Friday, June 04, 2010

Philosophy for dumb me!

Life - isn't it the simplest complication? 

Errrr, did that make sense to you? At least it didn't to me. Don't worry people, you are as sane as me! But still, let's try and break this code. Or, whatever!

Philosophically speaking, life is simple - as you live it, you experience it and it goes with you as much as you go with it. Complicated - as you don't know where it takes you or what it does to you. Whether you will have this life the very next minute or not, you ain't sure about it.

On a second thought, isn't philosophy boring and not applicable at many places? For me, it's actually scary. I am scared of people who are very philosophical as I feel so dumb in front of them. Their "Thinking out loud" mode is much more intelligent than my lawyer self!

The scarier was when my G turned into a philosopher and wrote a nice post on Apologies. It is indeed a wonderful post, but this side of her was very much new to me. I have got all brilliant people around me it seems!

I have heard that the easiest way to become philosophical is to get drunk. Anybody can become philosophical in that state. In Mumbaiya Hindi, they say, after three pegs, people even start giving raag about anything and everything.

But when I think about it, all I can visualise is the Yugpurush! If you watch Hindi movies, even the flop ones I mean, you will know what i am talking about. Otherwise, see the image below. This is the closest one I could find to Yugpurush.

Now, all those who are philosophical, please don't frown at the screen. These are my view points about philosophy and I think you all are highly intelligent. My problem is that I am way too dumb to understand it; rather you can say, it is not my cup of tea. No offense meant to anybody.


  1. Hai hai!!! Philosophical baarish!! :-P

    Each one of us have the philosophical being within us.

    Sleeping, and one fine day, when its not fine day for others, it wakes up and starts talking like this :-P

  2. Hi! Neha,

    if u say u understand something, without actually understanding it , then u may not understand even what u had already understood...understand ???

    he..he.. dont worry its not philosophy a film dialogue only :)

  3. Dumb? and you? thats a wonderful oxymoron. You are a lawyer, after all, and there arent any lawyers who are dumb!

    Philosophy, for me, is our outlook of life. simply adopting someone elses philosophy is not a bright idea.

    As insignia says-Each one of us have the philosophical being within us.

    most philosophies are very simple, but put in complicate words that make them sound complicated. Philosophy minus jargons are simple.Nice and frank post.TC :)

  4. if i start philopsopy ( spelt rite?) then yu'll throw stones at me.. so assume yu are 100% betteR:)

  5. He he he yeah guria wrote brilliant but hmmm i liked urs too maybe i shuld try being phylosophical that one way of getting people out in my case. He he he nice one neha. Loved this one.

  6. Philosophy is the atlas carrying the feelings of human beings on his shoulder. The Atlas is now getting deadly tired with the burden of increasing minds..

    Wow! nice kewl philosophy I dished out.. What say???


  7. Philosophy...hmm..I like the subject but not so much to study it or so..but I get philosophical at times..and in your terms it would be called as 'thinking out loud' :P

    I guess but not everyone is 100%'s the phase and the situation which makes them that !

  8. Oh boy ! the philosophical lawyer ! now, that would make any judge shudder !

    hmm !


  9. Well, I can say, "Same Pinch"!! :D

  10. Come to think of it all of us are philosophical! It's just that some people are more verbose ...

  11. that sure was a philosophical post!!

  12. phil - to understand god or one self!!

  13. Philosophy covered philosophically.

  14. Bingo! I am with you neha, some people sound too philosophical and I cut a dumb figure before them :-( Why is it so simply complicated ? lol

  15. philosophy bites philosophy
    like the pics
    very supportive to post

  16. now there is a big frown on my face, I am pissed that there is no option to take that frown and paste it on this comments, the current state of the computers tech sucks :(

  17. Now i know for which pic you and murali were fighting for on twitter :P

    you don't yourself a philosopher? huh?

    but i like agree with your philosophy on life!


  18. Hai Neha..

    I really dont know what to say here.. am surprised that i need to be dumb on my first read here..:)..

    i dont know if i'm philospphical or not.. ,may be check my blog..:)

    any ways.. nicely expressed.. :)

  19. Dear Neha,
    Good Morning!
    Philosophy will become your cup of tea as you live the life in this modern stressful and hectic life.
    It is simple and beautiful if presented in sincere words!:)
    Just a twist and turn,we crave for philosphy!Experience!
    Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,

  20. I had not realised that the easiest way to get philosophical is to put three pegs under the belt!

    I am going to put you to strict proof of it, Adv Ms Neha!!


  21. I take the phylosophical route to cover up the foot-marks/tracks of insanity! ;)
    Loved the post!

  22. I do get all philosophical a few times and lecture people. But when people do same to me, i dont like it. Double standards... yes :D.

  23. ok now thats philosophy abt philosophy?? good one di :) i remember u had some website called destiny or somethin na? that had a li'l bit of philosophy too..

    hey, i have got a bit busy with studies, so blog time restricted for sundays. so wont be able to comment much on ur blog.i read the blogs i follow on my phone when i take breaks at the library, but my phone ka internet doesn allow commenting. so plz don mind if u don't get a comment from me on ur blogs. im still readin it :) cheers

  24. cool!

    the worst is when sometimes it so happens that in order to impress a girl, you just scratch your hair in disbelief to understand some of the "philosophical" lines she loves and you cant get the head or the tail of it!!! or wait, its just me i guess!

  25. Philosophical aatyachar !! We are in the same boat sister!

  26. @ Insignia, true so true :D

    @ RD, you confused me :-S :D

    @ ZB, thank you for saying this :D I agree with you cent percent that adopting someone else's philosophy is not a bright idea at all..thank you :)

    @ Hary, :D

    @ Bikram, thank you :)) Guria is indeed brilliant :)

    @ sushobhan, phew!!! by the way, A is your pseudonym?

    @ Nu, true..not everyone is 100% philosophical..thank god for that!!!

    @ Kavi, Sir, i am not at all philosophical! :)

    @ Shilpa, no wonder we get along so well :D

    @ Neena, welcome here..thank you for your comments..verbose indeed! :)

    @ Magiceye, :O

    @ Arvidn, welcome here..thank you for the definition :)

    @ BK Chowla, sir, aap to aisa mat bolo!

    @ Anto, welcome here..thank you for your comments..exactly, why to make simple so complicated?

    @ sm, thank you very much :)

    @ Murali, c'mon..we need to win many bets..remove that frown :D

    @ Neha, no ya, I am not so philosophical in my normal state! :P

    @ Pramoda, welcome here..thank you for your comments..

    @ Anupama, it should be simple to understand - that's all i want to say :)

    @ Vivek, lol..let's see :D

    @ Sree, thank you, thank you :)

    @ harini, we all have double standards in this case :P

    @ Chandana, that had a lot of philosophy thanks to Nitin..good luck well..blogging will happen..commenting does not matter so far as you read me :)

    @ bunty, yeah that happens :)

    @ Kavita, hugs :)

  27. I am equally dumb when it comes to philosophical gyaan...even two years of Philosophy classes during graduation could do me no good!

    Don't have company :))

  28. Wot do u know bout them? Phil and sophie are my good friends. . . And reading the first few lines of ur post sacred me. . . No i'm not sacred bout the violent streak that comes up often in your writing. . Its that ur comparing innocent people like me with not so innocent lawyer like u!!
    He. . he. . . had nothing much to say after coming here so late (smiles sheepishly)

  29. I nearly wrote a philosphical post, I think now I will reconsider publishing it :P