_o two pseudo and one original...:P


  9. Neha,

    In my case, all my friends know that
    Simply Speaking is my blog. I have posted on my Facebook.

    I use the word "A" because a lot of people refer to me as "A" in emails as it is first letter of my first name.

    If anyone I met at blog asked for my real name, I have happily told them. Few of them have commented in your post.

    Anytime, if you would like to know expansion of "A", you just have to ask.

  10. Hey wonderful post.. yup u r bang on about those tales of pseudonyms and hidden identities..Sometimes it s all very confusing..;)

  11. Bang On! I wonder the same, too!!! I have chatted with the bloggers with pseudonyms and beyond a point, I do feel that I wish I knew his/her real persona (or, at least the name to begin with...) After all, conversations has to flow beyond "I liked your latest post", also, right?
    And, as I told you yesterday, I am a little miffed after coming to know that a blogger with a pseudonym is someone I have known from school, and yet have been interacting with her without knowing that!!! Unfair, since she was having all the fun till now :-(
    I once thought of blogging anonymously, but realised I couldn't do it.. after all, too much of my real persona is reflected in my writing... On the other hand, I wish I didn't have my clients telling me "Oh! I read your blog" after discovering it thru a simple google search! Which means that all the people who blog under their own name have to be doubly careful of what they blog about :-)

  12. LOL, Neha..very nice post!

    Know what I had started to write a comment when I thought I could actually write a post in response to yours :))

    Here's the read as and when time permits :)

  13. Jumped over from Deeps' post. Yes, it can be rather confusing :) I jumped onto the dual account bandwagon recently, and for exactly the same reasons that she did. And I admit, I find it mighty confusing too. I have three browsers with three accounts of mine(yeah, I am crazy) and sometimes I wonder why? :)

    But yes, it makes it easier on a lot of fronts. Esp as I share pics and stuff on my personal account, and would prefer to regulate who gets to see them..

  14. Ha ha ha :):):)

    Weird na, I felt so too, when I opened two and still maintain two,
    Downside, well I am either on one or the other not on both, so I miss out a lot of stuff, like this post for instance, because I was actively me-me for a few days :)

  15. funny psot...loved reading it....anonimity can be fun...i ofetn enjoy it. When meeting new people on the internet...being anonynmous is clever...thats what i feel...slowly u can reveal ur real indentity...well...itr all differs frm person to person.. a nice post though!:)

  16. May be I have set an example. I have my first name, my middle name and my surname declared .
    Standing ovation please.
    Yes , I would hate to interact with some fake name

  17. "The depressed Disaster wants to be your friend on facebook, The Headless Love likes your status and such."


    Indian Pundit says u are just great.

  18. True. it leaves one in a fix where to focus.:)

  19. Bang on!! I have always wondered about this aspect on FB!! And the funniest part is both the accounts of the person has more or less the same set of friends!! :P

  20. So unfair, considering that first you first tinker with a poor dosa patron(me) in one of the social networking sites (twitter) with two accounts, write a post about not understanding philosophy and then voila, write this philosophical take against such fake/blog names.....!

  21. Thanks for using the scapegoat(me) as an example! But the only way to have blogging friends on FB is being known as G. People who know me as S are not supposed to know about my blog. :P :P :P
    Sheesh, brilliant people esp. eccentric authors are not ever appreciated till they are famous... Just wait a few years! Hmmph!

    P.S. Ever heard of a term called nome de plume? :P :D

  22. hmmm well you will be happy to know i got one account only :) so now pseudo names for me.. and

    G and S ooh thats tough one to choose from .. for you he hehe

    there is definitely something wrong with me cause i dont get requests from A LOVELY GIRL, A FREE WOMAN.. or Desperate person :) I need to change my foto it seems ha ha haha

    sorry sorry :)

    i dont beleive in anonymous, if you have something to say then you should have the guts to say it tooo ...

  23. In the past one month I found a lot of people sending me requests with their blog name... quite confused :D :D

    but then some privacy is surely needed... but I can't manage 2 accounts for sure... even single account I am checking once in 2 or 3 days... so kinda ok for me..

  24. Everyone knows my real identity... i have blogger friends in my account and i think that fine because some of you like you, Guria and others have become more than just blogger buddies, you know. Yet, there is part of me that wishes i had an anony blog just to have the freedom to write what i m feel. Its not that i wanna hide things from you guys just sometimes some people find u that you dont want. I hope you got wht i m talking about :).

  25. came through Deeps and I think i already blabbered too much on hers and before you kick me out let me just assure you that I will never ever ever have 2 FB accounts :)

  26. our brain has so many stream..
    they want to play with each stream with every other in every other ways..

    just allow them to enjoy.. afterall
    where they would THROW UP themself?

  27. Hey its just weird that people use pseudo names and fake profile pics. . . I can't stand it at all . . Btw will u believe me if i say that i clicked this profile pic on my graduation day?

  28. Depressed disaster?? Lol.. :D That's some creativity! :D
    Yeah I like hidden identities too, for I love mystery and mysterious characters. :D

  29. Anonymity ka bojh bahut bharee hai reee ! I am fine with it when it is restricted to the 'blogger world',but when you receive a friendship request from an anonymous person(pseudo name),i do wonder -how a friendship is possible when the other person doesn't want to reveal herself/ seems unfair to me.I accept the request if we are interacting at blogger but that warmth and comfort level is never there.

  30. Hidden identity is not "that" bad. Unless you know someone how can you tell everything about you..I mean I like to be in hidden mode...:)

  31. @ Avada, love ya girl :)

    @ Insignia, precisely my point..add me if you trust me, otherwise don't :)

    @ Saroj, I could not have agreed more :)

    @ Raji, me too actually :P

    @ sm, to each his own right? our comfort comes first :)

    @ Pal, you do have a point there..I feel, reject the request you do not want to accept..simple as that!

    @ Sree, teri nautanki ki waje se main to pehchan legi tereko :P G and I are the same remember? then how can we be different? :)

    @ Siddie, password sab ka ek hi rakh sakta hai na..kya re..u cannot have the same user name that's that :)

    @ A, it is not curiosity of knowing the real person that made me write this post. I somehow feel, your life is simpler with one facebook account then why two? then again, many will not agree with me..nice to know that you do not mind revealing the real you :)

    @ Sushobhan, confusing - not exactly; but yeah, I prefer to interact with the real person more than the pseudonymous one :)

    @ Debs, did you happen to ask her about her real identity? :) I feel, we should take the initiative too of asking the pseudonymous person about his/her identity..if we are uncomfortable doing so, then the question of knowing the person ends there..simple - don't befriend the pseudonymous person..

    @ Magiceye, you only have blog pseudonym; no two accounts right? :)

    @ Deeps, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I have read your post and all the responses :D

    @ Smitha, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I know - you, Pal and Deeps opened the account together :) about sharing pics, if that's the only reason, then there is a customization option for albums in facebook..a one time pain for the setting, but your work is done with one account :)

    @ PnA, yeah two different browsers and your problem is solved :)

    @ Angel in Disguise, welcome here..thank you for your comments..hmmm, anonymity can be fun..but the kind of blog names that I have, imagine if I send u a req, it wil say, Crap Station/Kickass wants to be your friends on facebook :D

    @ BK Chowla, yeah, you are not hidden at all..but then you must not add those with hidden identity too :)

    @ IP, thank you thank you :)

    @ Holy Lama, where to focus - let's ask them :)

    @ Shilpa, hmmm, I feel rejecting the request is a better option.. :)

    @ Murali, the Nzine twitter account is operated by three of us :) so it is not my personal account..I have only 1 twitter account..this post is more of rants re..what philosophy :P

    @ G, you sound hurt..

    @ Bik, G and S - i love both equally :) again, to each his own right? :)

    @ Kanagu, get your point re..rejecting a request is simple right? :)

    @ Harini, I agree with you re..and that's my point too..some bloggers do not go beyond than the anonymous identity in spite of becoming close identity - fine if it is anonymous..but anonymity in friendship - i am not comfortable :)

    @ G3, :P

    @ Sakshi, welcome here..thank you for your comments..I did read your manual there :D and I will never kick out out - can I ever do that? literally? :P just kidding :)

    @ Arvind, ok...ok, now that went bouncer for this dumb me :(

    @ Savvy, I have to believe whatever you say as I cannot confirm it ever right? :)

    @ Karthik, :P i knew you would point that out :D

    @ Kavita, yeah, I know what you feel about this issue..I feel the same too :)

    @ Megha, I am not saying it is bad at all..I feel, it should not come in between friendship :)

  32. Love some of the names on blogosphere...Holy Lama being the favourite...I have seen lazy pineapple on your blog. That's an interesting one too...:)That reminds me, I have some blogs to read....

  33. Thats become very trendy indeed..
    over the last few days my facebook wall had things like Mr. A is now friends with blah lame!

  34. LOL... and err.... I dont really have a blogger facebook account, but thats because i dont think i have the time to manage both, but I think its a good idea :P.

    Pseudo name because I work for a globally known company and am client facing and represent my company in a lot of places, and there are lots of times I blog about work which constitutes 90% of my life. I dont want my personal opinions on my blog to get mixed up with my companys opinions. I dont think I can openly blog about my professional opinions if I give my real name. Also, I write a lot of personal stuff and personal details on my blog, and I do not want to share my personal life with my professional contacts who can trace my online presence. People are overly professional in the circle and culture I work in. Hence... :P

    I do wish I was a lawyer and didnt have a care in the world, I'd sue anyone who'd dare to take me in a wrong way. But what the heck, now at least I can boast to know a lawyer, even with my virtual pseudo name :P.

    And yeah, the pseudo name is derived from a teenage phase when I did have multiple, yes, multiple virtual identities :). Those were the days when I had the time, energy and the enthusiasm to indulge in such totally useless pursuits! :P

    But the dilemma is, how do I add my favorite bloggers to FB if I wanted to? About adding you... erm.. umm... no... i think i would choose to keep away from celebrities, in real life and in blogosphere. I am adding the 37th comment on this post :O! MAN, you are like FAMOUS.. if there was some way to take a virtual autograph i totally would :P. Wonder if you behave like a celebrity in real life too :). Or on facebook :) :)? I wouldnt know how to deal with a celebrity, I am but an ordinary mortal on Blogosphere, I am happy with 5 honest comments on my post :)

    Nice amusing post, though it is aimed totally at me :P

  35. You published it?? :-O Honestly? I was so sure you wont approve the above comment :P

  36. Neha - You don't need a different FB profile to interact separately. One can always set up a FB page where you can set the display name as that of your blog and interact using the same! So you continue to be yourself and at the same time you are also your blog! ;)

  37. It all depends on the very individual in what u feel comfortable...

  38. I sometimes see "Pseudoname" used like brand sort of thing branding oneself....also this was existent pre-computer era...remember writers writing under "pen name"... BTW I 'hide' my real face behind a 'Avatar' for reasons you know :D...

  39. @ DC, to each her own..I like a few names too :)

    @ Ramesh, hello :)

    @ Neha, hmmmm..that thing irritates me too..

    @ Merlin, I don;t think having a pseudonymous account is a good idea anymore :P keep an anonymous blog, but don't be an anonymous person :) you have a lawyer friend by your side all your life just lemme know whom you wanna sue :D
    the post was not aimed at you least not anymore :P
    how could I have rejected your comment? :)

    @ Arif, I have deleted my blog page..and i don't even need an anonymous account :)

    @ NR, true..

    @ D-man, i know, camera shy guy :)