Monday, June 07, 2010

How to become famous - Ten ways

I have observed this a lot of times that most of the bloggers care about only the number of comments they want on their blog, and they do not know how to get the magical number of 100 comments. So all you amazing bloggers who love receiving 100s of comments, here are ten golden rules to get maximum number of comments on your blog. The rules are simple to follow, no complications at all! they are: 

1) Choose the topic that has some kind of discriminating factor.

2) Blog hop a lot and leave an “over the board” comment on others’ post. They are bound to visit your page after you have left many praises on their post. If the post favours them, they will praise you back and may add you in their follow list. If they dislike your post, they will still leave a fake comment praising you.

3) Agree with your readers. But ask them questions. They will come back and reply again. The number and length of comments will keep on increasing.

4) Do not write a new post for the next seven days.

5) Publish your post at all possible social networking sites.

6) After three days, once the traffic starts decreasing; blog hop again, leave a nice comment, call the blog owner intelligent, leave your post link and ask for his/her views on it.

7) After another day, follow step two again.

8) Next day, follow step three.

9) All this while, you only keep posting anonymous comment on your post that is opposing and replying to others. Enjoy the game being played among your readers.

10) In those seven days, think about your second topic and mention it in bold and capital letters in your comment form and other social networking sites.

Do this exercise. I am sure you will get more than 100 unique hits per day. Activate Adsense and earn money. Moreover, you will be considered as one of the finest bloggers. Additionally; add all your readers/followers as your facebook friends. Now you are secured that they will always come back and read your post and comment as they are your "friends" now.

This is just my general observation about this strange blgoworld. My personal opinion.  I have not followed these rules. That's the reason i do not even get 50 comments! So, all of you who have asked me about how to get lots of comments, here is the answer!

PS: (no) Pun intended

PPS: I had published the same post my other blog. You can call this a re-post.


  1. Now I know what all I lack. Dont I lack all the 10 points???

    Been here for 2+ years and still dont get proper hits and less than 20 people read me even after 175+ posts!!


    Now why did you forget one important point? Bash other readers, call names and people will surely visit you out of curiosity :-D

  2. Really? This is a truly insightful post. I commend you on your insight and am impressed by your analysis. Now I request you to kindly visit my blog and tell me what you think of my latest post :P :D

  3. hahaha...nice post neha...only u can come up with such kind of!!
    Point number 3 seems to work a lot..haha
    well u will b called well u hav told the comments thirsty ppl how much and how many times one has to follow them
    lovely post neha....honestly n m not praising u for any
    tc :)

  4. didn't you post this before? or am i having a deja vu???

    good observation... :P

  5. Now I know where was I going wrong.
    I am still learning
    Thanks Neha.

  6. haha no wonder i get only 6-8 comments :P ...

    But who caress...!!! Am happy with wot i get ;)

    awesome post :P

  7. Bang on, Neha!!
    And also, chat with the commenters the way you chat on any IM... the comments are bound to increase many fold!! :D

  8. ok..
    like Tendulkar scoring Century..

    for me -
    do only one thing..

    put ur heart to ur blog..
    don't bother abt anything..
    improve the quality everytime..

    atleast this may help u - to IMPROVE URSELF..

    all other games unwarranted - YOUR LORD!!!

  9. Good observation and analysis. Well, you know the trade secret now ;)

  10. Thank you , thank you .. you put 10 points DO I HAVE TO PUT 10 THANK YOUS... please reply to this on my BLOG :) ? ( ek comment to ayega ab)

    Nice one Neha.. Yeha i remember reading this and me making a joke then also :)

    Now I got to go back to the blog hopping to make people read mine.. HEY all those who reading this.. I love your blogs, they are beautiful and excellent :)

    @Insignia:- no dont bach other readers please.. its not good to be called a jerk :)

    Neha also another point tell people you are leaving and then dont go do it every other week :)

    chalo i have asked a few questions Mission accomplished...

  11. Thank You for this insightful post, Neha! Very helpful! :)

  12. Hehee...nice one that...though you never follow that, sometimes it happens :P
    I dont worry abt comments...aane waala aayega!! :D

  13. No wonder, I hardly have any readers.

  14. Absolutely BRILLLLLLIANT!!! This post ought to be published like a Bible for Bloggers :-)

  15. I agree with ya. But it doesnt matter after few months of blogging. The comment obsession lasts only initially. And then it only matters if the person you admire comment or not!.I read and comment on very few posts. In fact less than 3-4 blogs.TC. Nice Free Ghyan. You could actually charge for it.:D

  16. hmmm very well said!!! Some people call it networking and I prefer to call it back scratching! U comment in mine I'll hop onto yours!!!

    Sadly in this world you have to sell thy product!

  17. Thank u so much Neha.. enlightenment!! at last...
    Point #9 classic... :)

  18. ok i will follow this now...

    neha tussi great ho! blah, blah,blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, etc etc etc etc....

    ab tum aaogi naa mere blog pe :)

  19. Nice observation and some real kewl tips.. :)

    Quite different ... Enjoyed reading it..:)

  20. Ha ha ha! I had a good laugh! Well, if that is what it takes, I am not sure am upto it. Jhooti chaploosi has never been my strong point. Am happy for the few comments I get. Atleast they are genuine. And my won comments are genuine too!

  21. We all love comments because a genuine feedback is very important for improving our blog quality.
    Very this blind race the most important factor is ignored i.e. content of the post.We gain nothing but only comments.
    Very good observation ..btw ,i really liked point no 9..kya idea hai sir jee !!

  22. All these steps are so true especially about comments. I dont care about 100 or 50 i dont get even 20 comments :-( .

  23. heheheh...I know what to do now( smiling devilishly)....i know the 100's of comments are always the big ego booster...i think i will go for a small dose of ego boost now...

  24. Read it for the second time.
    Very insightful post indeed.
    But like you, I too don't think I'll ever follow those rules. :D

  25. Nice one. :)
    I have seen bloggers do the things that you have mentioned above.

  26. nehaji ! superb ! Hum aapke aur aapke blog dono ke deewane ho gaye !

  27. The points clearly laid out, the lawyer you are. Think, I may try one or two of the tips. Mazaa aa gaya.

  28. That is one part of the unsaid blogging rules! Hey maybe you could make a post on that too! hehe!

  29. Now that's quite something! I need to get working on all these tips. The comments do matter at the end of the day :)

  30. Phew! as tough as trying to lose weight.

  31. I loved ur Advice No 2. Infact honestly speaking have been following this practice for quite sometime now.

    If i may add a suggestion: Enrolling in Blog-A-Ton also helps gain comments.

  32. One, I'm scared to comment. I'm afraid I'm not pigeonholed in a similar fashion.

    Two, I cant help but chuckle at the fact that people found this "insightful"!!! :D

  33. Neha you are tooo great, awesome, amazing.. I have never seen a blogger like you :P
    Now read my blog :))

  34. comments do matter, but it matters when they are from quality readers and not just for numbers :)
    Are all these happening to increase ones comments...for me i prefer reading blogs than writing :)

  35. Looks like I won't even crack the quarter century mark since I don't leave comments on posts I don't like! But good gyan, that:)

    I won't ask you to visit my blog, but you know where to come, don't you? :D

  36. Lol...someone told me that this blog hopping process is also called peeing on someone's blog and they are sure to come to your blog to pee back! :D

  37. Hoo. . Hoo. . Ha. . Ha. . Ha now that i have known this well guarded secret no one can stop me now from becoming the the king of blogosphere. !

  38. *Sigh* Gone are the days when you could actually call a blogger intelligent and get away without being accused of flattery.

  39. You know Neha that I have always thought that you are the Blog celebrity. When I started reading your blog you werent, but now.. OMG you are... :P
    But your blog is fun, and you write in a genuine manner, and I continue being a follower (though I do know that I disappear for long durations of time). I have blogged about this Blog Celebrity topic before, and said that I do not want to have a blog which is too popular, it then pushes me towards being fake and writing what the readers want to read as opposed to what I want to wirte, which I dont want to happen. I love blog hopping, in fact I like reading blogs more than writing them. I always feel reading blogs in like having a very intelligent conversation, it stimulates the senses. And now I dont want this comment to be like a post so I will stop :P But I do like your blog, and not just because you come and comment on mine! :) And no, i wont be commenting on your post if I dont like it. But I need to do a lot of catching up on your posts coz I have missed out on a lot!! Keep writing

  40. ROFL! only you can come up with this kind of ideas.
    On a serious note, I have seen that taking part in all sort of Blog contests like BAT, BPL, Blogadda etc etc increases readership (and comments ;-)
    Having blogger friends on FB friendlist helps in one thing - notifying them thru networkedblogs when you publish a post. I mean, that's necessary for lesser-mortal bloggers like me, who do not have people generally coming to her blog and has to coerce, cajole and force people to check out her latest. :-)