Friday, June 25, 2010

Delhi Trip - Part 1

Delhi Trip - is the name of one of the most memorable trips of my life so far. It was arranged by my Law college for the Supreme Court and Parliament visit in my last year of LLB. The seats were limited - only 30 students were allowed to visit the parliament, thus our college decided to take only 30 of us for the entire trip. Now it is always a big advantage to have two organizers in your group of 12. We got to know about the trip and limited seats well in advance; and our collage had made sure that last year students must get a preference over other students. The result of this rule was - all 12 of us were going to Delhi.

The dates of the trip were finalized. We were supposed to leave from Mumbai on 26th February and return on 3rd March- the Holi day. The moment final list of the names was displayed on the notice board, our discussions started about the trip. Now typical girls, that too majority of them are Gujaratis, and not carrying food in the train? Theplas, Kachoris, chewdas, naan khatais were few of the food items decided by us to carry in the train as eating outside food may harm our digestion system even before we reach Delhi.

The pre-trip plans started in college a fortnight ago with professors giving us warnings so that we behave ourselves in the Parliament and Supreme Court, and they thought and hoped that we would listen to them! Yes, they took a proper lecture for giving us instrustions about do's and don'ts on the trip, which was ermmm, more of a joke for us! Imagine, if a professor instructs you not to giggle during a Parliament session, won't you remember it at the Parliament and laugh?

Somehow we managed to survive the warnings and instructions and those killer glares that D and I got the most as we were the most irregular bunch of students around and the professor must be seeing us for the first time ever!

26th February 2007 - the beginning.

We reached Bandra Terminus at around ten o'clock to board the Pashchim Express. The excitement of going on a "College Picnic" was beyond words. My husband came to drop me at the station as I had forced him for that. Reason - my friends wanted to meet him. Poor guy could not tolerate giggly girls for more than 10 minutes and left from there with a pleading look. I assured him that i would not fight with him because of this.

Again, our dear organizer friends came to us as soon as our group was left alone by the super excited juniors. We were asked to reserve the "safe" seats to avoid smelly loos. We got settled in the "setting wali" seats and the clich├ęd but most enjoyable game started - Antakshari. We must have sung almost all the songs of all types including those awful item songs. The snacks bought by us were forgotten long back and we were eating anything and everything that was coming in the compartment from bhelpuri to mung ki daal ke vade, massala milk, tea, coffe and what not!

we did not even realize how time passed by. We took our respective berths and went off to sleep. Next morning, we noticed a few changes in the errrrr, sleeping arrangement, but we assumed nothing wrong happened :P

Actually, I am not entirely sure about it. I think I will confirm the facts from the original sources and share it in part 2. I so wanted to write the Supreme Court Visit experience and Parliament experience in this post itself, but it is getting too long. Let me save all the fun for the next one.

PS: This post is a special dedication to all my law college friends who made this trip the most memorable one for me. Love you guys :)

PPS: It's my friend M's birthday today. She was one of the main pranksters in our gang ;) Happy Birthday girl. Loads of love..


  1. delhi trip
    seems you enjoyed it lot

  2. Hi! Neha,

    That was a fun read...
    The giggle in the parliament is so true....

    waiting for your supreme experience :)

  3. If that was your first trip, I am sure you would have enjoyed Delhi and it's hospitality
    It must ave been a change from concrete jungle to lush green Delhi.
    Next time, instead of taking your husband to Bandar terminal, bring him to Delhi.We all want to meet him.

  4. It is always fun to go on a college trip. Interesting post! Will wait for the upcoming experience.:)

  5. That should have been a memorable one. What happened to all your snacks??

    And I figured you out in that picture. You are controlling your giggle!!

    It should have been too tough isnt it? And I am seeing a picture where you are wearing white instead of black!!

    Waiting for the next part.

  6. Gujarati food in train... safe seats...giggling girls... antakshri...all the masalas for a fun trip you had!
    Looking forward to Fun-Part II.
    Cheers :)

  7. @ SM, yeah, I really enjoyed it :)

    @ RD, Parliament story is a different post altogether - and far away from giggle..we attended a session on 1st March - next day of budget I need to say anything else? ;)

    @ BK Chowla, delhi hospitality was good, but read my first day Delhi experience in the next was damn scary! We would love to meet you too :)

    @ Megha, thanks buddy.. :)

    @ Insignia, snacks almost consume ho gaye the..we were hogging like pigs :P I am not controlling my giggle, I was controlling my laughter..that prof was indeed funny..she treated us like school kids :D
    haan dekh na, lawyers dress code is a white shirt!

    @ Shilpa, yeah..gujjus cannot travel without theplas :D part two is going to be a mixture of fun and scary moments :)

  8. wow i also want to go to the supreme court but not as a guilty or a victim :) I have seen the Bombay High Court.

    Nice read...waiting for part 2

  9. Parliament visit reminds me one of the aspirations of civil services yet to realize the dream....

  10. Waiting for next post. Looks promising.

  11. yayyyy I love to travel by train in india... and hmmm when the exciitng bits were to come you said we will have to waitt ..... right so I am waiting for the next part JALDIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Why do wives have to take htere husbands , I need to ask the question dont ask me why.. recently i had to go through same ... especially if its all girl thingy...


    so how was delhi.. We use to bike it chandigarh-delhi for our flying exams to safdarjung airport... it was fun ..

  12. Dear Neha,
    Good Evening!
    You reminded my regular train safar on konkan coast many times a year!:)
    You brought back the close to heart memories!
    Between,facing a gang of girls is not easy and comfortable for many gents.[experience]:)
    I enjoyed reading your post.
    Wishing you a lovely and relaxing weekend,

  13. Train journeys with friends are just priceless. I am sure this series is fun-filled...looking forward to more of it..:)

  14. wow, i Love Gujrati Food.Delhi is an amazing place to go. Last i had been in 2006, and looking forward to again next year.
    Nice post.TC:)

  15. I am going to Delhi....but not on college trip....presumably on vacation in summer.

  16. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun:) Waiting for the next post.

  17. Oh I so want to read your experiences of Supreme court and Parliament visit. Cant wait!!!

  18. I figured you out in the pic :) :). Seems like a lovely trip. When is part 2 coming?

  19. To b with the friends is always memorable....hope u enjoyed alot...

  20. It was a fun read. Waiting for the other parts to read your views of my city. I have called Delhi home since I started talking. :)

  21. College trips are such fun. And the memories last forever. We still discuss this ( at my age) when we friends meet.

  22. @ G3, yeah, part two will come after the latest post :)

    @ Mahesh, may you realize your dream pretty soon buddy :)

    @ Holy Lama, it will be interesting for us at least :)

    @ Bik, next part coming soon :) well, we love to pareshaan karna our husbands you see :D Delhi was great.. :)

    @ Anu, cannot face a gang of girls :) thank you :)

    @ DC, I hope you enjoy reading the remaining series :)

    @ ZB, thanks buddy..Delhi is indeed wonderful :)

    @ A, enjoy your Delhi Trip :)

    @ Saroj, had a helluva time buddy :)

    @ Deeps, will keep you posted when I publish that :)

    @ Harini, hahahaha..thanks buddy..Part two is coming in a day or two :)

    @ Mag, yeah I enjoyed a lot :)

    @ Prateek, part two coming soon :)

    @ Radha, we discuss this too..the reason behind this post series is those endless discussions only :)

  23. It reminded me of my coll trip..:)

  24. Must have been a great trip.Its lunch time and reading the names of all those snacks is making me more hungry.I have never tasted a Thepla .

    Looking forward for the next part to see if your prof.warning worked or not.

  25. u forgot complaints against us after the first nite in the train by some spoil sports.....

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